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panorama verbier - grand combin above the clouds
Mountain Portraits

Le Grand Combin Portrait of a giant of the Valais Alps

An ice fortress dominating the Haute Route from Chamonix-Zermatt, Grand Combin brandishes its imposing peaks with supreme élan, the better to proclaim to the world the fleeting beauty of its eternal snows. Portrait of a mountain that nurtures us: Grand Combin, the giant of the Valais Alps. Grand Combin : an ice giant in the Swiss Valais On the borders of the Val de Bagnes and the Val d'Entremont, the Alps spread their wings of sparkling ice. The ridges of the Combin massif stand like the seven bastions of an impenetrable wall. Carried from west to east by the Petit Combin, the Combin de Corbassière, de Boveire, de ...
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Photographie de la Couronne Impériale de Zinal. Panoramic view of the Val d'Anniviers 4000s. The high summits emerge from the sea of clouds, offering the viewer a celestial vision of Switzerland's most beautiful mountains.
Art de Vivre

The Imperial High Road Zinal from classic to variant

The Haute Route from Zinal traces its majestic path through the heart of the Imperial Crown. A highly reputed mountain race, it winds its way between the most beautiful 4000 m peaks of the Swiss Alps. As elegant as it is challenging, the traverse requires the presence of a mountain guide. But what are the main routes? I present the classic and the variants of this royal-looking route. The Haute Route impériale from Zinal : the jewel of the Swiss Alps In the heart of the Val d’Anniviers, lies a majestic route. The Haute Route Impériale Zinal, one of the most beautiful ski runs in ...
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Art de Vivre

The different types of climbing Range of main practices

In the heart of the mountain valleys, one sport stands out among the rest. A vertical ballet punctuated by holds, climbing conquered the world of mountaineering. Driven by the thirst for adventure, climbers cannot resist the call of the summits. But, do you know the different types of climbing? Did you know that this discipline is full of complexity? From artificial walls to unequipped natural walls, each practice is a challenge to be met. I invite you to discover the main types of climbing, all of which are as exciting as they are intriguing. Climbing in a route: a vertical ballet The route. A sport where man and wall merge in perfect harmony.
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black and white mountain photo swiss alps imperial crown
Mountain landscapes

The imperial crown of Zinal Diadem of the val d’Anniviers

Who hasn't dreamed of riding the crests of these prodigious mountains? The Imperial Crown of Zinal captures the hearts of men as much as it illuminates those of the Swiss Alps. Celestial empress or uncompromising nymph, what do we really know about her? Portrait of a fabulous diadem on the heights of val d’Anniviers. The Imperial Crown of Zinal | Legendary mountains in the heart of the Valais Alps At the dawn of the formation of the Alps, the Imperial Crown of Zinal was born from the impetuous folding of a long, thick thrust sheet drifting from Africa towards Europe. A treasure unearthed from the depths of the earth, it ...
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Black and white aerial photograph of the Egyptian pyramids and the surrounding area.
History of the Alps

Eduard Spelterini Pioneer of aerial photography

An adventurer of the skies with a visionary soul, Eduard Spelterini lives his life as he flies the skies. Guided by the winds, he follows his instincts across the Alps and around the world. Bold and determined, he wanted to make his mark. This aerostat ace, an avant-gardist of heights, never ceased to innovate, challenging all obstacles to resist him. Today, his timeless work is a priceless heritage. Portrait of Eduard Spelterini, legendary balloonist and pioneer of aerial photography. From Eduard Schweizer to the great Spelterini | His childhood dreams The son of Sigmund Schweizer and Maria Magdalena Sütterlin, the young ...
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Panoramic black-and-white photograph of the Matterhorn and its surrounding summits .
History of the Alps, Portraits of Mountains

The Haute Route Chamonix-Zermatt History and main routes

Between the peaks and valleys of the Alps, an exceptional route is carved out. An authentic link between Mont Blanc and the Matterhorn, the Haute Route Chamonix-Zermatt emerges from the glaciers. But do you know the history of this legendary crossing? Do you know that there are several routes to Zermatt ? This route, often marked out by several days of mountain skiing, awakens in us the wind of freedom and the taste for surpassing oneself. Let me tell you the story of the Haute Route Chamonix-Zermatt and reveal the main routes. History of the Haute Route Chamonix-Zermatt | Conquering a prestigious itinerary ...
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panoramic photo imperial crown of zinal mountains in the val d'anniviers
Mountain Portraits

The Giant Weisshorn of the Imperial Crown of Zinal

A remarkable pyramid with dazzling walls, the Weisshorn shows off its sumptuous ridges to the people of the Valais. One of the most beautiful mountains in the Swiss Alps, it is also one of the most unforgiving. But, beyond its striking and prodigious appearances, what does its history conceal? Portrait of an impetuous mountain, the Weisshorn, giant of the Imperial Crown Zinal. Portrait of the Weisshorn | Over 4000 m in the Valais Alps From the farthest plains to the highest peaks, it can be seen, wild among the sublime. The Weisshorn rises above Randa like an opaline lighthouse, guiding us through the ...
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Photo from Dent Blanche. View of the Dent Blanche normal route from the South ridge. Panoramic photo showing the complete route from the Dent Blanchee hut (Rosssier). Nice atmosphere on summit which is half in the clouds.
Mountain Portraits

The Dent Blanche Imperial Crown Jewel of Zinal

The Dent Blanche stands majestically in the heart of the Valais Alps. The landmark of Évolène, it dominates the Val d'Hérens from an altitude of 4,357 metres. A rock pyramid rising out of a sea of ice, it is an indomitable, sumptuous sight. In his short story L'Auberge, published in 1886, Guy de Maupassant called it the "monstrous coquette". It's indisputable that the mountain, elegant and gigantic, impresses us as much as it bewitches us. But what are the secrets of this giant of gneiss? Portrait of an exceptional summit , the Dent Blanche, jewel of the Imperial Crown of Zinal. La Dent Blanche | ...
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Photograph of the North face ofObergabelhorn. One of the most mythical faces in the Alps, and one of the most beautiful! Freshly snow-covered and with a particular play of light, theObergabelhorn appears in its purest form.
Mountain Portraits

TheObergabelhorn Imperial Crown Diamond of Zinal

A mountain joining the immensity of the heavens,Obergabelhorn rises to an altitude of over 4000 metres in the Valais Alps. In the heart of a remote wilderness, this gigantic fork proclaims its grandeur to the blazing rhythm of the Zinal ridges. But beyond its presence and verticality, do we really know it? Portrait of a summit legend, theObergabelhorn, imperial crown diamond from Zinal. Portrait ofObergabelhorn | Diamond in the rough at summit from the Imperial Crown of Zinal Our odyssey begins in the heart of the Valais. Exploring the remote lands of val d’Anniviers, our footsteps lead us into the Alps beyond ...
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Photograph of the Mont-Rose hut with a view of the glacier and mountains in the background
Alpine locations

La Cabane du Mont Rose History of an exceptional alpine refuge

On the heights of Zermatt, in the azure shadow of Monte Rosa, lies a hideaway like no other. An exceptional alpine refuge whose elegance honors the grandeur of the Alps. The Monte Rosa hut, glittering and warm, allows us to discover the unsuspected beauties of a striking natural environment. And it was on my way here, many years ago, that I first felt the power of a glacier beneath my feet. An imperishable memory for a fledgling photographer confronted with the vibrant memory of high mountains. This is the story of the Monte Rosa hut, a crystal of rock in the heart of the ...
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Vivian Bruchez, steep skier, skiing downhill
Meetings at summit

Vivian Bruchez Steep slope skiing at summit

High mountain guide and extreme skier, Vivian Bruchez takes steep skiing to summit . Originally from the valley of Chamonix, he grew up in the heart of the Alps under the aegis of Mont-Blanc and its fabulous Aiguilles. Drawing his inspiration from the mountains, he became an artist of the peaks and a pioneer of the heights. Here we meet Vivian Bruchez, a specialist in steep skiing who redesigns the mountains as he makes us dream. Vivian Bruchez | Child of Chamonix and lover of the Alps Hello, Vivian. A mountain guide and steep skier, your passion for the ...
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Mountaineer in front of a summit in Peru
Meetings at summit

Richard Lehner Cabane du Mont Rose janitor

Mount Rose hut keeper, guide and rescuer, Richard Lehner devotes his life to the high mountains. Helping travelers discover the world's most beautiful peaks, rescuing the most adventurous from their perilous traps, he feeds on the air of the heights. Rich in the strength that the mountains give him, his heart vibrates to feel useful. Meet an exceptional man, in love with the Alps and a fervent defender of life. Richard Lehner, new janitor of the Monte Rosa hut | At Zermatt, in the Swiss Alps Tell us about the Monte Rosa hut. ...
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Discover Thomas Crauwels

Modern romantic artist, Thomas Crauwels has a recognized and distinctive style that has won numerous Swiss and international awards.
Between Beauty, Majesty and Purity : Thomas Crauwels invites us on a grandiose, authentic journey to meet the giants of snow and ice that have moved him. A conduit for emotions, halfway between two worlds: his works elevate us.
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