The prints are not in stock and are handmade on demand.
The process of making the prints is launched as soon as we receive the confirmation of payment of your order.
The confirmation of your order is instantaneous if you pay by credit card (VISA, Mastercard) and takes about 2 days for payment by bank transfer.

The shipping time for the contemporary frames is maximum 5 working days.
The shipping time for Prestance frames is a maximum of 10 working days.

prints are shipped with DHL and are delivered in Switzerland the day after the shipping date.
(Except for some remote locations like val d’Anniviers, St-Moritz, etc.. where it may take a day longer)

You will receive an email with the DHL tracking link as soon as the print is ready for shipment.
(The tracking link may not be active until the end of the day)

99% of prints are delivered without any problems.
However, accidents can happen, which is why the transport of prints is insured.
When you receive your print , please check whether the package is in good condition. If you see that the package is damaged, open it in front of the delivery person to check that your print is in good condition. If in doubt, do not accept it.

If you discover that the print is damaged after reception and departure of the deliveryman, contact me and put the print back in the original packaging.

I will send you a return form to print and stick on the parcel so that the carrier can recover the parcel.
A new print will be sent to you as soon as possible.

The costs of return, of sending the new print are to be paid by Thomas Crauwels - Fine Alpine Photography.

The delivery fee for all sizes and frames is 135CHF.
This flat rate is valid for Switzerland and the whole world.

You can pick up the prints directly at the GP Studio in Geneva.
Contact me before placing your order so that I can provide you with a code to apply in order to save you the 135 CHF delivery fee.
I will notify you by email when the print is ready to be picked up.

If your order is very urgent, please contact me directly.
We can produce prints with frames contemporary within 2 working days.
It is also possible to save a few days on the production of Prestance frames. The optimisation of the deadlines will be done on a case by case basis.


The prints are made locally with passion and meticulousness in the Geneva region. 

I have a passion for beautiful objects, it is my mission to offer you prints of the highest quality. My customers speak for me, 100% of my customers are satisfied with their print.

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The quality and longevity of prints are my top priorities.
So that you can enjoy your prints without fear of damaging them, I protect them with a thin layer of transparent matte lamination.

prints They are therefore protected from fingerprints, liquids, food, etc.
Dust is cleaned with a feather duster or other non-abrasive cloth.
Any other stains can be cleaned with water and a non-abrasive material.

The prints are made with the latest digital printing technology which guarantees the stability of your print over a hundred years under "normal" exposure conditions.

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Fine Alpine Photography
  • Howard Dingley
    Howard Dingley

    I was lucky enough to see Thomas' work first hand in Sheffield which made buying a piece for our home an easy decision.The whole purchasing experience has been excellent from initial enquiry to ultimate delivery. Thomas was extremely helpful at all stages and patiently answered every question we had along the way. The large scale fine art photography truly captures the spirit of the mountains and are of exceptional quality.

  • When the magic of the mountains comes to your home!😍 I am very happy with the acquisition of my painting which brings me closer to the mountains on a daily basis!Congratulations to Thomas for his multiple talents which make his photos have an exceptional and beautiful dimension!Thank you also for your accessibility and your sympathy!Full of joy and success for your future shootings up there!🤩

  • S. I.
    S. I.

    Wir haben uns vor 2 Jahren in Zermatt in ein Foto vom Matterhorn verliebt und etwas später hing es bei uns im Wohnzimmer. Fantastische Arbeit, super Qualität! We are very pleased with our work every day at the exhibition and have never been disappointed with the purchase!

  • PA Bersier
    PA Bersier

    Thomas We are delighted with the print that we have been able to acquire and which we never tire of admiring. Bravo and thank you to Thomas for this fantastic work!

  • Suzy Lyon
    Suzy Lyon

    We purchased a large print (90cm x 180cm) from Thomas for our apartment in the US. He was incredibly helpful, caring and accommodating throughout the process of purchase and the long and not easy shipment to the US. Thomas kept track of the shipment the entire way and was very thoughtful to follow up to ensure that the photo arrived in great shape. It looks gorgeous in our apartment - a great way to remember our long posting in Switzerland. Thank you, Thomas!

  • Travel, fly over, prospect, at little cost. A book TOTEM, thank you for the spell.

  • Unique images to develop the dream

  • Leo Buhler
    Leo Buhler

    This collection of views across the Alps is breathtaking! It gives you the push to explore new horizons!

  • Morisod Viviane
    Morisod Viviane

    Magnificent work! To discover absolutely, they are more than photos, the light which emerges makes think of a painting. Nature is sublimated!

  • Thierry F.
    Thierry F.

  • In addition to a perfect photographic technique, you play with a climatic setting in an incredible way.

  • Sylvie Marmy
    Sylvie Marmy

    Magnificent! these images of the majestic summits of the Alps pay such a tribute to our heritage of the earth, so beautiful and generous.they give me the feeling of really touching, with the heart, the improbable and so much dreamed meeting with them.one of them will be the subject of an alpine project! which one ...?

  • Fraser Hamilton
    Fraser Hamilton

    I love this book, it's a fantastic piece of work. Thomas has a great eye and an exceptional talent for capturing the grandeur and moods of alpine landscapes. The book is large and the rendering, printing and binding is of the highest quality, as it deserves. I would absolutely recommend it.

  • Your book is a pure marvel because coming from the flat country, country of atmosphere and mists, you resurrect the black and white masterfully. In this vision you let the clouds and other mists compose the perfect picture. For me you are a painter who works with a lens as a brush. Having climbed some of these summits I hoped to see a closer view of the DOM and the Festigrat .... Maybe another time, it's not so bad actually! At a time when one video chases the other so quickly, the photo is durable and you will make at least 4500 happy from the first print . Quoting Rebuffat brings us back to a sporting and contemplative mountaineering which, once the years have come, continues to be nourished by readings and photos... the dream continues....

  • Julie Aymon
    Julie Aymon

  • A magnificent book of the mountains that surround us and inhabit us. Thomas has the art of photographing them when the clouds come in to create breathtaking high altitude atmospheres. Thank you

  • The work, the service and the contact with Thomas is magnificent. An artist to support unconditionally.

  • Emilie Bosson
    Emilie Bosson

  • Dawn Sarasin
    Dawn Sarasin

  • Alain Girard
    Alain Girard


  • Anne Bujard
    Anne Bujard

    A great joy at the reception of this magnificent photograph! "My nights are now more beautiful than my days!

  • " Above is a must have book for those who love mountains and quality photography. The pictures are simply stunning and Thomas takes the reader on unbelievable journeys throughout the Alps. The peaks appear in their sheer and raw beauty. This book is a gem

  • Ludivine Sper
    Ludivine Sper

  • Thierry Mathez
    Thierry Mathez

    I've known Thomas 's work for more than a year now, and I still hope to buy one (or more) of these prints in the future, so I've already been able to enjoy his work by acquiring his magnificent book Above ! Absolutely nothing to complain about, a very, very rich selection of breathtaking, rich, delicate, complex or pure mountain photographs. A very beautiful object, from the layout to the art direction and printing. I'll take this opportunity to share it with as many people as possible :)

  • A magnificent and indispensable book for all lovers of the mountains in general and the Alps in particular! Thomas Crauwels has a very exceptional gift: that of being able to reveal the soul of the summits Alps through their photos!

  • Splendid photos. So is the book. Well done. One regret is that the frame does not allow you to see the photos flat. I guess it was complicated to enlarge the edge like they do on Ifolor for the luxury albums. Nevertheless I am amazed by your talent and courage.

  • Very nice book, my little regret, the large photos on 2 pages cut by the binding of the book reduce the excellent quality of the landscapeGoodbye

  • Marcel Kuhn
    Marcel Kuhn

    Imposante, ausdrucksstarke, bewegende Bilder.

  • Benjamin Lothe
    Benjamin Lothe


  • Yvonne H.
    Yvonne H.

    I'm very excited. In die Walliser Berge und in die Bilder im Buch Above von Thomas. Unbeschreiblich.

  • Beat Cavelti
    Beat Cavelti

  • Benedict Fallet
    Benedict Fallet

  • Denis Meier
    Denis Meier

    1. The work of Thomas is very professional (shooting, printing and rendering of the images, frames with supports for hanging; everything is of high quality).2. Ordering is easy thanks to a very well thought out website.3. The delivery arrives on the day announced and the pictures are really well protected.4. I am also a mountain person and the work of Thomas touches me, because looking at his works, one has the impression of being on the mountain opposite.

  • Romain Hofer
    Romain Hofer

    As lovers of the mountains and of Val d’Anniviers in particular, we wanted to bring emotion to the decoration of our chalet. The works of Thomas touched us immediately: a subject of great simplicity filled with details, a remarkable quality of print and of treatment, contrasts in b/w and a striking light. We are very proud of this new "window" on Besso, we love to share the emotion with our family and friends! Thank you Thomas Crauwels for giving us another look at nature and our Alpine summits .

  • David Gerber
    David Gerber

    As I will soon be leaving a home with a magnificent view of the Dents-du-Midi, I wanted to take some of it with me. Thanks to Thomas for offering me this possibility with his magnificent print "Sunrise on the dents du midi " (210 x 70). Congratulations for your work which will allow me to keep a souvenir of this massif which is very dear to me.

  • Alain Boschung
    Alain Boschung

    Friendly, professional, efficient and a daily enjoyment to have one of Thomas' piece of work at home. I would definitively recommend his work!

  • Ulrich Vest
    Ulrich Vest

    We had a great experience with Thomas. From the moment we came across his work he was very responsive, patient and helpful over the weeks that we were trying to find the right picture for our appartment and then all the way to the delivery of the perfectly produced print. We are more than pleased with the result. Great and unique photo-art - and a great person to work with.

  • The kindness and availability of Thomas are matched only by his talent for sublimating the place and delighting the eyes. A big thank you.

  • Vincent Bieri
    Vincent Bieri

    Beautiful and unique photos. Powerful and emotional. Great printing and delivery. Thank you Thomas.

  • Patrick Fleury
    Patrick Fleury

    I recently acquired a print fromEiger . Thomas CrauwelsEvery time I look at it I feel like I am there. The quality of the printing and materials used is unique. The service/advice is knowledgeable and responsive. The quality of the printing and the materials used is unique. The service/advice is wise and responsive. This purchase is like the mountain, once you taste it you can't get enough of it.

  • Valerie Marti
    Valerie Marti

    Elegance, originality of shots and high quality framing. The photos of Thomas elegantly dress up a room, especially in large format. I highly recommend him

  • Serge JF
    Serge JF

    Love the photography work from Thomas and was pleasantly surprised by his superb customer service - going as far as Photoshopping a picture of my bedroom with the Matterhorn to see more clearly how it would look. The photograph was delivered extremely well packed with no damage and now hangs proudly in my home. An amazing experience from A to Z - highly recommended!

  • Fantastic photo, the atmosphere is unique. Thank you Thomas for this exceptional shot in large format. Good luck

  • thierry fried
    thierry fried

    The photos of Thomas are beautifulAfter discussion with Thomas I chose a large format (120x240) which looks very goodYou really have the impression to be in front of the mountains

  • Rainer Willisch
    Rainer Willisch

    Amazing and unique photos. The prints are very classy and of high end quality.Uncomplicated, fast delivery.Certainly not my last picture of Thomas Crauwels

  • Nick Timothy
    Nick Timothy

    Unbelievable photography, professional service and prompt delivery. Thanks Thomas!

  • Laurent Vulliet
    Laurent Vulliet

    Great alpine pictures. We hung three of them in the entrance of our building in Montana. prints and high quality montages! To be recommended without limit. In addition Thomas is not only a talented photographer but also a cool guy!

  • Julien Pilet
    Julien Pilet

    Great and friendly service! 5 on 5 on picture / framing quality as well as professional shipping service.thanks to Thomas!

  • Nicolas Janson
    Nicolas Janson

    Not only are the photographs of our Swiss Alps magnificent, but the photographer is also a very nice chap who we were able to meet at one of his exhibitions. He is as proficient with his camera as he is with computers - he helped us envision what one of his pictures would look like in our living room. The service was impeccable and the product top notch.

  • Cyrielle Kern
    Cyrielle Kern

  • Thomas makes us dream in his photos which reflect our emotions during our intense moments in the mountains...having one at home makes us feel the strength released and the resource drawn from nature...

  • Loyse Klein
    Loyse Klein

    What a pleasure and a treat for the eyes that the photos of Thomas Crauwels! We chose a photo of the west face of the Matterhorn and the The Dent d'Hérens to display in our chalet in the Val d'Hérens. But if I didn't have so much doubt that the photo would be sublime, I would like to underline the availability and the kindness of Thomas Crauwels who accompanied my father and me to hang it on the wall. We didn't know him but we had a fantastic time together and had a great time discovering a very beautiful person, passionate and exciting when it comes to talking about mountains and photography. I now understand better why these photos are so beautiful! Mathieu

  • Saw one of the photographs of the Matterhorn displayed in a gallery and we were immediately taken by it. Very pleased to have the same piece of art now hanging as the centre piece in the entrance hall of our home.

  • Lionel Rebetez
    Lionel Rebetez

    I recently had the pleasure of acquiring a stunning piece from Thomas Crauwels. Thomas' photography reveals the Sublime in the mountains through wintery ambiances that exalt sceneries through an eerily fascinating light. Thomas is very professional, accommodating and quick to respond to enquiries. It is for sure not the last piece that I buy from him!

  • Excellent picture, very happy with the choice!Thomas was always available and delivery was handled in very hands-on, professional manner.

  • Matt Hoogerland
    Matt Hoogerland

    Outstanding experience purchasing from Thomas. He was extremely responsive to inquiries and helpful, and his photography is stunning. Highly recommended!

  • Max Castella
    Max Castella

    I presented my project to Mr. Crauwels and he was immediately interested and enthusiastic. He helped me to find a solution and the result is great and of course the photo is magnificent! A pleasure to work with Mr. Crauwels !

  • eat alexis
    eat alexis

    Exceptional prints, amazing mountain pictures, you get an incredible height in the Alps! Top quality! We never get tired of admiring them....

  • Florian Bruchez
    Florian Bruchez

    I am very happy with the print that I bought at Thomas. I enjoy losing myself in this magnificent landscape, remembering the moments spent in this face of Valsorey, which was one of my first 4000m skiing. The quality of the image is exceptional, the print is magnificent, a real masterpiece. The details of the snow and clouds are impeccably sharp.

  • Kevin Chuat
    Kevin Chuat

    Great experience ordering my painting. Very professional contact and good quality painting delivered to my home. Mr Crauwels is very responsive and the contact is pleasant. I recommend him.

  • Thomas is very available and very pleasant. He listens carefully to his customers and their wishes and does his utmost to meet them as best he can.

  • Eliot Cohen
    Eliot Cohen

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