Unique edition

Discover moments of pure majesty with the Unique Edition of Thomas Crauwels capturing moments when the splendor of the Alps is revealed in all its intimacy.
A celestial moment, ephemeral yet eternal, exclusively yours.

Unique works
Recent works
artwork Photograph of Mönch and Jungfrau.
100`000.00 CHF
Doldenhorn - Summit of the bernese alps in black and white
120`000.00 CHF

Prestige Edition

The Prestige Edition, limited to 3 to 10 pieces per work, represents the excellence of the art of Thomas Crauwels.
Each work is a promise of exclusivity and refinement, designed for the most demanding art collectors.

Prestige works
Prestige editions

Edition Prestige 3

Works limited to 3 prints

From CHF 50,000.00

Edition Prestige 5

Works limited to 5 prints

From CHF 30,000.00
Pictures of mont blanc in france - black and white Mountain and Mont Blanc photo in  in a sea of ​​hazy clouds

Edition Prestige 7

Works limited to 7 prints

From CHF 23,000.00

Edition Prestige 10

Works limited to 10 prints

From CHF 15,000.00

Limited Edition

Explore the works of Thomas Crauwels
Each carefully numbered print immortalizes the timeless beauty of mountain landscapes, offering collectors an eternal fragment of the world above.

Recent works


Invite Thomas Crauwels to interpret your personal vision through a custom-made work.

Your Bespoke Heritage Of Above - Enjoy a unique experience with Thomas Crauwels


Embark on a tailor-made adventure with Thomas Crauwels to create together an exclusive artistic piece, reflecting your quest and your alpine heritage.


Published by Thomas Crauwels

The art books from Thomas Crauwels are a deep immersion into the world of mountain photography.

Through its pages, travel to the heart of alpine landscapes and discover the visual stories captured by the lens of a master photographer.

large-format mountain photo book
Limited edition of 4,500
82.00 CHF
Alpine Legacy: the heritage of the Alps in a limited edition, by Thomas Crauwels
Limited edition of 1'250
150.00 CHF

Any questions?


The works of Thomas Crauwels are unique creations requiring special attention. Each order is treated individually and requires a preparation time of 5 to 10 working days before shipping. This time ensures that each work meets the artist's high standards of quality and excellence.

To guarantee optimum protection, each work is wrapped in impact-resistant material and packed in a custom-made crate. This special care ensures maximum security during transport, from the workshop to your home.

Absolutely, the majesty of the Alps can sublimate your interiors anywhere in the world. We offer international delivery so that collectors of Thomas Crauwelscollectors everywhere can welcome a piece of this Alpine beauty into their homes.

Despite all our precautions, if your artwork arrives damaged, please contact us immediately. Provide us with photos of the damage and the package so that we can assess the situation and arrange a replacement at no extra charge.

We understand that some occasions require faster delivery. In these cases, please contact us directly to discuss your specific requirements. We'll do our best to speed up the production and delivery process, so that your artwork arrives in time for your special event.


Thomas uses advanced printing techniques, combining technological precision with a keen artistic sense, to reproduce the finest details and subtle nuances of its photographs, guaranteeing unrivalled image fidelity and depth.

Each piece comes to life in the Alps, the fruit of close collaboration with a renowned craftsman in the Geneva region. This proximity to the mountains breathes authenticity and extra soul into each piece.

Absolutely, all Thomas works are signed and numbered, a guarantee of authenticity and the exclusivity of your acquisition. This numbering is the hallmark of Thomas 's commitment to excellence and uniqueness.

We rigorously select materials of the highest quality, chosen for their ability to transcribe the essence of Alpine landscapes with exemplary precision and durability.

Works are produced on Fine Art paper using the latest pigment ink technologies, which are synonymous with longevity and conservation.

The works are laminated on Dibond® d aluminum and then framed as you wish.

By adhering to a demanding creative process and using only the highest quality materials, we ensure that each piece retains its original, time-honored splendor, to be admired by future generations.

Each work comes with a certificate of authenticity, detailing the work, its number in the edition and its signature by Thomas Crauwels. This document guarantees the originality and value of your work of art, and assures its direct provenance from the studio of Thomas.


Selecting the ideal artwork for your space is crucial. We therefore offer a tailor-made service, using virtual simulations and personalized advice, to ensure that the chosen artwork blends harmoniously with your interior, reflecting your personal style and enhancing the atmosphere of your space.

Limited editions offer a selection of works available in limited numbers, increasing their value and exclusivity.

The even more selective Prestige edition includes rare works, limited to between 3 and 10 pieces in all sizes.

Unique editions are, as their name suggests, pieces that are one-of-a-kind in the world, offering an opportunity to acquire an absolutely exclusive objet d'art.

We are dedicated to meeting your most specific requirements. Whether it's for a particular dimension or a bespoke commission, we work closely with you to bring your vision to life, ensuring that the final work fits perfectly with your space and expectations.

For those wishing to incorporate Alpine aesthetics into a special event or professional space, we offer flexible rental options. This alternative allows you to benefit from the brilliance and depth of the works of Thomas CrauwelsThis alternative allows you to benefit from the brilliance and depth of Alpine art for an event, or as a temporary decorative asset in your office.

Investing in a work of Thomas Crauwelsis to invest your wealth in pieces that not only enrich your environment, but also offer the potential for financial appreciation. With its value having tripled on average over the last twelve years, acquiring a work by Thomas Crauwels is both an emotional and a strategic financial choice.


To ensure the longevity of your work, avoid direct exposure to sunlight and extreme variations in temperature or humidity.

No, it is not advisable to expose works of art to direct sunlight. UV rays can alter contrasts and reduce the lifespan of the work. It's best to display your work in well-lit areas, but away from direct sunlight.

Use a soft microfiber cloth to remove dust. For more stubborn stains on print, an alcohol-free cleaning product can be used with care.

For prints without additional frame (contemporary), handle with care on the edge. Use the rear frame for all handling once the work has been removed from the wall.

In the event of damage, please contact us to assess the situation. Depending on the case, professional restoration may be possible. For works damaged beyond repair, a replacement option may be discussed.


Thomas Crauwels is an artist-photographer specializing in the high mountains, renowned for his black-and-white work. He captures the majesty and purity of the Alps with emotional depth, presenting them as grandiose witnesses to nature. To find out more about his career and exhibitions, visit his biography.

If you would like to meet or talk directly with Thomas, please send him a message via contact@thomascrauwels.ch. He greatly appreciates opportunities to share his passion with those touched by his art.

Yes, Thomas actively participates in exhibitions and events where he enjoys meeting and chatting with his audience. Stay informed of upcoming opportunities by subscribing to our newsletter.

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o experience the ultimate alpine adventure alongside Thomas Crauwels, submit your request for a customized expedition.

This adventure will plunge you into the heart of artistic creation in the Alps, offering a unique opportunity to capture together a work that resonates with your essence. Whether you want to immortalize an iconic summit or a landscape that touches you deeply, Thomas will guide you on this personal quest, combining a passion for the mountains with an artistic quest.

Get ready for total immersion in Alpine beauty, where every moment is a discovery, every landscape a revelation.