The MatterhornMatterhorn, Cervino, Horu, The Horn...

Many names are given to THE most emblematic mountain in the world.

When I saw him for the first time from a summit in the Val d'Hérens, I immediately knew that it was him. In Switzerland, this mythical summit with its unique and charismatic shape is regularly mentioned in conversations. When I saw the pyramid in the distance with its pointed summit I recognized it without knowing it...

So we met again at Zermatt and he unveiled to me the cloud shows he has the secret of. I was immediately captivated by his unique shape and profile.

My artistic quest led me to photograph it in all seasons, in all weather conditions in order to make the most beautiful pictures of the Matterhorn.

These years of photography around the Matterhorn during which I contemplated it under all its faces were crowned by the realization of its ascent in September 2020. The emotion when arriving at summit was intense. I understand better my customers who acquire one of my works after having realized its ascent.

This experience has changed my relationship and my artistic view of the Matterhorn, which I will continue to photograph throughout my career.

Thomas Crauwels
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photo cervin black and white - snowy mountain - black and white mountain landscape in winter - photo mountain of zermatt
Snowy Matterhorn From 2'000.00 CHF
Beautiful mountain picture - Mountain panorama in the Valais Alps around Verbier - black and white mountain picture - mountain landscape - swiss mountain picture
Valais Alps From 2'000.00 CHF
Mont Cervin Suisse enneigé - Photo du Cervin vu de Findelalp
Matterhorn From 2'000.00 CHF
Matterhorn Mont Cervin photos - Black and white photo of snow-capped mountains in the sun
The Matterhorn From 2'000.00 CHF
The Matterhorn west face - Zermatt black and white photo and Swiss Matterhorn in  and snow covered mountain rock
Matterhorn From 2'000.00 CHF
The peak of the The Matterhorn - black and white images of mountains in the clouds in 
Matterhorn From 2'000.00 CHF
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Thomas Crauwels

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Thomas Crauwels posing in front of one of his prints of the Matterhorn

Monumental Black & White Fine Alpine Photography

Fine Alpine Photography
Thomas Crauwels

Thomas Crauwels

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