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Since 2010, as a photographer passionate about the high peaks of the Swiss and French Alps, I have specialised since 2010 in the creation of black and white mountain images. After years of excursions and exhibitions, I am now considered to be one of the major artists of  contemporary Alpine landscape photography.

Through my works I share with you my fascination for the ice and the rocks that make up the high mountain environment. 
Thomas Crauwels - Fine Alpine Photography
Thomas Crauwels - Fine Alpine Photography

"To use my artistic vision to observe the changing face of the Alps and capture the magical moments that our generation is still able to admire, so that through the unique images I create I can pass on part of this heritage to posterity."

The Alps, and mountains in general, have an extraordinary capacity to change face instantly: sometimes they look generous, sometimes threatening, but always majestic.

Through my work, I wish to highlight the artistic aspects of mountain photography.

Each time I ascend one of these incredible summits the intention is to take a very specific shot at the right moment, with the right light, the right framing and the right settings. I am not attached to the figurative aspect, but I attach great importance to particular atmospheres, textures and light effects on these magical summits to reveal the beauty of the Alps to the general public.

Where rock and sky meet, and taking into account meteorological conditions, the pictures I take are an expression of my deep emotions, those that inhabit me when I contemplate these summits. How can one not be awed by the sight of these peaks close to the sky and the clouds just after a storm?

Today I am proud that my black and white photos of the Alps are widely recognised for their artistry and for the emotions they convey.

As a passionate photographer, I feel I have a mission

Beyond the artistic and aesthetic aspect of my mountain photos, I feel invested with a mission for the planet. The degradation of our mountains and glaciers drives me to use my artistic vision to observe the changing face of the Alps and capture the magical moments that our generation is still able to admire. In this way, we will be able to pass on a part of this heritage to future generations through unique photos.

Following in the footsteps of the 18th- and 19th-century painters and photographers, I continue to perpetuate thememory of the Alps, constantly evolving.

Award-winning photos

Often exhibited throughout Europe, my alpine summit photos have regularly received awards such as the International Photography Award in 2016 and 2017 or the Siena International Photo Awards (SIPA) in 2018.

However, my greatest pleasure and reward is to have my mountain photographs displayed in your home. To know that you admire them every day, that they delight your guests and that they transmit emotions to those around you is a real honour. This is why I have decided to offer my work for sale on my website, available in limited editions of prints with many frames. You have the possibility to choose the frame that will best enhance your favourite photo by integrating it perfectly into the atmosphere of your home.

Discover all the articles media dedicated to my work on the page: Media and references

Large format mountain photo exhibition Natural History Museum Geneva
Large format mountain photography exhibition at the Natural History Museum in Geneva

Client testimonials

A magical vista for mountain lovers

by Eve

Thomas Crauwels has a passion for the mountains and loves black and white photography; the pictures he creates are absolutely irresistible. The purity of the lines, the simply unique viewpoints, the photographic work Thomas accomplishes, and the exceptional quality of the prints make them works of art. From our first contact at the Mountain trade fair up to the delivery to our home, the service offered by Thomas was very professional. We enjoy the magical vista every day!! Ève M.

We enjoy it every day!

by Corinne & Werner

As former inhabitants of Zermatt, it is difficult to forget the Matterhorn, even in a new environment of mountains and nature.
We found this great picture of the Matterhorn in a gallery, so strong and intense, it is impossible to forget it........
It became clear that it should be the centrepiece of our new flat.
We also had a very nice contact with the artist, who came to deliver his work himself.
This is very nice and adds a dimension to the object, to know its creator, his passion, the conditions of the shooting.
The texture of the photo looks like a painting, the lights play on it, Next . It seems alive. A real daily pleasure!
Corinne & Werner

We were bowled over!

by Gabriella and Gilles

My wife and I are amazed at the quality of the print and the rendering of this beautiful photo. We waited for years to put a picture up on our empty wall because we hadn't come across an artwork that really bowled us over. We've now found it and it looks just great in our entrance hallway.
Moreover, it portays three peaks that are highly symbolic and  particularly dear to our hearts: Weisshorn, Dent Blanche and the Matterhorn.

We thank you again for your impeccable service (quick response to enquiries, hyper-realistic projection of the work on the preliminary photos of the wall).
In short, nothing to complain about and we look forward to seeing you at a vernissage.
Gabriella and Gilles

An incredible print

by Quentin

Thomas quickly answered all our questions, confirming our desire to acquire one of his photographs. Once we received the print , it found its perfect place in our living room, where it has since opened an unparalleled window on the magnificent horizons of the Matterhorn, Weisshorn and the Dent-Blanche. The quality of the print on the contemporary support is really exceptional, allowing us to enjoy all the details of the photograph.
Quentin D.

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