By opting for one of my mountain photos to decorate your office or home, you are choosing a unique artwork that contributes to immortalising the Alps. To make your picture really unique, you can select the format and the frame.

Your mountain photo will blend in perfectly with your decor, whether it is modern or traditional.

Mountain photography is my passion: a passion with a mission.

My mountain photos are intended to be pleasing to the eye, but that's not all. As a photographer, I have a mission:

"To use my artistic vision to observe the changing face of the Alps and capture the magical moments that our generation is still able to admire, so that through the unique images I create I can pass on part of this heritage to posterity."

Thomas Crauwels

When you purchase one of my mountain photographs, you are contributing to immortalising the Alps, a natural heritage that, unfortunately, is being severely impacted by climate change.

You are acquiring a picture that not only is decorative but also bears witness to the Alps in the 21st century. The image of the majestic mountains as we know them today carries a powerful message. 

Unique photos

The photos presented on my site are limited editions in different formats. All the pictures are delivered with a signed and numbered certificate of authenticity. By purchasing one of my mountain photos you are opting for a unique decorative item which you will not see elsewhere.

How to choose my exclusive picture of the Alps?

My photos of the Alps are not only suitable for decorating a mountain chalet, they can blend in with any type of interior decor style. In addition, your personal choice of frame and format will make your limited edition print uniquely individual. Here's how to create your own exclusive decoration:

1. Select your mountain landscape photo

To obtain your exclusive artwork, select the mountain photos from my gallery that conjure up the most emotions, that make you dream, that remind you of an incredible memory or a special moment. Ones you will never get tired of admiring!

Please note that for a high quality print and excellent durability of your print, the transfer of the artwork onto paper is done using the latest technology available in pigment printing.

2. Decide on the format of your print

By clicking on the details of each image, you can test a preview of it in a given decor using the virtual environment feature. This feature will allow you to see what the image in different formats would look like in a living room or a bedroom, for example. This way, you can make sure you don't choose a format that doesn't look right in your home or office. My mountain pictures express the beauty and grandeur of the Alpine peaks.

That's why, to appreciate my work in the best possible way, I recommend the following minimum formats:

50x75cm for standard formats (2*3)
50x100cm for panoramic formats (2*1)
30×120 cm for panoramic formats (3*1)
40×160cm for panoramic formats (4*1)
30x150cm for panoramic formats (5*1)

You can of course opt for a larger format if you have enough room to accommodate it.

Thomas Crauwels - Find the ideal size for your painting

Choosing the right photo frame to match your decor

Once you have selected your photo of the Alps and the desired format, I would urge you to choose your frame very carefully as the frame enhances the visual appeal of the image and helps it blend in with your decor. It's therefore very important to make the right choice. From the wide selection of frames available, you can find the one that is a perfect match for your print and your decor. 

You can find more information on all types of frames on the frames page.
You can use the virtual test drive feature offered in the details of each photo to see how each photo would look in an interior just like yours.

If you would like to see prints in action, let yourself be inspired by the interiors of the latest projects.

Thomas Crauwels - Choosing the frame that will match your decor
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