Heritage of Above.

Monumental works of the Alps in limited series.

"Bear Witness to the Immutable yet Intensely Fragile Beauty of Nature."

There are men who have a mission. The one of Thomas Crauwels is ardent and precious to his heart: to work for the memory of the Alps.

Modern romantic artist, Thomas Crauwels has a recognized and distinctive style that has been awarded in Switzerland and internationally on numerous occasions. His quest
for excellence is the very testimony of his intimate and sincere link with the Alps.

His art is for lovers of the Alps and summits who wish to preserve, contemplate, and one day bequeath an eternal fragment of the beauty of the world from above.

Like these so rare moments revealed, all the photographs of Thomas Crauwels are in limited or unique series.

Prestige Collection
Thomas Crauwels

Thomas Crauwels


Through his photographic quest, Thomas Crauwels invites you to contemplate the universe of the high mountains. Go with him to discover the Alps, in exceptional atmospheres, enhanced by the magic of black and white and its wide range of contrasts.

82 CHF

Thomas Crauwels - Alpine Legacy

Alpine Legacy

This book in a limited edition of 1'250 copies is a testimony of the beauty of this majestic Nature from above which seems eternal to us, but which, slowly, is transformed. An ode to preserve, contemplate and one day bequeath this celestial kingdom, timeless but so fragile.

150 CHF

Begin Your Own Heritage Of Above.

Thomas Crauwels posing in front of one of his prints of the Matterhorn

Thomas Crauwels

St. Moritz
Val d'Anniviers - St-Luc
Val d'Anniviers - Chandolin
Val d'Anniviers - St-Jean

Thomas Crauwels

We are here in front of the most beautiful mountain in the world : The Matterhorn. Treasure of the Valais Alps, it stands proudly in the region of #Zermatt. This aerial view is taken by helicopter just after the storm. In the background, the Mount Rose massif emerges like a fortress above the clouds, giving depth to the photograph. Its summit, the Dufourspitze, is the highest of the Swiss Alps. It is accompanied by the small Matterhorn, theBreithorn, theCastor and the #Liskamm. At the foot of Mount Rose, the famous Gorner and Grenz glaciers appear. Together under the general name of #Gornergletscher, they used to form one huge ice area. But the ever-rising temperatures have unfortunately separated them for good, with the Gorner retreating further each year. In this work, I have chosen to show the Matterhorn from a new angle. The sun's rays illuminate its north face, freshly plastered with snow. Facing us, its western face, still in shadow, is just emerging from a sea of mist. On the right, the Lion ridge appears, the way to climb the mountain from Italy. On the left, the Zmutt ridge marks the border between light and shadow. Here the Matterhorn pierces the clouds with its sharp point to reach the kingdom of heaven. Brandishing the cross that adorns its summit, it challenges anyone to climb the last few meters of its peak. Through this imposing portrait, I wanted to transcribe the greatness of this exceptional mountain in its most inaccessible and immutable. The invincible and eternal character of this stone colossus inspires me infinitely, fascinates me and makes me dream, transporting me far beyond our world, where the power of the elements is equalled only by their beauty. ----------------------------------------------This work is available in limited edition -----------------------------------------------#zermattmatterhorn #valais #wallis #ski#skiing@zermatt.matterhorn @zermatters @valaiswallis @myswitzerland @best.mountain.artists #matterhorn@monterosahut
Sumptuous Dents du Midi dominating the Val d'Illiez, in the heart of the Swiss Alps. Seven summits of more than 3000 meters of altitude make up this famous high mountain massif. Visible from the Swiss Riviera and the shores of Lake Geneva, the elegance of its silhouette attracts the eye. The Cime de l'Est and the Fortress play the leading role here. At their foot is the Chalin refuge. This work will please the inhabitants of vaud alps and Villars-sur-Ollon, who have the infinite chance to admire this exceptional panorama every day. I deeply love these mountains, whose verticality inspires me. Each of our meetings is unique and surprising. In winter, the eastern and southern slopes of Dents du Midi are sunny while the northern slopes rest in the shade until spring. But at any moment their appearance evolves, according to the weather conditions and the light. They reveal a new facet of themselves in each photograph, constantly inviting me to return to them to satisfy my quest. I made this portrait of Dents du Midi in winter. Just swept away by the storm, the summits come back to life. The clouds tear apart, bringing the mountain to the forefront. The snow freshly deposited on its sides highlights the beauty of its strata, witnesses of the richness of its history, tumultuous and millennial. The light, subdued by the mist, illuminates the summits with a direct and diffuse glow, revealing all the sensitivity of the mountain. Terribly powerful and infinitely soft, it arouses emotion and emboldens our hearts. ----------------------------------------------This work is available in limited edition -----------------------------------------------#dentsdumidi #portesdusoleil #champery #valdilliez #morgins #troistorrents #cimedelest #hautecime #7peaks #swissaples #mountain #alpsmountains @montreuxriviera @visitmontreux @regiondentsdumidi @portesdusoleil @myswitzerland@chaletroyalp @villarstourisme @thevillarspalace
📢 Last chance to pre-order "Alpine Legacy"! ⌛ Take advantage of an exclusive -33% discount before the offer ends: this Sunday at midnight 🤩👉 There are only 385/1250 copies of this limited edition left: https://www.thomascrauwels.ch/en/prints/alpine-legacy/ (link in the bio) 🏔️ Thanks to all the enthusiasts who have already pre-ordered their copy 😍 Shipments will start from March 13.Alpinement vôtre,-----------------------------------------------#fineartphotography#alpineart#alpinephotography#blackandwhite#mountain#bw#alps#alpes#book#mountains#montagne#hiking#summit#mountainplanet#northface#alpinism#art#alpine
Spectacular photograph of the Weisshorn which dominates the val d’Anniviers, in the heart of the Valais Alps, in Switzerland. Rising to 4506 meters of altitude, it is the highest summit of the imperial crown of Zinal. I had the chance to cross the ridges of this exceptional mountain. An adventure I will remember for a long time. On this picture, taken from the heights of Grimentz, the north ridge of the Weisshorn is particularly visible. It connects the main summit of the mountain to the Grand Gendarme, which rises a little further down. When I walked it, I expected to see more snow on it, but it was very rocky. A sad consequence of global warming, whose effects on the Alps summits are considerable. I took this portrait of the Weisshorn in the early afternoon, when the sun was shining on the west face of the mountain. I will never forget this extraordinary day. One of the only times I could admire this summit entirely plastered with snow. Not a single rock emerged from the thick white coat. The moment was magical. In addition to the exceptional snow conditions and the intensity of the light, a lenticular cloud suddenly appeared from nowhere. An incredible celestial jellyfish that seemed to come from the farthest reaches of the universe to celebrate the grandeur of the Weisshorn. That day, the elements came together to offer the viewer a fabulous and unreal picture. ----------------------------------------------This work is available in limited edition -----------------------------------------------@grimentz.zinal @valdanniviers @stluc.chandolin #valdanniviers#valais #wallis #grimentz#zermattmatterhorn #ski#skiing@zermatt.matterhorn @zermatters @valaiswallis @myswitzerland @best.mountain.artists @luxury.chalets.collection @ultimateluxurychalets @chaletinterior @chaletowners #luxurychalets #luxuryhouse #luxurychaletdesign #luxurychaletcollection#decoration #chalet #chaletsuisse #designinspiration #design #innenausstattung #luxurydesign #alpessuisses#chaletstyle #chaletlife #limitedprint #fineart #alpinephotography #blackandwhite #mountain #alpsmountains #bw#grimentz#weisshorn
Dark portrait of the Point Percée, summit the highest of the Aravis massif, in Haute-Savoie. This emblematic point dominating the famous resort of La Clusaz is also very visible from the Arve valley and the Mont-Blanc massif. In this photograph, the silhouette of the mountain is reminiscent of the prestigious Matterhorn, king of the Swiss Alps. I made this work one winter morning, when the storm had just hit summit. The clouds are gradually clearing, revealing the Pointe Percée, sparkling with beauty. The sun's rays begin to illuminate its freshly snowed cliffs. The end of a fight from which the mountain emerges victorious. The sequence of different shots brings a lot of depth to the image. The play of diagonals, between light and shadow, plunges the picture into abstraction. The clouds reinforce the dramatic intensity of the scene. I like the power of the photograph, sensational and mystical. The Pointe Percée, heroine of a world beyond us, rises here to the rank of the most audacious summits of the Alps. ⁠⁠----------------------------------------------⁠⁠Cette oeuvre est disponible en édition limitée ⁠⁠-----------------------------------------------⁠⁠#aravis⁠#pointepercee⁠#pointepercée⁠#laclusaz⁠@laclusazskiresort⁠@laclusazimmobilier⁠#hautesavoie⁠#rhone-alpes#france#alpes#frenchalps#nature #landscape #mountains #natgeo #world #earthpix #worldwide #naturephotography #outdoors #naturelovers#earthfocus#exploreourearth#visualsofearth#limitedprint #fineart #alpinephotography #decoration @montagne_my_life #blackandwhite #mountain #alpsmountains #bw
We are in the Mont-Blanc massif, in France, facing summit des #Drus. This mythical mountain ofChamonix culminates at 3754 meters of altitude. At summit, a statue of the Holy Virgin watches over the place. The ascent of this face of the mountain is reserved for the most experienced climbers. It used to host the Bonatti pillar, which collapsed in 2005 in a terrible landslide. This fall added even more verticality to the wall, preventing the snow from settling easily on the rock.I had to wait 8 years to be able to make this striking photograph of the grandeur of the Drus. I had to wait 8 years to be able to take this striking photograph of the grandeur of the Drus. I needed all the elements to merge to create the atmosphere that would perfectly render the presence of the peak. I waited day and night, until the moment when the magic happened. It was a winter evening, after a storm. The summit was suddenly clear, freshly plastered with white. A small cloud was masking the bottom of the mountain, detaching it from the landscape (unfortunately not visible on the instagram version). Only this impressive monolith appeared, which, piercing the clouds, wished to touch the sky.this mountain inspires me enormously by its shape of spear which transpierces the sky and seems completely inaccessible. When you look at the Drus mountain from the valley, it appears like a granite obelisk, immutable and gigantic. The strength that emanates from it is exceptional. One can only feel how little one is in front of the imposing and timeless character of this rock giant. ----------------------------------------------This work is available in limited edition -----------------------------------------------#drus#lesdrus#Bonatti#alps #mountains #montagne #hiking #summit #4000 #mountainplanet #northface#alpinism#bealpine@best.mountain.artists@momtagne_my_life@mountain_planet@mounteverestofficial#chamonix #chamonixmontblanc #frenchalps #massifdumontblanc#savoiemontblanc#ambiance #fineartphotography @auvergnerhonealpes.tourism #finealpinephotography@megeve_official @montblanc-nr @montblanclive @chamonixmontblanc
🎉 I am delighted to announce the release of my second book "Alpine Legacy" 📚 This book is the result of several years of study and adventures through the Alps, to capture the most incredible landscapes 🏞️ From the majestic Piz Bernina to the sublime Barre des Ecrins, you will discover the wonders of these pristine landscapes ❄️.📖 "Alpine Legacy" is a limited edition with only 500 copies available in deluxe binding 📚. For the next two weeks, enjoy an exclusive -33% discount by pre-ordering your copy at: https://www.thomascrauwels.ch/prints/alpine-legacy/ (link in bio).🤝 If you have any questions or would like to know more, please feel free to contact me.🙏 Many thanks for your support and interest in my work, I hope you enjoy "Alpine Legacy" as much as I enjoyed creating it.Alpinement vôtre,-----------------------------------------------#fineartphotography#alpineart#alpinephotography#blackandwhite#mountain#bw#alps#alpes#book#mountains#montagne#hiking#summit#mountainplanet#northface#alpinism#art#alpine@myswitzerland
Drum roll for the epic beauty of this fabulous portrait of the The Dent Blanche. Definitely one of my favorite photographs. I dreamed about it for so long before I managed to immortalize it like this! I am very proud of this work. I made this black and white portrait of The Dent Blanche in 2017, at the fall of a harsh winter day. Emerging victorious from a major snowstorm, the mountain rises from the clouds, adorned in its thick blanket of snow. A pyramid of rock and ice defying the sky with its colossal stature. Between light and shadow, the succession of shots brings depth to the work. Perfect balance of a nature yet in prey to the elements. The diagonal of the edges goes to the left when the clouds breathe an inverse movement to the painting. The confrontation of earth and sky gives life to the photograph and offers a dramatic and almost mystical intensity to the work. Some time after I took this beautiful picture, I had the chance to climb the The Dent Blanche to reach the summit. That day, I had an incredible experience in contact with the mountain. My guide and I found ourselves for almost an hour in the middle of an impressive storm. The lightning and implacable violence of an all-powerful nature against which we can do nothing. The winds have whitened the summit, making it almost inaccessible. A tragic and terrifying moment that I experienced quite differently. While I was up there, I thought again of this portrait of the The Dent Blanche. The unique sensation and the unspeakable happiness of being at the very heart of the work that you yourself have created. I was living the moment, lost in my imagination, at a distance from reality. I became for a few minutes the hero of a scene that I had photographed myself. I was happy, out of time and out of the dangers that beset us.#dentblanche#valdherens #heremence #lasage #arolla #evolene @zermatters @valaiswallis @evoleneregion_arolla#4000#alps #mountains #montagne #hiking #summit #mountainplanet #northface#alpinism@mountain_planet@mounteverestofficial
This beautiful black and white square format photograph features the #Schreckhorn, one of the most challenging summits over 4000 meters high bernese alps. It rises to 4078 meters above #Grindelwald, in Switzerland. Its magnificent ridge leads to the #Lauteraarhorn, here hidden by clouds. The traverse from the Schreckhorn to the Lauteraarhorn is one of the most beautiful climbs in the Alps and I dream of doing it one day. Many years passed before I managed to immortalize this mythical summit . In the region of Grindelwald, the weather is capricious. One day it buries the mountain under thick banks of clouds, another it offers a completely clear sky. But it rarely leaves room for the in-between that I appreciate so much. Here, the clouds carry the mountain, gratifying the work with a dazzling depth. This show can only take place at the beginning of the day, in spring, when the sun's rays illuminate the eastern side of the mountain, giving the photograph all its strength and beauty. This scene can only be admired if the storm just swept away was not too agitated. Only then could the snow cover the summits without being blown away by the gusts of a too impetuous wind. This was the perfect picture. The Schreckhorn is covered with a pure and immaculate blanket of snow and reflects the light like a rough and eternal diamond. Light and shadow blend gently together, highlighting the striking beauty of summit. The square format, rarely present in my art, serves here the graphics of the image. The mountain then appears inaccessible to man, all-powerful and timeless. ----------------------------------------------This work is available in limited edition -----------------------------------------------@grindelwald_eiger@grindelwaldfirst@bernese.oberland#alpesnernoises#grindelwald#thecrimesofgrindelwald #jungfrauregion #limitedprint #fineart #alpinephotography #decoration #blackandwhite #mountain #alpsmountains #bw#switzerland #swiss #suisse #swissalps #swissmountains @super_switzerland
This square format photograph features the famous Matterhorn. Without doubt the most famous mountain in the world. This summit of more than 4000 meters of altitude rises above the valley of Zermatt, in the Valais Alps, in Switzerland. Its eastern ridge cuts the landscape, opposing its eastern face, intensely lit by a winter light, and its northern face, destined to remain in the shade until the arrival of summer. It was along this ridge that the first access route to the Matterhorn summit was opened in 1865. That day, the weather was mixed and the weather was playful. I didn't know if I was going to succeed or not in seeing the top summit. I tried my luck anyway. And when the sun shone on the mountain, the clouds suddenly cleared, letting the Matterhorn appear like an arrow pointing to the sky. The clouds still masking the north face of the mountain give an incredible presence to this pyramid, a sculpture of rock that erosion and glaciers have gradually forged. This is the beauty of the work: here nature offers us its interpretation of the Matterhorn. Much more than a flat and objective exposition of what constitutes this illustrious summit, it gives us to discover what it conceals deep inside. Its soul in broad daylight. We can thus only imagine what it withdraws from our glance. And from the invisible are born emotions. The personality of the mountain is then revealed before our eyes amazed by so much beauty. ----------------------------------------------This work is available in limited edition -----------------------------------------------#zermattmatterhorn #valais #wallis #ski#skiing@zermatt.matterhorn @zermatters @valaiswallis @myswitzerland @best.mountain.artists #limitedprint #fineart #alpinephotography #decoration @montagne_my_life #blackandwhite #mountain #alpsmountains #bw#alps #mountains #montagne #hiking #summit #4000 #mountainplanet #northface#alpinism#bealpine@best.mountain.artists@momtagne_my_life@mountain_planet@mounteverestofficial
Welcome to the Mont-Blanc massif, in France. This is the west face of Mont Blanc, seen from Megève and Combloux. At the bottom of the picture, the Tête Rousse refuge opens the way to summits. Going up the classic route to Mont Blanc, called the Goûter route, you cross the couloir de la mort leading to the Goûter refuge, located at 3835 meters of altitude. The ascent continues to the Goûter dome to finally reach the summit of Mont Blanc, which seems to connect the earth to the sky from the top of its 4808 meters. The sun illuminates this path as if to show the way to the celestial kingdom. On the right, the shadow of the Aiguille du Bionnassay is reflected on the western flank of the Mont Blanc. Only a few clouds continue to caress the summits. Mont Blanc is exultant in its thick coat of snow. It is rare that snow falls in such quantities in the high mountains. It took me several years of patience before I managed to capture this almost unreal moment. The mountain evolves between shadow and light. The play of light highlights its crevasses, the purity of its lines, its history. It is here that the last glaciers of the Alps will certainly live, at very high altitude. The grandeur of the massif imposes itself to us, fascinating. Through the contrasts of black and white, an impression of power emerges from the photograph. It sublimates at the same time the force of the mountain and the emotion which emerges from it. ----------------------------------------------This work is available in limited edition -----------------------------------------------#aiguilledugouter#alps #mountains #montagne #summit #4000 #mountainplanet #northface#alpinism#bealpine@best.mountain.artists@montagne_my_life@mountain_planet@mounteverestofficial#chamonix #chamonixmontblanc #frenchalps #massifdumontblanc#savoiemontblanc#ambiance #fineartphotography @auvergnerhonealpes.tourism #finealpinephotography@megeve_official @montblanc-nr @montblanclive @chamonixmontblanc
Superb #Lyskamm in the grip of the elements. This gigantic mountain of the Valais Alps is made of two summits of more than 4000 meters of altitude dominating the valley of #Zermatt, in #Switzerland. Lined with hanging glaciers, it offers climbers a beautiful traverse of tapered ridges.I took this photograph of Lyskamm in 2017. While the snow has just fallen on the high reliefs of Valais, the first rays of the sun illuminate the north face of this giant of the Alps. A moment of purity suspended from the will of the elements. An increasingly rare testimony of a wild nature now heavily subjected to the consequences of climate change. The snow is giving way to rain and the glaciers are diminishing, irremediably. That morning, I was admiring the beauty of Lyskamm when an avalanche occurred. The implacable power of a nature that leaves no chance to those who underestimate it. Fortunately, the two climbers who were climbing to the Lysjoch pass, tiny dots lost in the middle of this grandiose panorama, were at a higher altitude at the time of the fall and are therefore safe and sound. When I go to meet the high mountains, I enter into connection with them. I feel its vibrations, I listen to it, I am attentive to its slightest movements. Like an animal photographer on the lookout for the slightest breath. In symbiosis with nature, so strong and fragile at the same time, to better highlight it. This is how I feel alive and that the mountain, when it agrees to reveal its splendor to me, gives all its meaning to my art.----------------------------------------------This work is available in limited edition -----------------------------------------------#liskamm#avalanche#zermattmatterhorn #valais #wallis #ski#skiing@zermatt.matterhorn @zermatters @valaiswallis @myswitzerland @best.mountain.artists #alps#mountains #montagne #hiking #summit #4000 #mountainplanet #northface#alpinism#bealpine@best.mountain.artists@montagne_my_life@mountain_planet@mounteverestofficial

Monumental Black & White Fine Alpine Photography

Notice of Purchasers

A magical vista for mountain lovers

by Eve

Thomas Crauwels has a passion for the mountains and loves black and white photography; the pictures he creates are absolutely irresistible. The purity of the lines, the simply unique viewpoints, the photographic work Thomas accomplishes, and the exceptional quality of the prints make them works of art. From our first contact at the Mountain trade fair up to the delivery to our home, the service offered by Thomas was very professional. We enjoy the magical vista every day!! Ève M.

We enjoy it every day!

by Corinne & Werner

As former inhabitants of Zermatt, it is difficult to forget the Matterhorn, even in a new environment of mountains and nature.
We found this great picture of the Matterhorn in a gallery, so strong and intense, it is impossible to forget it........
It became clear that it should be the centrepiece of our new flat.
We also had a very nice contact with the artist, who came to deliver his work himself.
This is very nice and adds a dimension to the object, to know its creator, his passion, the conditions of the shooting.
The texture of the photo looks like a painting, the lights play on it, Next . It seems alive. A real daily pleasure!
Corinne & Werner

We were bowled over!

by Gabriella and Gilles

My wife and I are amazed at the quality of the print and the rendering of this beautiful photo. We waited for years to put a picture up on our empty wall because we hadn't come across an artwork that really bowled us over. We've now found it and it looks just great in our entrance hallway.
Moreover, it portays three peaks that are highly symbolic and  particularly dear to our hearts: Weisshorn, Dent Blanche and the Matterhorn.

We thank you again for your impeccable service (quick response to enquiries, hyper-realistic projection of the work on the preliminary photos of the wall).
In short, nothing to complain about and we look forward to seeing you at a vernissage.
Gabriella and Gilles

An incredible print

by Quentin

Thomas quickly answered all our questions, confirming our desire to acquire one of his photographs. Once we received the print , it found its perfect place in our living room, where it has since opened an unparalleled window on the magnificent horizons of the Matterhorn, Weisshorn and the Dent-Blanche. The quality of the print on the contemporary support is really exceptional, allowing us to enjoy all the details of the photograph.
Quentin D.

Fine Alpine Photography
  • Howard Dingley
    Howard Dingley

    I was lucky enough to see Thomas' work first hand in Sheffield which made buying a piece for our home an easy decision.The whole purchasing experience has been excellent from initial enquiry to ultimate delivery. Thomas was extremely helpful at all stages and patiently answered every question we had along the way. The large scale fine art photography truly captures the spirit of the mountains and are of exceptional quality.

  • When the magic of the mountains comes to your home!😍 I am very happy with the acquisition of my painting which brings me closer to the mountains on a daily basis!Congratulations to Thomas for his multiple talents which make his photos have an exceptional and beautiful dimension!Thank you also for your accessibility and your sympathy!Full of joy and success for your future shootings up there!🤩

  • S. I.
    S. I.

    Wir haben uns vor 2 Jahren in Zermatt in ein Foto vom Matterhorn verliebt und etwas später hing es bei uns im Wohnzimmer. Fantastische Arbeit, super Qualität! We are very pleased with our work every day at the exhibition and have never been disappointed with the purchase!

  • PA Bersier
    PA Bersier

    Thomas We are delighted with the print that we have been able to acquire and which we never tire of admiring. Bravo and thank you to Thomas for this fantastic work!

  • Suzy Lyon
    Suzy Lyon

    We purchased a large print (90cm x 180cm) from Thomas for our apartment in the US. He was incredibly helpful, caring and accommodating throughout the process of purchase and the long and not easy shipment to the US. Thomas kept track of the shipment the entire way and was very thoughtful to follow up to ensure that the photo arrived in great shape. It looks gorgeous in our apartment - a great way to remember our long posting in Switzerland. Thank you, Thomas!

  • Travel, fly over, prospect, at little cost. A book TOTEM, thank you for the spell.

  • Unique images to develop the dream

  • Leo Buhler
    Leo Buhler

    This collection of views across the Alps is breathtaking! It gives you the push to explore new horizons!

  • Morisod Viviane
    Morisod Viviane

    Magnificent work! To discover absolutely, they are more than photos, the light which emerges makes think of a painting. Nature is sublimated!

  • Thierry F.
    Thierry F.

  • In addition to a perfect photographic technique, you play with a climatic setting in an incredible way.

  • Sylvie Marmy
    Sylvie Marmy

    Magnificent! these images of the majestic summits of the Alps pay such a tribute to our heritage of the earth, so beautiful and generous.they give me the feeling of really touching, with the heart, the improbable and so much dreamed meeting with them.one of them will be the subject of an alpine project! which one ...?

  • Fraser Hamilton
    Fraser Hamilton

    I love this book, it's a fantastic piece of work. Thomas has a great eye and an exceptional talent for capturing the grandeur and moods of alpine landscapes. The book is large and the rendering, printing and binding is of the highest quality, as it deserves. I would absolutely recommend it.

  • Your book is a pure marvel because coming from the flat country, country of atmosphere and mists, you resurrect the black and white masterfully. In this vision you let the clouds and other mists compose the perfect picture. For me you are a painter who works with a lens as a brush. Having climbed some of these summits I hoped to see a closer view of the DOM and the Festigrat .... Maybe another time, it's not so bad actually! At a time when one video chases the other so quickly, the photo is durable and you will make at least 4500 happy from the first print . Quoting Rebuffat brings us back to a sporting and contemplative mountaineering which, once the years have come, continues to be nourished by readings and photos... the dream continues....

  • Julie Aymon
    Julie Aymon

  • A magnificent book of the mountains that surround us and inhabit us. Thomas has the art of photographing them when the clouds come in to create breathtaking high altitude atmospheres. Thank you

  • The work, the service and the contact with Thomas is magnificent. An artist to support unconditionally.

  • Emilie Bosson
    Emilie Bosson

  • Dawn Sarasin
    Dawn Sarasin

  • Alain Girard
    Alain Girard


  • Anne Bujard
    Anne Bujard

    A great joy at the reception of this magnificent photograph! "My nights are now more beautiful than my days!

  • " Above is a must have book for those who love mountains and quality photography. The pictures are simply stunning and Thomas takes the reader on unbelievable journeys throughout the Alps. The peaks appear in their sheer and raw beauty. This book is a gem

  • Ludivine Sper
    Ludivine Sper

  • Thierry Mathez
    Thierry Mathez

    I've known Thomas 's work for more than a year now, and I still hope to buy one (or more) of these prints in the future, so I've already been able to enjoy his work by acquiring his magnificent book Above ! Absolutely nothing to complain about, a very, very rich selection of breathtaking, rich, delicate, complex or pure mountain photographs. A very beautiful object, from the layout to the art direction and printing. I'll take this opportunity to share it with as many people as possible :)

  • A magnificent and indispensable book for all lovers of the mountains in general and the Alps in particular! Thomas Crauwels has a very exceptional gift: that of being able to reveal the soul of the summits Alps through their photos!

  • Splendid photos. So is the book. Well done. One regret is that the frame does not allow you to see the photos flat. I guess it was complicated to enlarge the edge like they do on Ifolor for the luxury albums. Nevertheless I am amazed by your talent and courage.

  • Very nice book, my little regret, the large photos on 2 pages cut by the binding of the book reduce the excellent quality of the landscapeGoodbye