Heritage of Above.

Monumental works of the Alps in limited series.


"Bear Witness to the Immutable yet Intensely Fragile Beauty of Nature."

There are men who have a mission. The one of Thomas Crauwels is ardent and precious to his heart: to work for the memory of the Alps.

Modern romantic artist, Thomas Crauwels has a recognized and distinctive style that has been awarded in Switzerland and internationally on numerous occasions. His quest
for excellence is the very testimony of his intimate and sincere link with the Alps.

His art is aimed at lovers of the Alps and summits who wish to preserve, contemplate, and one day bequeath an eternal fragment of the beauty of the world above.

Like these so rare moments revealed, all the photographs of Thomas Crauwels are in limited or unique series.

Thomas Crauwels



Through his photographic quest, Thomas Crauwels invites you to contemplate the universe of the high mountains. Go with him to discover the Alps, in exceptional atmospheres, enhanced by the magic of black and white and its wide range of contrasts.

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Thomas Crauwels - Alpine Legacy

Alpine Legacy

This book in a limited edition of 1'250 copies is a testimony of the beauty of this majestic Nature from above which seems eternal to us, but which, slowly, is transformed. An ode to preserve, contemplate and one day bequeath this celestial kingdom, timeless but so fragile.

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Begin Your Own Heritage Of Above.

Thomas Crauwels posing in front of one of his prints of the Matterhorn

Thomas Crauwels

St. Moritz
Val d'Anniviers - St-Luc
Val d'Anniviers - Chandolin
Val d'Anniviers - St-Jean
Zermatt Valley

Thomas Crauwels

I took this magnificent panoramic #photograph of the #Valais Alps from the Mont-Blanc massif. The work embraces 70 kilometers of a breathtaking landscape. The mountains rise majestically one behind the other, bringing an incredible depth to the image. Sailing through this black and white panorama, our eyes travel through five of the most beautiful #alpine valleys.On the right side of the photograph, the Monte Rosa massif emerges from the mist, giving the work a powerful mystical intensity. The highest #summits of the #Swiss mountain range stand proudly between earth and sky. #Breithorn Liskamm, Castor, Pollux, Dufourspitze or Nordend, so many legendary mountains that stir our imagination. In the foreground, the central character of the painting, the Grand Combin, with its incredible presence, culminates at 4314 meters above the valley of Bagnes. Imposing pyramid of rock and ice in the heart of the Swiss Alps. On sunny days, what a joy for the mountaineer that I am to reach the summit by the Combin de Valsorey and its magnificent crossing. This welcoming summit still has many glaciers at high altitude. Without a doubt they will be among the last glaciers of the Alps in about thirty years. The high mountains are indeed suffering terribly from global warming and their appearance is changing rapidly.-------------------------------This artwork is available in limited edition-------------------------------#ValaisAlps#MountainPanorama#SwissPeaks#AlpineBeauty#Naturephotography#Mountainphotography#Valaiswallis#MountainView#ThomasCrauwels#monterosa#grandcombin#saasfee@montblanc-nr@chamonixmontblanc@montblanclive@auvergerhonealpes.tourism@courmayeurmontblanc@montblancstories@valaiswallis@valaisactif@zermatters@valdanniviers@saasfee
Celestial power of the Eiger, which rises above #Grindelwald, in the #bernese alps. The Swiss ogre was probably named after the many climbers who died defying its impressive north face. It is one of the five most mythical north faces in the Alps, along with the Matterhorn, the Grandes Jorasses, the Piz Badile and the Cima Grande. Indomitable slopes between sky and earth.I realized this aerial photograph of square format by helicopter. I went to the meeting of the #Eiger for several years before having the chance to attend this spectacle, grandiose and unreal. That day, the elements came together to offer me this bewitching portrait of the fabulous Eiger. Winter is in full swing and storms follow one another at the gates of the Swiss #Alps. The disturbances coming from the north pour down on the wall of Grindelwald before reaching the other summits. At this precise moment, the mountain survived the fury of the storm. Its north face will slumber in the shadows until spring returns. Still beset by the wind, the Eiger pierces the clouds like a rock spike to reach the sun. In the background, the #Schreickhorn and the #Lauteraarhorn also emerge from a sea of clouds, giving a mystical depth to the picture. Hymn to Eiger, this photograph is the fruit of a heady dream: that of immortalizing through my art the wild beauty of #summit, its exceptional silhouette and its legendary charisma.--------------------------------This artwork is available in limited edition--------------------------------#Eigersummit#BerneseAlps#Mountainphotography#LegendarySummit#Naturephotography#Alpine#EigerPortrait#Swissalps#Mountaineering#ThomasCrauwels@grindelwald_eiger@gstaad_official@grindelwaldfirst@bernese.oberland@gstaad_official@ultimagstaad
Luminous portrait of Piz Palü which, from its 3899 meters of altitude, overhangs the #Morteratsch valley, at the borders of the Eastern Alps. This beautiful mountain, emblematic of the Bernina range in the #Swiss #Engadine region, can be easily contemplated from the Diavolezza ski lifts. It also offers to the mountaineers a superb crossing.I took this picture of Piz Palü in spring. The sun was just rising on summit, still seized by the storm that covered its walls with snow during the night. Thanks to this carefully considered angle of view, the photograph gains in depth. The ridge in the foreground, which seems to be one with the teeth of Piz Palü, crystallizes the impetuosity of the winds that continue to strike the #snowy walls.I chose this day precisely for its incomparable luminosity. Painting the edges of shadow or light, it offers a graphic and bewitching dimension to this legendary #mountain. The #summit owes its extraordinary beauty to its geometry, so particular and unique in the #Alps. Perfect symmetry of the ridges which follow one another, one after the other. The timeless rhythm of nature, inexhaustible and heady, which makes my heart beat. The many hanging and descending glaciers along its ridges also contribute to making Piz Palü a mythical summit .--------------------------------This artwork is available in limited edition--------------------------------#Alpinephotography#Mountainphotography#Swissalps#Naturephotography#blackandwhite#Berninamassif#PizPalü#madeinswitzerland#PizpaluSummit#ThomasCrauwels@engadin.stmoritz@bbcwildlifemagazine@earthoutdoors@earth_shotz@earthofficial@voyaged@instagood
Portrait of the Aiguille du Midi, in the heart of the Mont Blanc massif, in #France. A world-famous #summit , which, thanks to the lift it is equipped with, allows everyone to enter the enchanting realm of the high #mountains in a few minutes. Transported to #3842 meters of #altitude, a new world is easily offered to all, whatever their physical condition and beyond the will of the sky.We are here at the end of the day, just after the storm. The calm has returned, the mountain is calming down. The Aiguille du Midi is just emerging from the fog, still numb from the wind. Two or three times a year, the magic happens. When the conditions are right, when the temperature, the snow and the wind are in symbiosis, the Aiguille suddenly seems to be covered with a fabulous plaster. A miracle of which only nature has the secret. The image is unique each time, varying with each episode of precipitation. I have been trying for years to unravel the mystery of this phenomenon, but it remains, again and again. As ephemeral and impenetrable as the most precious masterpieces created by nature.The Aiguille du Midi rises majestically, piercing the sky and the fog. In the background, giving depth to the picture, the Grandes Jorasses spring out of a sea of clouds like a sparkling wall. In the company of the dome of Rochefort and Mount Mallet, they offer their freshly snow-covered face to the softness of the first rays of sunshine.--------------------------------This artwork is available in limited edition--------------------------------#Aiguilledumidi#MontBlancnaturalresort#HighMountain#chamonixmontblanc#AlpineSplendor#Mountaineering#montblancmassif#hautesavoie#Aerialphotography#frenchalps@montblanc-nr@chamonixmontblanc@montblanclive@auvergerhonealpes.tourism@savoiemontblanc@montblancstories@climbingmagazine@bestofthealps@french_alps@lesalpesfrancaises
This panoramic photograph reveals the splendor of the Imperial Crown of Zinal, in #Switzerland. It is composed of the most beautiful summits of 4000 meters of the Alps. This huge mountain range of #Valais stands in the val d’Anniviers, at the border with the valley of Zermatt.This exceptional panorama could only be realized from the sky because there is no summit allowing to position oneself at this place. The aerial view brings together all the mountains of the Crown. On the left, the #Weisshorn, the highest summit of the Imperial Crown, stands out in all its majesty. #In front of it, theBishorn is one of the easiest to climb of the #Alps at an altitude of 4000 meters. The #Zinalrothorn, with its long White ridge, leads us to the Blanc de Moming. We then travel to #Besso, the emblematic mountain of #Zinal. In the background, the #The Obergabelhorn and the Matterhorn line up one behind the other. We realize here the monumental height of the Matterhorn, which culminates at 4478 meters of altitude, compared to theThe The Obergabelhorn, whose difference in level is 400 meters lower. Finally, we let ourselves be carried towards The The Dent d'Hérens, whose ridge is connected to the #Matterhorn, the majestic The The Dent Blanche and the Grand Cornier.By a play of perspective, the ensemble lets us think that these high mountains are linked one after the other. In reality, the valleys of #Zermatt, Turtmann, val d’Anniviers and the Val d'Hérens separate them. By choosing this particular point of view, which allows to align on the same picture these giants of rock and ice, I wished to emphasize these jewels that nature offers us.--------------------------------This artwork is available in limited edition--------------------------------#Mountaineering#AlpinePhotography#Imperialcrown#CrownOfZinal#ThomasCrauwels#HighAltitude#EpicSummits#madeinSwitzerland#MountainArt#swissalps@valaiswallis@valaisactif@zermatt.matterhorn@zermatters@cerviniavalt@valdanniviers@grimentz.zinal@sierrezinal_officiel@stuc.chandolin@myvaldherens@newlyswissed
Unforgettable black and white portrait of the #Dufourspitze, which culminates at 4634 meters of altitude in the Monte Rosa massif. On the border with Italy, the Dufourspitze is the highest #summit in the #Swiss Alps. However, it doesn't get any glory from it and knows how to be discreet, a tiny prominence lost in the immensity of the Alpine #panoramas. But I can assure you, as someone who has climbed it, that its walls are steep and its rocks tenacious. To reach its summit requires strength and perseverance. This photograph does it justice. Valiant heroine of the picture, the mountain reveals itself. By discovering it thus, its name takes all its sense. Magnificent point with sharp sides, so gigantic that it seems to touch the sky.To succeed in transcribing the grandeur of the mountain in this work, I had to wait for the storm. It is winter, the freshly snowed summits are still hit by raging winds. The last rays of the sun touch the rocks, offering a little sweetness to the striking spectacle that nature offers us. The shadow quickly takes precedence over the light, endowing the work with powerful contrasts. In this captivating atmosphere, the Dufourspitze, majesty of rock and ice, rises with its amazing verticality out of the growing darkness. To its right, Zumstein's point adds depth to the picture. A rock pyramid crowned by a splendid suspended glacier, it is the privileged witness of the advent of a queen.--------------------------------This artwork is available in limited edition--------------------------------#SwissAlps#MountainPhotography#AlpineLandscape#Mountaineering#MonteRosaMassif#RockClimbing#Verticality#BlackAndWhitePhotography#AlpineBeauty#MountainViews#Glacier#MajesticNature#PowerOfNature#HighAltitude#PeakClimbing#NaturePhotography@valaiswallis@valaisactif@climbingmagazine@mountain_planet@earthoutdoors@earth_shotz@earthofficial@voyaged@instagood
On this photograph, we are facing the famous #Breithorn. This famous mountain range of the Valais Alps is made up of five #summits which all culminate at more than #4000 meters of altitude. Dominating the Swiss ski resort of #Zermatt, it stands not far from the imposing Matterhorn.Among the summits alpine high mountains, the Breithorn is the most easily climbed. The ascent of the Little Matterhorn takes us to an altitude of 3820 meters. Then, there are only 300 meters of difference in altitude to climb to reach the summit of Breithorn. The effort remains important because, in high altitude, the lack of oxygen is quickly felt and each step mobilizes all our energy.This majestic mountain is the first summit of more than 4000 meters that I tackled when I started mountaineering. I am therefore particularly attached to it, which gives a very special flavor to the work. Since then, I have had the chance to make the crossing of the five summits, an experience that I have extraordinary memories of.The north face of Breithorn appears here like an enormous wall with impassable reliefs, lined with seracs and impressive rocks. It offers a very different image from its southern side, on the Italian side, a vast plateau that allows climbers to bypass the sharp summits of the massif to reach the mounts Castor and Pollux, located a little further away.I took this spectacular shot of Breithorn in the summer, after a snowstorm, as the clouds were beginning to break and the sun was shining. The freshly snow-covered walls appear at their most beautiful, shining and bewitching. Time seems to stand still, giving the mountains a feeling of eternity. The light, both vivid and velvety, brings life to the image by giving it texture and depth.--------------------------------This artwork is available in limited edition--------------------------------#ValaisAlps#SwissAlps#MountainPhotography#HighMountains#Mountaineering#NaturePhotography#SummitViews#SnowyPeaks#GlacierExploration#AlpineArt#PhotographyArt#NatureArt@valaiswallis@valaisactif@zermatters@wilderness_culture
Breathtaking #panorama of the high mountains of the #Ecrins National Park in the French Alps. Dominating the horizon, the Dôme de neige des Écrins and the Barre des Écrins are the most western #summits of the Alps. From the top of its 4101 meters, the Barre is the highest point of the Écrins massif. As for the Dôme de neige, it is renowned for being a very easy #mountaineering route. But with the evolution of the climatic conditions, the crevasses of its glaciers open and the hikers who engage themselves towards its summit expose themselves to the falls of seracs. The more experienced mountaineers will cross the Dôme to summit of the Barre des Écrins.I waited ten years before I managed to take this impressive panoramic #photograph. Before nature accepted to offer me this show. I made this work when the summits had just faced a spring storm. The first rays of the sun illuminate the #mountain, freshly covered with snow. The moment lasted only a few seconds. The clouds were torn apart, barely allowing the mountain to breathe before closing in on it again.With this work, I wanted to take you on a journey to the heart of the high mountain kingdom. The dramatic intensity of the painting brings out our emotions. The softness of the contrasts sublimates the strength of summits. In the foreground, the Grande Ruine peak and the Bourcet peak endow the photograph with a celestial depth. They highlight the exceptional scale of the Dôme de neige des Écrins and the Barre des Écrins. Purity and grandeur, that's what I want to convey about the high mountains.--------------------------------This artwork is available in limited edition--------------------------------#montagne_my_life#barre_des_ecrins#ecrins_national_park#easymountaineering#dome_deneigedesecrins#seracs#hikingadventures#landscape_captures#alpsinmyeyes#mountainworld#mountainsofinstagram#rockandice#paysage_montagne@departement_des-hautes_alpes@paysdesecrins@parcnationaldesecrins@lagravetourisme@regionsudpaca@voyaged@instagood@bestofthealps@french_alps@lesalpesfrancaises
Epic journey to the heart of the Imperial Crown of #Zinal, on the border between val d’Anniviers and the valley of #Zermatt. In this black and white photograph, two mythical summits of the #Swiss Alps rise in majesty. In the foreground, the slender silhouette of the #Zinalrothorn, culminating at an altitude of 4221 meters, reminds me of the famous Needles of Chamonix. The image highlights the Rothorn ridge and the normal route, the easiest way to reach the summit, two magnificent routes popular with mountaineers. In the background, the imposing Weisshorn dominates the whole massif from its 4506 meters of altitude. On this picture, its three ridges are superbly drawn. On the left, its incredible north ridge crosses the Grand Gendarme, perfectly aligned with the summit of the Zinalrothorn. In the center, the Schaligrat reveals itself between light and shadow. Climbing it remains one of the most beautiful adventures to which the Alps invite us. On the right, entirely plastered with snow, appears the normal route leading to summit.I took this exceptional panorama in winter, when the mountain was prey to the unpredictable and violent effects of a foehn storm. When such a phenomenon breaks over the Italian border of the #Alps, the meteorologists are helpless and their forecasts are imprecise. So, all I have to do is believe with all my might and try my luck at #summits. To go there, to wait, to hope, to bend my back and to persevere until that happy day when nature finally agrees to reveal its absolute beauty. This is the daily lot of the mountain photographer. And this is also why I love my job.-------------------------------This artwork is available in limited edition-------------------------------#ImperialCrown#ValdAnniviers#SwissAlps#RothornRidge#Mountaineering#Weisshorn#NorthRidge#Schaligrat#WinterPanorama#storm#MountainPhotography#outdoorsphotography#AbsoluteBeauty#HighMountains#PowerfulContrasts@valaiswallis@valaisactif@zermatters@valdanniviers@grimentz.zinal@sierrezinal_officiel@wilderness_culture@ earthoutdoors@ arth_shotz@voyaged@instagood@bestofthealps
Mystical appearance of the The The Grand Muveran which rises to 3051 meters on the border between the cantons of #Vaud and #Valais, in the Swiss Alps. The Vaudois like to say that it is part of the vaud alps but, geologically, it belongs to the bernese alps. I took this photograph of the north face of The The Grand Muveran from Villars-sur-Ollon. It has become, with the Dents du Midi, the emblem of this famous ski resort.When I admire this fabulous portrait, extraordinary sensations come back to me. I had the chance to climb the The The Grand Muveran and to bivouac at its summit for the night. Unique experience of a mountaineer in communion with nature. To realize this photograph, I had to be patient. I had to listen to the elements in order to capture the precious moment when the mountain reveals its greatness. We are in winter. The storm is still raging on the summits, the winds carry the snow to other horizons. Tearing the clouds, the The The Grand Muveran seems to want to pierce the sky. The sun reflects on the freshly frosted rocks, highlighting the sumptuous textures of the #mountain. The silver tones of the image transcend the almost unreal #beauty of #summit. Unveiling the purity and power of the high #mountains is the deepest meaning of my art, what guides me at every moment and gives a soul to my #photographs.--------------------------------This artwork is available in limited edition--------------------------------#GrandMuveran#SwissAlps#BerneseAlps#MountainSkiing#Mountaineering#SnowySummits#MountainBeauty#PhotographicArt#PurityandPower#HighMountain#UnrealBeauty#NatureCaptured#villarsurollon#villarstourisme#outdoorsphotography@bernese.oberland@visitswitzerland@myswitzerland@swissbook@super_switzerland@best.mountain.artists@villarstourisme
Here is one of my favorite works. A panoramic black and white photograph of the three most famous mountains of bernese alps: the Mönch, the Eiger and the Jungfrau. The latter, the highest, rises at 4158 meters above the region of Grindelwald, in Switzerland. In front of us, the famous Mittellegi ridge stands out between light and shadow. Leading to the summit of theEiger, it is one of the most beautiful ways to climb the alpine heights.We are in winter, at sunrise. Under the assaults of the wind, the summits wake up, freshly covered with snow. The mountain smokes, letting escape little by little the last traces of condensation still clinging to the summits.I made this spectacular work by helicopter because no place on earth offered this view. I studied the specifics of bernese alps for a long time on the ground, on maps and on 3D software. Until I finally found the precise spot that would allow me to transmit the most grandiose image possible of these exceptional summits. This is one of the privileges of the modern artist: to be able to use technology to best prepare the blossoming of his works. But the greatest difficulty I face is the unpredictable nature of the weather. The challenge was to fly through the storm and get to the right place when the magic would happen.-------------------------------This artwork is available in limited edition-------------------------------#BerneseAlps#EigerMönchJungfrau#Alpine#SwissMountainViews#Mountain#SnowySummits#MajesticMönch#Jungfrau#EigerExpedition#Grindelwald#AlpineAdventure#PanoramicPeaks#MittellegiRidge#HighAltitude#AlpsPhotography#BernesePanorama#MountainExpeditions#ClimbHigher#VerticalAdventure@grindelwald_eiger@grindelwaldfirst@bernese.oberland@jungrauregion@jungfraujochtopofeurope@outdoorphotomag
Fascinating portrait of Piz Roseg, one of the most beautiful #mountains of the Bernina #massif in the Swiss #Engadine. In the background, the Italian summits , less high, reinforce the presence of the summit, which stands at 3935 meters above the Roseg valley. In this aerial photograph, we are flying over its northeast face, whose impressive verticality inspires the best steep skiers in the world. At its feet lies the magnificent hanging glacier of Vadret-da-Tschierva. Unfortunately, this #photograph shows the fragility of a disappearing ecosystem. The glaciers of the Piz Roseg are diminishing every day, giving way to rocks. Irredeemable melting of the ice which denatures the mountain and puts in danger its balance.I realized this aerial photograph in spring. Last stigmata of the passage of a storm, the winds continue to shake the summit, invincible colossus which defies the horizon. By immortalizing this grandiose panorama of the Swiss Alps, I wanted to highlight the incredible verticality of the massif and its exceptional strength. The work, by its tone and composition, embodies the striking aesthetics of summit. Marking the Italian-Swiss border with its titanic imprint, it points valiantly to the sky.On the print in large format, the numerous visible details invite us to discover its suspended glacier, its steep walls and its ice ridge on which the snow is constantly swept. The violent winds leave no respite at #summit, and it is necessary to wait for the summer for the snow to finally cling to it. The photographic art illuminates here the splendor of a wild nature which is favorable to the presence of the man only in the sweetness of the beautiful days.--------------------------------This artwork is available in limited edition--------------------------------#PizRoseg#BerninaMassif#SwissAlps#MountainBeauty#SteepSkiing#Glacier#AerialPhotography#MountainPanorama#PhotographicArt#SuspendedGlacier#IceRidge@engadin.stmoritz@rockansicemag@mountain_planet@earthoutdoors@earth_shotz@earthofficial
Without doubt the most famous mountain in the world. This summit of more than #4000 meters of altitude rises above the valley of #Zermatt, in the Valais Alps, in #Switzerland. Its eastern ridge cuts the landscape, opposing its eastern face, intensely lit by a winter light, and its northern face, destined to remain in the shade until the arrival of summer. It was along this ridge that the first access route to the Matterhorn was opened in 1865 at summit .That day, the weather was mixed and playful. I didn't know if I would be able to see the top #summit or not. I tried my luck anyway. And when the sun shone on the #mountain, the clouds suddenly cleared, letting the Matterhorn appear like an arrow pointing to the sky. The clouds still masking the north face of the mountain give an incredible presence to this pyramid, a sculpture of rock that erosion and glaciers have gradually forged.This is the beauty of the work: nature offers us its interpretation of the #Matterhorn. Much more than a flat and objective exposition of what constitutes this illustrious summit, it gives us to discover what it conceals deep inside. Its soul in broad daylight. We can thus only imagine what it withdraws from our glance. And from the invisible are born emotions. The personality of the mountain is then revealed before our eyes amazed by so much beauty.--------------------------------This artwork is available in limited edition--------------------------------#Cervinia#Matterhornphotography#Matterhornphotographer#mountainclimbing#alpinism#ValaisAlps#Peak#Alps@valaiswallis@valaisactif@verbier@zermatt.matterhorn@zermatters@cerviniavalt@natgeofr@montagne_my_life@mountain_planet@earthoutdoors@earth_shotz@earthofficial@voyaged@instagood@bestofthealps
A dreamlike portrait of the famous Aiguille de Bionnassay, which rises to 4052 meters in the Mont-Blanc massif, the emblem of the French Alps. From the Goûter refuge, we can contemplate its magnificent north face. But this black-and-white photograph reveals its face from #Megève. To the left of #summit, you can see the sharp ridge linking the Aiguille de Bionnassay to the Dôme du Goûter. On the right, a marvellous apparition. The moon leaves the cosmos for the mountains. When dream meets reality and worlds intermingle.This photograph of the Aiguille de #Bionnassay features the Tricot ridge, which guides us, between light and shadow, up to its summit. All the elements come together to make this picture an ode to the high mountains. The moon rising, the storm raging on the summits, the winds sweeping the snow freshly deposited on the rocks. And the ephemeral beauty of this frosted summit . I chose the square format because it gives balance to the work. Absorbed by the intensity of the painting, our gaze sets off to discover the high mountains and their hanging glaciers, which lose a little of their thickness every year. I created this work as a tribute to the mythical Mont-Blanc massif and its complete crossing, which I'd love to achieve one day.--------------------------------This artwork is available in limited edition--------------------------------#AiguilleDeBionnassay#Portrait#MontBlancMassif#FrenchAlps#HighMountain#TricotRidge#Moon#EphemeralBeauty#StormOnTheSummits#Glacier@megeve_officiel@montblanc-nr@chamonixmontblanc@montblanclive@auvergerhonealpes.tourism@saintgervais_montblanc@savoiemontblanc@passymontblanc@montblancstories@climbingmagazine@bestofthealps@french_alps@lesalpesfrancaises
Facing us are the impressive Dents du Midi. This magnificent massif of the Swiss Alps counts seven summits of more than 3000 meters of altitude: the Cime de l'Est, the Fortress, the Cathedral, the Éperon, the Dent Jaune, the Fingers and the Haute Cime. It is located in the Portes du Soleil region, a famous ski area on the border between #France and #Switzerland.The Dents du Midi are among my favorite mountains because they occupy a central position in the Alps. They can be seen from almost all summits Alps above #4000 meters. And their high points offer us a breathtaking panoramic view of the most illustrious mountains of the French and Swiss Alps. Beyond their location, I am attracted by the beauty of this #mountain range, its geometry and the balance that results from it.I took this beautiful panoramic photograph at #sunrise, as a winter storm hit the snowy summits . As the ridges emerge from the clouds, the wind, in its fury, shakes the mountain. The morning light gently illuminates the East Peak. The northern faces of the #mountains, which have remained in the shade, benefit from the sun's reflection on their snowy coat. I particularly like the subtlety of these contrasts which allows to emphasize the greatness of a mountain in prey to the elements.--------------------------------This artwork is available in limited edition--------------------------------#DentsDuMidi#SwissAlps#PanoramicViews#Alpine#MountainPhotography#Alps#MountainMajesty#SnowySummits#MountainPhotographer#AlpineAdventure#NatureVibes#AweInspiringView@portesdusoleil@hautesavoieledepartement@valaiswallis@valaisactif@morzineofficiel@chatel_officiel@rockansicemag@best.mountain.artists@mountain_planet@earthoutdoors@earth_shotz@earthofficial@bestofthealps
A magnificent black-and-white portrait of the #Mönch, which rises to over 4,000 meters above #Grindelwald, in the bernese alps. Together with Eiger and Jungfrau, it forms a legendary rock triptych. The Eiger, world-famous for the many tragedies it witnessed during the first ascents of its summit. The Jungfrau, famous for having given its name to the Jungfraujoch, the arrival point of Europe's highest train. The Mönch remains in the shadow of its glorious neighbors, even though it is without doubt one of the most beautiful mountains in the #Alps. So it was important for me to put it in the spotlight. To take a photograph that would reveal its true personality. Sublime and imposing.I was lucky enough to be able to immortalize it in 2020, during a winter storm. While the clouds were tearing at medium altitude, summit was swept along by the winds. In the foreground,Eiger and its vertical face add depth to the work. One shot follows another, inviting our gaze to admire the Mönch, which proudly dominates the horizon with its regal stature. The clouds, still clinging to the walls of Eiger, burst forth like flames illuminating the mountain against the light. Their movement energizes the picture and exalts the grandeur of the Mönch, sovereign of the world above. The soft contrasts highlight the surprising texture of its walls. Its impressive ice corridors forged from the very heart of its high-altitude rocks. The silvery tones also temper the power of the picture. For it's all a question of balance. For the picture to become a masterpiece, the light must be in harmony with the soul of the mountain. So that I can offer you this wonderful journey from my imagination.--------------------------------This artwork is available in limited edition--------------------------------#BerneseAlps#AlpineWinter#WinterMountain#EigerMönchJungfrau#HighAltitude#Highmountains#SilveryMountainTones#AlpineSoul@grindelwaldfirst@bernese.oberland@montagne_my_life@mountain_planet@earthoutdoors@earth_shotz@earthofficial@bestofthealps@rockansicemag
Spectacular #panorama from summit of the Oberaarhorn, 3631 m high, on the border between bernese alps and the #Valais Alps. This magnificent mountain has given its name to every feature in the valley. To the glacier at its foot, to the lake into which it flows, to the hut built on the way to its summit. Through black and white, the photograph pays homage to it, sovereign of a wild territory whose majesty pierces me.I made this work in autumn, when the first snow had just covered #summits. My rope-mates and I climbed the Oberaarhorn from the Grimsel Pass to the #Oberaar hut. Before sunset, we prepared the route for our next ascent. Then, after a few hours' sleep, we left the #Oberaarjochhütte while it was still dark, Next rigorously following our footprints in the fresh snow. Shortly before daybreak, we finally reached summit. Huddled in the shadows, we just had to wait. The cold was burning our skin and our hands were frozen. Until the sun came out and began to warm us up. Then the beauty of the landscape dawned on me, and I knew how to capture it. The rays of light brought the relief to life, filtered through the easternmost massifs. The mountains of Ticino, their sharp silhouettes rising out of the mist to meet the sky. Projections of light and shadow that endow the painting with incredible depth. The play of textures and materials reveals the personality of the mountains and valleys. The sun's rays guide our gaze from the Ticino region to the #Oberaarhorn, letting our minds wander through the most beautiful landscapes in the #Swiss Alps.--------------------------------This artwork is available in limited edition--------------------------------#OberaarhornPanorama#BerneseAlps#ValaisAlps#MountainMajesty#Autumn#GlacierExploration#AlpineHut#MountainClimbing#MountainSunset#SwissAlps#SwissMountainHike#AlpineExperience#PanoramicView@bernese.oberland@valaiswallis@valaisactif@newlyswissed@visitswitzerland@myswitzerland
Mystical appearance of the #The Obergabelhorn in the middle of the clouds. The mountain culminates at more than #4000 meters above the val d’Anniviers. It is little known because it is isolated and few people manage to contemplate its sumptuous beauty. The verticality of its north face has nevertheless become famous thanks to the beautiful film La Liste of Jérémie Heitz, incredible steep skier. This summit of the #Valais Alps has inspired me since I met him in 2013. His perfect shape and his purity never cease to amaze me. Facing us, its famous north face rises, vertiginous and untameable. On the left is the ridge of the normal route that I had the chance to climb with the help of my guide, Vivian Bruchez. On the right, you can see the Arbengrat. Blending in with it, the summit of the Matterhorn finally invites itself to the show.To take this picture of the The Obergabelhorn, I spent several days in the mountains watching for the precise moment when the #summit would come out of the clouds. The storm was rumbling, the sky was milky when, suddenly, a short clearing split the mist. A window opened on the celestial kingdom, fleeting and fascinating. A timeless portrait where the mountain appears, sumptuous and ephemeral, in the heart of a halo of light.--------------------------------This artwork is available in limited edition--------------------------------#VerticalSummit#ValaisAlps#SteepSkiing#NorthFace#MountainClimbing#AlpinePhotography#Portrait#EphemeralMountains#MountainMajesty#NatureWonders@zermatters@cerviniavalt@valdanniviers@visitswitzerland@myswitzerland@swissbook@super_switzerland@best.mountain.artists@valaiswallis@valaisactif
Evanescent mountain lost in the fog. The Piz Bernina dominates the Engadine and the canton of Graubünden in #Switzerland. Summit is the most imposing of the Eastern Alps and rises to 4048 meters. To climb it, you will have to take the fabulous ridge of the #Biancograt, cross the Pizzo Bianco and then continue the #ascent by redoubling your efforts to finally reach the summit.I took this enchanting photograph in spring. That day, the storm, covering the mountain with snow as if it were pouring out its anger, was gradually fading. The clouds were slow to free the rocks from their vaporous grip. I had to wait for many hours before I could finally see, in the early afternoon, the silhouette of #summit on the horizon. The show lasted only a moment. Ephemeral magic of nature. Admiring and concentrated, I managed to immortalize the Piz Bernina, tearing for a few seconds the clouds before being again engulfed by the elements.In this portrait of Piz Bernina, I wanted to highlight the beauty of the mountain, timeless and unchanging, through abstraction. The summit is guessed more than it is revealed. It stirs the imagination and sets the spirits on fire. By its raw and limpid composition, the photography sublimates the pure and inflexible forms of this giant of the Swiss Alps. The clear and luminous tones invite contemplation and the appeasement of souls. An abstract photography to better reveal the essence of the mountain and touch the viewer in the heart.--------------------------------This artwork is available in limited edition--------------------------------#PizBernina#BerninaSummit#SwissMountain#MajesticPeak#PizBerninaViews#BerninaGlacier#AlpinePhotography#PeakExpedition#AlpsExploration#MountainClimbing@engadin.stmoritz@climbingmagazine@montagne_my_life@mountain_planet@earthoutdoors
We are here in the #Chablais massif, in France. The Mont de Grange faces us in all its splendor. Overlooking the famous resort of #Châtel, it culminates at 2432 meters of altitude. Emblematic mountain of the Portes du Soleil, it is the second highest summit of the Chablais after the Hauts-Forts.I took this picture one early winter morning, when the first rays of the sun were just touching the rocks. I always have a great pleasure to climb these medium mountain reliefs to reach summit. They offer me an exceptional point of view on the colossal massifs which reign in the surroundings and fascinate me so much. But it is always a challenge for me to succeed in highlighting the richness of these mountains, I who am irremediably attracted by the excessiveness of the high mountains. The picture is therefore rare and all the more precious.Through this work, I wished to pay homage to Grange Mountain. For a long time I looked for the angle of view that would allow me to sublimate its beauty. While seen from Châtel it seems very crushed, here it reveals all its grandeur. The play of light and shadow on its freshly snow-covered slopes accentuates the rigor of its features. Powerful and eternal, worthy of the highest summits, it seems to rise like a giant close to the heavens.The framing I chose also honors it. The Grange mountain rises here in the center of the picture, surrounded by the most remarkable summits of Haute-Savoie. On its left, the Aravis massif and its famous Pointe Percée tearing the sky and, on its right, the famous Grand Bargy. Thus united, they carry him to glory.-------------------------------This artwork is available in limited edition-------------------------------#ChablaisMassif#MontDeGrange#PortesDuSoleil#Winter#MountainClimbing#MediumMountain#PointOfView#MountainBeauty#HeavenlyViews#HauteSavoie#PointePercee@portesdusoleil@hautesavoieledepartement@chatel_officiel@reponsesphoto@earthofficial@voyaged@instagood@bestofthealps@french_alps@lesalpesfrancaises
Fulgurante beauty of the Mont-Blanc massif. On this square aerial photograph, the most famous #summits of the French Alps are revealed one by one. In the foreground, the Aiguille du Chardonnet, which I climbed by the Forbes ridge. Then, the Aiguille Verte accompanied by the Drus, magnificent. Finally, the Aiguilles de Chamonix and the Aiguille du Midi which lead the eye to the gigantic Mont Blanc. summit the highest in the Alps, it proudly stands at 4810 meters of #altitude. I had the chance to climb several of these summits, while the others are among the most difficult to climb. Fascinating mountains. Wild and inaccessible splendors dominating the valley ofChamonix, considered as the cradle of #mountaineering. The discipline is now inscribed by UNESCO on the list of intangible cultural heritage of humanity. These mountains evoke so many memories and it would take me more than a lifetime to carry out all the projects they inspire.I took this photograph by helicopter one spring morning. I studied the cartography of the region for a long time in order to find the perfect angle of view, atypical and powerful. On this day, the mountain is reborn after having faced the storm. The clouds go away to conquer other horizons. The snowy walls shine in the sun. Faced with such beauty, how can one not be transported! Beyond oneself and beyond the world.--------------------------------This artwork is available in limited edition--------------------------------#MontBlancMassif#FrenchAlps#AerialPhotography#MountainSummits#AiguilleDuChardonnet#AiguilleVerte#TheDrus#AiguillesDeChamonix#AiguilleDuMidi#MontBlanc#HighestSummit#ValleyOfChamonix#UNESCOHeritage#Contrasts@montblanc-nr@chamonixmontblanc@montblanclive@auvergerhonealpes.tourism@saintgervais_montblanc@refugedumontenvers@savoiemontblanc@passymontblanc@courmayeurmontblanc@montblancstories@climbingmagazine@earthoutdoors@earth_shotz@earthofficial@instagood@bestofthealps@french_alps@lesalpesfrancaises
I took this panoramic photograph in the Bernese region of #Switzerland (Oberland ). The celestial kingdom of the high mountains is revealed here at daybreak, when the first rays of the winter sun caress the rocks.The view is exceptional on the #summits of more than #4000 meters of altitude which counts the bernese alps. In the foreground you can see the Wetterhorn, one of the most famous mountains in the valley Grindelwald. Then the Eiger and its famous Mittellegi ridge which tears through the mist to burst into the light. On the left, the Finsteraarhorn, summit the highest of the Bernese Oberland , seems to dominate the world like a pyramid connecting earth and sky. The #Mönch, the #Schreckhorn and the #Lauteraarhorn are also part of the picture.The search balance is essential on this picture. The imposing Wetterhorn gives way in the background to the #Eiger and then to the majestic Finsteraarhorn. The sight of these stone giants wrapped in their clouds gives a feeling of serenity and eternity.--------------------------------This artwork is available in limited edition--------------------------------#BerneseAlps#Wetterhorn#EigerMittellegiRidge#Finsteraarhorn#MountainPeaks#TimelessAtmosphere#Mountain#EpicLandscapePhotography#BreathtakingViews#Serenity#MountainPhotographer#IncredibleBeauty#NatureEpic@bernese.oberland@grindelwald_eiger@gstaad_official@newlyswissed@visitswitzerland@myswitzerland@super_switzerland@best.mountain.artists
Here we are facing the Matterhorn, king of the #Valais Alps. This mythical #mountain of the Swiss Alps rises to 4478 meters above the valley of #Zermatt. The Matterhorn, freshly covered with snow, enjoys the calm of a late summer evening. Admiring its north face illuminated by the last rays of the sun is only possible in this season. The image is rare and all the more precious because the heat wave is progressively taking over from the summer precipitation, leaving little chance for summit to be dressed in white. This portrait of the Matterhorn, taken in 2017, becomes the testimony of an era that will soon be over.This magnificent photograph is the result of a long work of search. I had to find the perfect angle of view that would allow me to sublimate the exceptional power of the Matterhorn. It appears here like a natural pyramid, imposing and unchanging. The position of the mountain, the sequence of shots, the balance of the work, everything in this photographic portrait highlights the purity of this legendary, inaccessible and majestic mountain.The #Matterhorn has a special place in my art and in my heart. It inspires me deeply. From our first meetings, it has given me moments of absolute grace. The fascinating play of light giving life to its snowy walls, the unique dance of the clouds around its summit. Since then, I have never stopped walking around it to take the most beautiful photographs. An eternal ode to this giant of the #Alps, whose grandeur captured me at first sight.-------------------------------This artwork is available in limited edition-------------------------------#highmountains#4000#cervinia#matterhornphotography#cerviniaphotography#matterhornphotographer#SwissAlps#LastRaysofSun#LegendaryMountain#MountainPower#CapturingNature#EmbracingTheAlps#NatureInspiresArt#TimelessBeauty@valaiswallis@valaisactif@verbier@zermatt.matterhorn@zermatters@cerviniavalt@newlyswissed@visitswitzerland@myswitzerland@swissbook@super_switzerland@best.mountain.artists@bestofthealps
This photograph taken by helicopter offers a grandiose portrait of the #Fribourg Pre-Alps, located in #Switzerland. Our gaze plunges over the Vanils ridge, gliding over the Cape au Moine, the Vanil des Artses, the Dent de Lys and the Vanil Blanc. This astonishing journey leads us to the famous Moleson, from the heights of which we can enjoy a magnificent panorama of the entire #Alps.The work differs from the rest of my work because the low mountains play a central role. Their reliefs are softer and their vegetation more abundant. Trees replace the glaciers here. I wanted to retranscribe the grandeur of the highest summits thanks to the shear of light and shadow that adorns the edges of the foreground. The eye is thus guided through the #mountains to the imposing #Moleson.I also wanted to show the Pre-Alps in their most beautiful light. They rise above the clouds and the mist, emerging from a stream of foam like a heavenly island in the middle of the oceans. The sea joins the sky here, offering us this sublime and timeless landscape.--------------------------------This artwork is available in limited edition--------------------------------#FribourgPreAlps#SwissMountainBeauty#MajesticPanorama#MountainsOfSwitzerland#Peak#SheerOfLightAndShadow#GrandeurOfTheAlps#TimelessLandscape#AboveTheClouds#NatureParadise#SwissNatureWonder@fribourgch@charmey.ch@moleson_official@wilderness_culture@visitswitzerland@myswitzerland@swissbook@super_switzerland@best.mountain.artists
The Grandes Jorasses rise in the heart of the Mont-Blanc massif, in #France. Famous summit of more than 4000 meters of altitude, it challenges the greatest mountaineers to climb its north face. It is one of the most mythical north faces of the #Alps, along with the Matterhorn and Eiger. Their conquest has a special place in the fascinating history of #mountaineering.I made this lightning portrait of Grandes Jorasses in the spring, when summit was just recovering from a snow storm. To succeed in immortalizing the power of the mountain depends on many uncontrollable parameters whose mystery I am still trying to unravel. My only secret is perseverance: go back to summit, wait, try, fail and finally maybe one day succeed. It took me a long time to capture the beauty of this fragile moment. And, that day, luck was there. Shaken by the winds, the Grandes Jorasses boldly emerge from a sea of clouds. The wind blew away the fog while smoking the summit. The freshly deposited snow on the mountain brings a special texture to the rock. A fascinating silvery shine that lasts only for a moment, when the sun first illuminates this frosted ornament. The striking contrasts of the photograph reveal the unique personality of this legendary mountain. A portrait of a wild and authentic mountain, a witness of another world. This jewel of the Alps never ceases to move me as much as it amazes me.--------------------------------This artwork is available in limited edition--------------------------------#GrandesJorasses#MontBlancMassif#MountainPower#chamonix#montblanc#NorthFace#Mountaineering#AlpineMyth#SpringBeauty#MountainConquest#Perseverance#FragileMoment#SeaOfClouds#WindAndFog#Rockclimbing#Contrasts#WildMountain#AuthenticBeauty#Alpine#NatureInspiration@montblanc-nr@chamonixmontblanc@montblanclive@auvergerhonealpes.tourism@refugedumontenvers@savoiemontblanc@courmayeurmontblanc@montblancstories@outdoorphotomag@bestofthealps@french_alps@lesalpesfrancaises
This photograph puts us in front of Dents du Midi, mountain chain of the Valaisan Alps whose highest peak exceeds 3200 meters of altitude. The colossal silhouette of these summits is visible from the Vaud Riviera, in the region of Montreux, and from vaud alps, around Leysin and Villars-sur-Ollon, in Switzerland.The Dents du Midi were the witnesses of my first steps in the Swiss Alps, more than ten years ago. They have remained engraved in my mind and in my heart thanks to the strength they exude. Their beauty touches me in a special way and their form resonates within me to better attract me to them. I did this work in winter, in the early morning, when the mountain is emerging victorious from the assaults of a storm. The eastern peak is enjoying the first rays of the sun while in this season, the northern faces of summits are doomed to remain in the shade.It took me a long time to succeed in immortalizing these exceptional mountains. I searched for a long time for the perfect angle that would allow me to transmit their celestial power. Then I had to wait for the perfect moment when the clouds would take place at the right height. Some under the summits, highlighting the prodigious size of the latter, others on the ridges, offering the mountain an almost mystical scope. That day, I had the chance to witness this moment of grace, out of time, and which never ceases to intoxicate me. The play of light and the movement of the clouds give all its dimension to this brilliant portrait, which reveals with art the soul of Dents du Midi.--------------------------------This artwork is available in limited edition--------------------------------#DentsduMidi#ValaisAlps#SwissMountains#MountainBeauty#AlpineLandscapes#Montreux#VaudRiviera#Leysin#VillarsSurOllon#StormySkies#MysticalMountains#NatureInspiredArt#LightPlay#Cloud#MountainSoul#EpicLandscapes#TimelessBeauty@valaiswallis@valaisactif@visitmontreux@visitswitzerland@myswitzerland@swissbook@super_switzerland@best.mountain.artists
This photograph takes us to the heart of the Valais, in the region of Zermatt. The Breithorn, one of the most famous mountains of the Alps, stands proudly on the border between Switzerland and Italy. Thanks to the lifts installed nearby, on the Little Matterhorn, it is the summit alpine mountain of 4000 meters of altitude the easiest to climb. In the background, the two peaks of the Liskamm seem to touch the sky. In the background of the picture, the high summits of the Monte Rosa massif add depth to the picture.I made this enchanting work at daybreak. The mountain awakens adorned in white after the increasingly rare passage of a summer snowstorm. The clouds are torn apart to better highlight it. While many footsteps tread the Breithorn every day, I wanted to immortalize its purity. Immaculate and wild, it appears here in all its power.I like this work for the sensations it brings. Its gray and silver tone, quite different from the black and white usually present in my photographs, honors the brightness of the still fresh snow. The succession of the edges drawing the summits brings depth to this grandiose panorama which seems to lead us towards the infinite. The high mountain appears mysterious, beyond the world. It breathes through the work. The painting seems alive, the embodiment of a majestic and inaccessible nature that one would believe almost unreal. The numerous details of the ice cap of Breithorn make it real.-------------------------------This arwork is available in limited edition-------------------------------#Breithorn#ValaisRegion#Zermatt#SwissAlps#ItalianAlps#Liskamm#MonteRosaMassif#SummerSnowstorm#GrayAndSilverTones#MysteriousMountain#InaccessibleNature#BreithornTraverse#GiganticCrevasse#FragileBeauty@valaiswallis@valaisactif@wilderness_culture@visitswitzerland@montagne_my_life@mountain_planet
Light on my favorite mountains: the Matterhorn, which culminates at 4478 meters above the valley of #Zermatt, and the The Obergabelhorn, which dominates the val d’Anniviers from the top of its 4064 meters. The most beautiful summits of the Swiss Alps in one shot. Thanks to my telephoto lens, the mountains seem to be next to each other when in fact they are separated by several kilometers. The magic of the photograph highlights the difference in stature between the two summits. The Moming ridge stands out in the foreground while, in the shadows, the Arbengrat, the magnificent ridge of the The Obergabelhorn, is moving irrevocably towards the sky. In the background, the Matterhorn rises in majesty, supported by the Zmutt and Lion ridges.This work is the result of a real geometrical and artistic search . The perfect alignment of the planes brings depth to the photograph and presence to the Matterhorn. The play of light and shadow gives the painting an exceptional graphic quality. Nourished by the precision of the lines and the intensity of the palette, the work enjoys a perfect balance. That day, at that precise moment, I met the mountain under its most beautiful face. Pure and grandiose, a rough diamond in the middle of the sky, this is how I admire it and how I like to photograph it.--------------------------------This artwork is available in limited edition--------------------------------#Matterhorn#Obergabelhorn#SwissAlps#MountainBeauty#Alpine#GeometricArt#PlayOfLight#Graphic#Mountain#Pure#WoundedNature#Glacier#Mountaineering#climbing#Nature#MountainPhotographer#PreservingBeauty@valaiswallis@valaisactif@zermatt.matterhorn@zermatters@cerviniavalt@valdanniviers@climbingmagazine@alpenliebe_official@visitswitzerland@myswitzerland
Color portrait of the Finsteraarhorn, located at the junction of the Valais Alps and the bernese alps, in Switzerland. From its 4274 meters of altitude, it is the highest summit of the bernese alps. In the background, the Valais Alps emerge from the mist.I made this work one winter morning while the mountain was still facing the storm. When the clouds broke to reveal this mythical summit , I expected to see it covered in snow. But its rock was bare, stripped of its snowy mantle by the assaults of the wind. This is how I discovered the incredible beauty of its rocky walls. Usually seeking to immortalize the purity of the snow covering the mountain, I was amazed at the prodigious aesthetics of these rocks. A new day had dawned.This is why this photograph is so different from my other works. Here color takes precedence over black and white. This unique picture highlights the Finsteraarhorn like a treasure carved from precious materials. The monochrome tones bring softness to the picture. The powerful mountain finds here its serenity. The light blue of the sky contrasts with the orange yellow of the rocky summit . The delicacy and subtlety of the tones honors the timeless strength of this legendary mountain.The monumental power of the Finsteraarhorn that day also inspired me. Its eastern face is similar to the north face of the Grandes Jorasses in the Mont Blanc massif. Imposing and fascinating, the mountain dominates the bernese alps. It is without doubt one of the most beautiful summits of the Alps.--------------------------------This artwork is available in limited edition--------------------------------#Finsteraarhorn#SwissAlps#ValaisAlps#BerneseAlps#MountainBeauty#WinterMornings#RockyWalls#MountainPhotography#Summit#ColorfulLandscape#LegendaryMountain#PowerfulNature#EasternFace#MountainDominance#AlpineBeauty#NatureInspiration#MountainExplorer@bernese.oberland@valaiswallis@valaisactif@visitswitzerland@myswitzerland@swissbook@super_switzerland@best.mountain.artists
The north face of the The Obergabelhorn sits at more than 4060m at the bottom of the Val d'Anniviers, alongside the The Dent Blanche and the Zinalrothorn. This summit emblematic of the region is revealed through this picture in all its splendor and magnificence.This photograph is the first one I took of this perfect Valaisan pyramid. Taken on an autumn day in 2013, it brings back memories of a time when mountaineering was still for me a distant and unknown world, full of mysteries... a time of my life when the simple fact of observing the tiny black silhouettes, lost in the immensity of the white, of these conquerors of the useless rising valiantly towards their objective, aroused in me admiration and fascination. The presence of some clouds marrying the pure lines of the mountain seemed to me then of an incredible poetic power: vision of a perfect communion between sky and earth. A transcendent scene for the photographer; a distressing signal of the necessary return for the seasoned mountaineer: when the skies are troubled, Men leave the kingdom of the Gods.It was when I later made this ascent that the mountain finally revealed itself in all its forms. What isThe The Obergabelhorn? sharp, graphic stripes; pure, uncompromising lines; steep crests; a mystical and bewitching immaculate white north face that rises powerfully towards the heavens, contrasting with the black abysses of the rocky ridges.Since then, the mountain has changed, quickly. The conditions are no longer the same. The hanging glaciers and seracs have almost disappeared; a few black rocks have finally pierced the white armor of the face, the ice melting irremediably.--------------------------------This artwork is available in limited edition--------------------------------#Obergabelhorn#ValdAnniviers#AutumnDay#Mountaineering#PoeticPower#SkyAndEarth#NorthFace#GraphicStripes#ContrastingColors#OutdoorPhotography@valaiswallis@valaisactif@newlyswissed@natgeofr@outdoorgomag@montagne_my_life@mountain_planet
This panoramic photograph shows the Eiger, the Mönch and the Jungfrau, three mythical mountains of the region of Grindelwald in the bernese alps, in Switzerland. First ramparts of the stormy waves coming from the north, they are often put to the test by the elements.I made this work in the middle of winter, while the last storm was raging. The clouds and the wind were still very present around summits. I named it Castle in the Sky because the mountain emerges from a sea of clouds like a monumental fortress dominating the world to reach the stars. I love the atmosphere that emerges from this celestial painting. The moment is rare and all the more moving. In photographing this exceptional panorama, I wanted to convey the power and grandeur of these fabulous Alpine summits while ensuring the softness of the contrasts. The more the years go by, the more I try to combine strength and delicacy. The challenge is great, but I believe that this is what makes the beauty of the work. To highlight the unchanging splendor of the high mountains while respecting their profound nature.---------------------------------This artwork is available in limited edition---------------------------------#EigerMountain#MönchMountain#JungfrauMountain#GrindelwaldRegion#BerneseAlps#SeaOfClouds#MonumentalFortress#RareMoment#AlpineSummits#HighMountainBeauty#NaturePhotography#LandscapeArt@grindelwald_eiger@grindelwaldfirst@bernese.oberland@jungrauregion@jungfraujochtopofeurope@bbcwildlifemagazine@mountain_planet
Portrait of the majestic Matterhorn, emblematic mountain of the Swiss Alps. With its pyramidal shape, it dominates the valley of Zermatt, in the canton of Valais. The ascent of this mythical mountain in 1865 marked the history. Considered as inaccessible, its conquest, which led to the death of a dozen men, is considered as one of the last great feats of mountaineering.I took this picture of the most beautiful summit of the Alps in summer. When precipitation was announced, I spent the night in the tent, hoping to discover the Matterhorn adorned with fresh snow at daybreak. The next day, the elements had granted my wish. I was faced with a challenge: to succeed in crystallizing the movement of the clouds floating around the summit. To meet this challenge, I chose to use a black filter that allowed me to obtain a longer exposure time, as if I were shooting at night. I had to take many shots before I got the perfect image. A work where the movement of the clouds crosses the Matterhorn, twirling against its eastern face before moving away to other horizons.--------------------------------This artwork is available in limited edition--------------------------------#MajesticMatterhorn#SwissAlps#ZermattValley#Valais#MountaineeringHistory#MountainConquest#SummerMountain#CloudMovement#LandscapePhotography#OutdoorAdventure#TravelSwitzerland@valaiswallis@valaisactif@zermatt.matterhorn@zermatters@cerviniavalt@newlyswissed@visitswitzerland@myswitzerland
The Mönch makes a celestial appearance on this photograph taken in ultra high definition. The precision of the details highlights the incredible beauty of this high summit. We are in the bernese alps, on the heights of Grindelwald. Culminating at 4110 meters of altitude, the Mönch is next to the famous mountains Eiger and Jungfrau, forming an impressive triptych of rock and ice.I made this work by helicopter in 2022, after an autumn storm had deposited the first snow of the season on summit . In full flight, I saw the clouds moving to surround the Mönch. Suddenly, this mythical summit seemed to emerge from a sea of clouds to reach the sky. I immediately asked the pilot to position himself so that I could immortalize this celestial vision of unbelievable power.-------------------------------This artwork is available in limited edition-------------------------------#CelestialMönch#HighSummitBeauty#BerneseAlps#Grindelwald#RockAndIce#Mönch#Alpine#Summit#Snowstorm#MistAndSnowAdventure#Popular4000mPeak@bernese.oberland@rockansicemag@best.mountain.artists@mountain_planet@earthoutdoors@bestofthealps@voyaged
This magnificent panoramic photograph gathers the most famous summits of 4000 meters of the Valaisan Alps, in Switzerland. Seen from the Val d'Hérens, the Matterhorn stands out from the landscape like an immense pyramid of rock and ice in the heart of a natural fortress. The Zmutt ridge, difficult to climb, is highlighted here. On the right, the Lion ridge allows access to summit of the famous colossus from Cervinia, Italy. In the background, the high mountains of the Monte Rosa massif, real defensive towers, seem to protect the king Matterhorn. On the right, the The The Dent d'Hérens stands out from the painting. Finally, in the foreground, the Tête Blanche is revealed, the last summit of the high road that links Chamonix to Zermatt via the glaciers.Seen from the west, the Matterhorn reveals its least known and yet most aesthetic profile. There is no way to reach this viewpoint easily, no ski lift, no village nearby. Raw and solitary, the mountain distances itself from our world. Each of the summits present on this panorama is a jewel that must be earned. To reach such altitudes, a first day of approach is necessary. It is only on the second day that the meeting can take place. The Tête Blanche, the The The Dent d'Hérens, the Castor, the Dufourspitze, the Nordend and of course the Matterhorn display their infinite presence in the heart of the wild Alps. This is what I like so much about this work. The beauty of a celestial universe, pure and intense, where nature is king.(The sides of the photography are cut due to the Instagram format)--------------------------------This artwork is available in limited edition--------------------------------#ValaisanAlps#Switzerland#panoramicview#Matterhorn#MonteRosa#DentdHérens#TêteBlanche#highmountains#glacier#Alpinebeauty#mountainlife#landscapephotography#adventureawaits#mountainview#alpinelandscape#mountainvibes#mountaineering#wildernessculture#majestic#summit#mountainbeauty@zermatt.matterhorn@zermatters@cerviniavalt
This vertical photograph highlights two mythical summits of the famous Mont-Blanc massif, in France. In the foreground, the Aiguille des Drus is one of the most difficult high mountains of the Alps to climb. Behind it, the Aiguille verte stands majestically at an altitude of 4122 meters. A perfect pyramid that seems to touch the sky, it seems inaccessible to man. Admiring these rock legends, which have played a major role in the history of mountaineering, always gives me an intense emotion.Illuminated by a late afternoon sun, the two snow-plastered spires pierce the clouds. In this work, I wanted to emphasize the lightning verticality of the stone spires. Their purity is also underlined by the beauty of their snowy coat. They adopt this Himalayan profile only a few days a year. For this, the storm that covers their walls with snow must be followed by particular conditions of humidity and wind that allow the flakes to remain attached to summits. The moment is fleeting because the sun, as soon as it appears, melts the snow and the rock reappears. The highlight of the picture is when the clouds cross the sky when it clears. To achieve such a spectacular work requires me to study the weather every day. When a favorable window of opportunity appears, I follow the evolution of the conditions hour by hour in order to estimate as precisely as possible the right moment to take the picture. I took this grandiose portrait of the Aiguille verte and the Drus by helicopter. This spectacular angle, which gives all its verticality to summits, cannot be obtained from the ground. I was exceptionally lucky to be able to fly through the storm, between the clouds, in order to be able to present this masterful work to you today.(the bottom of the illustration is cut off because of the Instagram format)---------------------------------This artwork is available in limited edition---------------------------------#MontBlanc#AiguilledesDrus#Aiguilleverte#mountainphotography#FrenchAlps#chamonix#alpinebeauty#mountainlife#landscapephotography#mountainview@montblanc-nr@chamonixmontblanc@refugedumontenvers@french_alps@lesalpesfrancaises
Majestic portrait of the famous The Matterhorn, which stands at 4478 meters in the heart of the Valais Alps, in Switzerland. We are in winter, at sunrise. I took this photograph during the few days a year when the sun's rays only illuminate the eastern face of summit, without touching its northern face or its glaciers. The work symbolizes the life that resumes after the night. The #Matterhorn emerges from the shadows in its best form, a perfect shape that matches its legendary charisma.There is a real search of aestheticism in this work. It highlights the Hörnli ridge, the normal route to reach the Matterhorn summit . It was the first route opened by Edward Whymper, who climbed it in 1865. On the right, emerging from the half-light, the Zmutt ridge draws the back legs of the sphinx from which the Matterhorn likes to take the appearance according to the point of view from which we observe it.To succeed in photographing this exceptional moment, it took me seven years of incessant tracking. At each important snowfall, I went up to the heights of #Zermatt to wait for the sunrise. Then the conditions had to be right: snow that held to the rock, a pure and cloudless sky, a play of light that highlighted the beauty of the mountain's forms. I chased the Matterhorn, this mythical animal that I admire infinitely, for years before it appeared as I had imagined it. This incredible moment finally happened in 2020. A celestial creature emerging from the shadows, adorned in its most beautiful finery, I succeeded in capturing its beauty, for the greatest pleasure of your eyes.--------------------------------------------This artwork is available in limited edition--------------------------------------------#ValaisAlps#Switzerland#mountainphotography#sunrise#alpinebeauty #landscapephotography#mountainview#alpinelandscape#glacier#naturephotography#mountainclimbing#mountaineering@zermatt.matterhorn@zermatters@valaisswallis@myswitzerland@best.mountain.artists
The Biancograt is one of the mythical ridges of the Swiss Alps; it is also one of the most aesthetic in the canton of Graubünden.After a long and meditative approach walk, the climbers take it, like balancing act, to reach, first of all, the summit of the Pizzo Bianco (3993m), whose immaculate white mixes here with impetuous clouds, giving the impression of treading a universe at the border between the earth and the sky. Then, it is the final walk towards the Piz Bernina (4048m), only 4000 of the chain of the same name. Here, it appears discreetly, piercing the clouds.This photo touches me for several reasons.It is one of those bewitching and mystical pictures, those that invite us to dream. I had to wait a while before I could capture this moment. Everything is there: the smoking ridge, just emerging from a spring storm; the contrast between the sparkling ice and the black rocks; the epiphany of Piz Bernina; the ternary rhythm between Biancograt, Pizzo Bianco and Piz Bernina.For me, this ridge is like a celestial or sacred path; a path whose existence is not eternal, however, as global warming continues its ineluctable work. In several decades, I fear that this photograph will become one of the last testimonies of a ridge that was once still covered by ice. The mountain changes, the summits transforms, the pure lines alter... and me up there, who am I? a photographer of chaos, a hunter of truth.---------------------------------------------This artwork is available in limited edition---------------------------------------------#Biancograt#SwissAlps#Graubünde #mountainlove#summit#PizzoBianco#PizBernina#mountainphotography#alpinebeauty#landscapephotography#outdoorphotography#mountainview#alpinelandscape#glacier#naturephotography#mountainclimbing@myswitzerland@best.mountain.artists
Here we are in front of The Dent Blanche, queen of the Alps, emblematic mountain of the Val d'Hérens, in Switzerland. On the left, the Monte Rosa massif rises, with the Dufourspitze and the Nordend, while the valiant Matterhorn appears on the right of the photograph. Surrounding the summit, they bring depth and balance to the picture. I took this portrait on an autumn afternoon, when the first snow had just covered the summits. It is 2022 and the high mountains are just recovering from a terribly hot summer. While taking this photograph, I discovered a transformed landscape. The glacier of the The Dent Blanche presents me its new crevasses as many traces of the sufferings undergone during the last months. Testimony of a living mountain which evolves inexorably. The movement of nature is also materialized by the cloud that clings to the summit, evoking the breath of the winds in the high mountains. The autumn light is unique and reveals the beauty of The Dent Blanche with interesting contrasts, both soft and deep. I love the shadow cast by the mountain on its glacier. I was very lucky to be present at the very moment when the sun broke through the clouds, giving the work an exceptional dimension. With its unparalleled grace, its pyramidal silhouette and its royal scale, the The Dent Blanche is worthy of the most beautiful Himalayan summits . And I dedicate my work to transmit this image of the high mountain, powerful and sumptuous. (Bottom of the work is cut off due to Instagram format)----------------------------------------------This work is available in limited edition -----------------------------------------------#valdherens #heremence #lasage #arolla #matterhorn #evolene @zermatters @valaiswallis @evoleneregion_arolla#switzerland #swiss #swissalps #swissmountains #swisstravel #swisstourism #swisspictures #swissphotographer #myswitzerland #swissart #alpessuisse #visitswitzerland #inlovewithswitzerland #switzerlandwonderland #switzerlandpictures@alpenliebe_official@visitswitzerland@myswitzerland@swissbook@super_switzerland
Greatness, purity, beauty and immortality. This is what this magnificent photograph inspires me. It is an ode to the Biancograt, famous ridge of the Alps that passes by the Pizzo Bianco to lead to the summit of the Piz Bernina. The latter, which rises to 4048 meters above sea level, is the highest summit of the Bernina massif, in Switzerland. I really like the angle captured by my lens, which puts us perfectly in front of the mythical Biancograt. Its ascent is deserved and every mountaineer dreams to climb it one day. It seems all-powerful on this photograph whereas it is today threatened by the consequences of the global warming. How long will it continue to be the joy of climbers? This alpine jewel as we know it is unfortunately doomed to disappear, like many of the snowy summits that make the splendor of the Alps. Over time, I realized that the mountain offers me to see a new part of itself with each of my trips. It inspires me and reveals a different face every day. Depending on the light, the weather conditions and the season. Transmitting the grandeur of the high mountains in my work therefore takes the form of an insatiable and eternal personal quest. My photographic works are a reflection of myself. When I started out, I felt a compelling need to convey the power of the mountains through powerful contrasts. Now, with experience, after having given myself body and soul to the alpine kingdom, my search has evolved along with my personality. My relationship with the mountain has changed just as my personal history has made me grow. I now prefer the softness of the contrasts to retranscribe the power of the high summits. The challenge is great and terribly exciting because it is to create an alchemy between softness and power, two notions that seem to oppose each other, to better highlight the incredible beauty of the high mountains. This work is available in limited edition #engadin #saintmoritz@engadinmountains #schweiz @corvatsch_diavolezza_lagalb @graubuenden @engadinmountains @engadin.stmoritz
Spectacular view of the Mont-Blanc massif from the heights of Emosson, in the Swiss Alps. This very beautiful black and white photograph highlights many summits of the French Alps. On the left, the Aiguilles of Chamonix are outlined: the Aiguilles du Grépon, Blaitière, du Plan and the famous Aiguille du Midi. Then we admire the Three Mounts: the Mont-Blanc du Tacul, the Mont Maudit and the Mont Blanc. The Mont Blanc of Courmayeur can be seen from Italy. If we continue our crossing, the ridge leads us to the Deux Bosses and the Vallot refuge. Then we descend to the Dôme du Goûter and the refuge of the same name. Behind the Aiguille du Goûter, appears the mythical and sharp ridge of Bionnassay. Finally, in the foreground, the Aiguilles Rouges massif rises in the darkness. It contrasts with the infinite whiteness of the Mont-Blanc massif, just adorned with snow. To create this work, I went up to summit de Bel Oiseau. At nightfall, I set my camera to a long exposure time to capture the last rays of the sun on the snowy walls. It was bitterly cold, and as I waited to see the mountain reveal itself, my hands gradually froze. After having immortalized the beauty of summits, I took refuge in my tent, sheltered from the wind, to try to warm up until the early morning. I keep a marvelous memory of the show that nature offered me in this autumn evening. After a strong storm, the afterglow that illuminates the sky reflects on the walls and the freshly snowed glaciers of the Mont-Blanc massif. It makes summits shine like diamonds and sublimates their legendary grandeur. The movement of the clouds endows the painting with a remarkable dreamlike intensity. Adventurous travelers, we contemplate the Himalayan mountain emerging from the mist, charismatic and bewitching. This work is available in limited edition #limitedprint #fineart #alpinephotography #blackandwhite #mountain #alpsmountains #massifdumontblanc@megeve_official @montblanc-nr @chamonixmontblanc#emosson@verticalpemosson@lac_emosson_tourism
The Cime de l'Est, culminating at 3178 meters above Champéry, in the Val d'Illiez. It is one of the seven summits of more than 3000 meters of altitude constituting the massif of Dents du Midi. This jewel of the Valais Alps has become the emblem of the Portes du Soleil ski area. These mountains fascinate me. Very present in the Swiss panorama, I cannot escape them. They impregnate my art as they haunt my thoughts. I took this photograph from the heights of Evonniaz, in the Rhone Valley. From Montreux, the Dents du Midi seem to be aligned whereas here we discover that they form an arc of circle. Rocky enclosure dominating the horizon. Behind the Cime de l'Est stands the Haute Cime. With its 3257 meters, it is the highest summit of the massif. We are in winter. After having fought against the storm, the summits wake up, stronger than ever. The Teeth, still smoking, come out of the mist, devouring the sky with ardor. The first rays of the sun illuminate their freshly snowed walls. An ephemeral sweetness of life in the heart of an implacable and wild nature. In this vertiginous portrait of the Cime de l'Est, I wanted to highlight the absolute verticality of its eastern face, a veritable precipice 750 meters high. Its excessiveness gives it an air of the Matterhorn, king of the Swiss Alps. Our eye wavers in front of such immensity. If man were to appear on the photograph as a landmark in the middle of the picture, he would only be a point lost in the middle of the rocks, so monumental is the wall. This epic journey to meet the mountain is carried by the power of the lines and the elegance of the play of lights. This is how, through my art, I manage to reveal the deep and unchanging soul of a mountain that never ceases to intoxicate me. This work is available in limited edition #dentsdumidi #portesdusoleil #champery #valdilliez #morgins #troistorrents #cimedelest #hautecime #7peaks #wintwe #swissaples #mountain #alpsmountains @montreuxriviera @visitmontreux @regiondentsdumidi @portesdusoleil @myswitzerland

Monumental Black & White Fine Alpine Photography

Notice of Purchasers

A magical vista for mountain lovers

By Ève

Passionate about the mountains, in love with black-and-white photography, the images created by Thomas Crauwels can only seduce us. The purity of the lines, the simply unique viewpoints, the photographic work carried out by Thomas and the exceptional quality of prints make them works of art. From initial contact at the mountain show to home delivery, Thomas offers a highly professional service. We enjoy this magical view every day! Ève M.

We enjoy it every day!

By Corinne & Werner

As former inhabitants of Zermatt, it's hard to forget the Matterhorn, even in a new environment of mountains and nature.
We discovered this large photo of the Matterhorn in a gallery, so strong and intense, it was impossible to forget it........
It became obvious that it should adorn our new apartment as a centerpiece.
What's more, we had a very sympathetic contact with the artist, who came himself to deliver his work.
It's very appreciable and adds a dimension to the object, to know its creator, his passion, the conditions under which it was taken.
The texture of the photo resembles a painting, the lights play on it, Next the hours. It seems alive. A real daily pleasure!
Corinne & Werner

We were bowled over!

By Gabriella & Gilles

My wife and I are amazed at the quality of print and the rendering of this magnificent photo. We waited many years before putting a picture on this empty wall
because we had never "flashed" on a work. Now we've found it, and it fits in perfectly at the entrance to our apartment.
What's more, it depicts 3 summits that are particularly close to our hearts: the Weisshorn, The Dent Blanche and the Matterhorn, a real symbol...

We would like to thank you again for your impeccable service (rapid response to enquiries, hyper-realistic projection of the work on the preliminary photos of the wall).
In short, we have nothing to complain about and look forward to seeing you at a vernissage.
Gabriella et Gilles

An incredible print

By Quentin

Thomas quickly answered all our questions, confirming our desire to acquire one of his photographs. Once we had received print , it found its perfect place in our living room, where it has since opened up an unrivalled window onto the magnificent horizons of the Matterhorn, Weisshorn and Dent-Blanche. The quality of print on the contemporary support is truly exceptional, allowing us to enjoy every detail of the photograph.
Quentin D.

Fine Alpine Photography