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Contemplate the splendors of the Alps through works that reveal moments of truth and natural grandeur, revealing the striking beauty and soul of these timeless mountains.

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History of Mountain Photography
History of the Alps, Photographs of the Alps

A History of Mountain Photography

The relationship between photography and the mountains goes back almost as far as the invention of the former: as early as 1844, the French government commissioned two scientists, Bravais and Martens, to investigate the possibility of photographing in hostile environments, and chose to send them to Chamonix. Joseph-Philibert Girault de Pranget (1804-1892) and John Ruskin (1819-1900) were pioneers in this respect, and the latter boasted of having taken the first photograph of the Matterhorn (or indeed of any mountain) in August 1849. But it also met with rapid success: the general public ...
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Splendid panorama of Swiss mountains
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Where to buy in Switzerland splendid mountain photos?

Are you fascinated by the mountains and would you like to have some beautiful images of them in your home to enjoy all year round? In Switzerland, you can find magnificent photos of the majestic summits of the Alps that will dress up your home with taste. As a photographer in Switzerland specializing in mountain photos, I roam the Alps all year round in search of special images to offer you. Unique images in prints limited edition The unique eye of a Swiss photographer Each of my photos is taken with the aim of bringing out the majesty of the mountains in a magical, almost mystical atmosphere That moment, just after the storm, ...
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Professional mountain photographer
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Advantages of choosing a professional mountain photographer to keep an unforgettable moment

You're passionate about the mountains, love exploring them on expeditions, and always try to bring back beautiful images from your excursions. But you're having trouble bringing back photos from your outings that live up to your expectations. Between exposure, framing, the moment captured, etc., taking a photo that does justice to the beauty of the moment is no easy task. So opting for a shot by a professional photographer can be the solution to living and reliving the magic of the moment to the full. 1. A unique moment immortalized A professional photographer goes ...
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8 tips for photographing the mountain
Art de Vivre, Photographs of the Alps

8 tips to immortalize a splendid moment in the mountains

You're a mountain lover and you'd like to know how to immortalize the most beautiful moments. But it's not easy to capture all the beauty of nature, especially mountain landscapes, and you're often disappointed when you look at your photos, because they don't reflect the magical moment you've experienced. What you need to know is that it's not enough to have a high-performance camera to take beautiful shots; the magic of a photo comes from more than just technique. Here are 8 tips for ...
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Photo framing in a mountain chalet
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A quality photo and framing to match the ambiance of your cottage

You've carefully chosen every element that furnishes and decorates your chalet, according to the mood you want to create. You'd like to complete your decoration with a beautiful frame photo, a unique work of art that will personalize your interior and convey an emotion to your visitors. I'll put all my expertise as a professional mountain photographer to work for you, offering quality photos and framing to match the ambience of your chalet, whatever it may be. A top-quality photo to enhance your interior Specific know-how A beautiful mountain photo doesn't just happen ...
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Discover Thomas Crauwels

Modern romantic artist, Thomas Crauwels has a recognized and distinctive style that has won numerous Swiss and international awards.
Between Beauty, Majesty and Purity : Thomas Crauwels invites us on a grandiose, authentic journey to meet the giants of snow and ice that have moved him. A conduit for emotions, halfway between two worlds: his works elevate us.
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