Unique edition

Discover moments of pure majesty with the Unique Edition of Thomas Crauwels capturing moments when the splendor of the Alps is revealed in all its intimacy.
A celestial moment, ephemeral yet eternal, exclusively yours.

Unique works
Recent works
artwork Photograph of Mönch and Jungfrau.
100`000.00 CHF
Doldenhorn - Summit of the bernese alps in black and white
120`000.00 CHF

Prestige Edition

The Prestige Edition, limited to 3 to 10 pieces per work, represents the excellence of the art of Thomas Crauwels.
Each work is a promise of exclusivity and refinement, designed for the most demanding art collectors.

Prestige works
Prestige editions

Edition Prestige 3

Works limited to 3 prints

From CHF 50,000.00

Edition Prestige 5

Works limited to 5 prints

From CHF 30,000.00
Pictures of mont blanc in france - black and white Mountain and Mont Blanc photo in  in a sea of ​​hazy clouds

Edition Prestige 7

Works limited to 7 prints

From CHF 23,000.00

Edition Prestige 10

Works limited to 10 prints

From CHF 15,000.00

Limited Edition

Explore the works of Thomas Crauwels
Each carefully numbered print immortalizes the timeless beauty of mountain landscapes, offering collectors an eternal fragment of the world above.

Recent works


Invite Thomas Crauwels to interpret your personal vision through a custom-made work.

Your Bespoke Heritage Of Above - Enjoy a unique experience with Thomas Crauwels


Embark on a tailor-made adventure with Thomas Crauwels to create together an exclusive artistic piece, reflecting your quest and your alpine heritage.


Published by Thomas Crauwels

The art books from Thomas Crauwels are a deep immersion into the world of mountain photography.

Through its pages, travel to the heart of alpine landscapes and discover the visual stories captured by the lens of a master photographer.

large-format mountain photo book
Limited edition of 4,500
82.00 CHF
Alpine Legacy: the heritage of the Alps in a limited edition, by Thomas Crauwels
Limited edition of 1'250
150.00 CHF

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