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decoration apartment contemporary zurich mountain photo black and white large format

Opting for a picture of a mountain in winter as a decorative wall painting is often a meaningful choice. An interior decoration with a print black and white art design is a matter of choice. Benjamin wished to bring the mountainous landscape of the Valais into the decoration of his modern apartment, to find at home a little of this nature that he loves so much.

A large format mountain photo as a decorative wall frame

The mountain is nature in its raw state. As powerful as it is fascinating. So when Benjamin, originally from Nendaz in the Valais, moved to Zürich, in a very urban environment, he needed the presence of his mountains in his interior. Very admiring of my work, because according to him, it perfectly highlights the Alps, especially thanks to the atmosphere of my black and white mountain photos, Benjamin chose a mountain panorama representing the Imperial Crown of Zinal.

Naturally attached to the Valaisan landscape and its reliefs, Benjamin is rather active and sporty. Passionate about skiing in winter, hiking or biking in summer, he also practices paragliding. His admiration for the highest summits of the Swiss Alps explains his choice of a design wall decoration representing the Imperial Crown. These 5 summits of more than 4 000 m of altitude form a real belt including: the Weisshorn, the Zinalrothorn, the Ober Gabelhorn, the Matterhorn and the The Dent Blanche.

Beyond its decorative aspect, this art photo in print limited reminds him daily of his many past and future memories in the Swiss Alps. Because climbing the majestic 4,000 meter peaks of the Imperial Crown is a passion, Benjamin needed to "find a piece of this environment, like a part of himself" in the decoration of his trendy dining room. "It represents a more personal and family memory, because as we know, the mountain as beautiful as it is, will always remain superior to man. It will always have the last word, whether we like it or not.

How to make a success of your interior decoration?

It is not always necessary to call an interior decorator to decorate the living room of your apartment. A large black and white mountain photo can be enough to decorate a modern living room or a dining room.

Here, the frame photo of 50×200 cm is the only decorative design object in the room. Without frame visible, this photo frame reference "contemporary" enhances the print on art paper. Mounted on a 3mm thick aluminum plate, it is detached from the wall thanks to an aluminum support placed on the back of the photo frame. Majestic, this image of mountain of the Imperial Crown imposes all its sovereignty and its unique beauty.

Among the rules to respect to make a success of your interior decoration, the choice of colors is of course important. Three colors maximum are recommended. Here, black, wood and red contribute to bring out this black & white mountain photo.

Lighting is also an important element. In his dining room, Benjamin opted for a contemporary hanging lamp with 6 Scandinavian-style bulbs, diffusing a soft light. Finally, not to overload the room is a tip that Benjamin also put into practice, in this living room where he likes to receive his friends and family. The latter will not be disoriented by discovering this frame photo sublimating their dear Valaisan mountains.

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