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interior decoration mountain chalet at Zermatt - large size mountain photo

Direction the heart of the Alps, at the foot of the mythical Matterhorn. It is at Zermatt, in his chalet with a chic and cosy mountain decor, that Mario welcomes us. On the advice of his interior decorator, the 5 large-format mountain photos that had seduced him during an exhibition, have taken place in the chalet. Guided tour.

Originally from Zermatt, Mario, the owner of this luxurious wooden chalet, loves his ski resort. He was born here and spent the best years of his life here. In love with his mountains, he will never tire of the unique view of the Matterhorn. An exceptional view that he also wanted to appreciate in the interior design of his authentic and spacious chalet.

The centerpiece of this wooden chalet is a photo frame of 150×450 cm was custom made for the place. This print art is the largest printable photo format in one piece. It is a panoramic photograph of the Matterhorn, the Weisshorn and the The Dent Blanche. The most beautiful summits of the Alps are here for your viewing pleasure. And if they can be seen through the glass railing of the mezzanine, above the imposing ring of light, it is to stimulate the desire to go up and discover them. With this sumptuous photo of art in print limited , the winter atmosphere prevails in any season.

interior decoration mountain chalet at Zermatt - large size mountain photo
Large format panoramic photo 150x450cm

And then the visit continues. The decoration of the chalet includes another frame wall decoration at the entrance. This picture of a mountain panorama of the Zinalrothorn, the Matterhorn and theThe Obergabelhorn is very appreciated for its search alignment of the summits. As with the very large panorama Previous, the interior designer recommended a black Prestance frame as a decorative wallframe . The black frame perfectly highlights the print photo on a white or stone wall.

wall decoration mountain chalet stone wall
Mountain photo 100x200cm representing the mountains of Zermatt

Three other photo boards have found their place on the landings leading to the night spaces.

One of them is the impressive photograph of the Aiguille des Deux Aigles at Chamonix. Entirely frosted, its summit appears in an almost mystical atmosphere. A wall decoration at the entrance of an adult room whose silver-colored frame stands out particularly well on these warm-toned wall woodwork.

Swiss mountain chalet wall decoration - how to decorate my mountain chalet
Large size mountain photo (100x150cm) with white frame

Special mention for the photograph of Castor and Pollux, the illustrious summits of Zermatt. With its velvety appearance, captured after a snowfall, this image of a mountain in winter is one of my award-winning works for which Mario fell in love.

interior decoration chalet mountain cosy wall in larch from the Valais - frame photo mountain large format
Photograph of summits of Zermatt : Castor & Pollux in 100x150cm format

The last black and white mountain photo that we discover is the one of the Matterhorn and the The Dent d'Hérens, with the Tête Blanche in the foreground. This is the last step of the high road between Chamonix and Zermatt... and the end of the trip for us too.

luxury mountain chalet decoration swiss alps
Panoramic photo of high mountain. View on Tête Blanche, the Matterhorn and The Dent d'Hérens in 100x200cm format

What interior design for this luxury chalet?

The materials and the high-end decorative objects were privileged and mixed in this chalet of Zermatt. Wood and stone alternate with white walls. The floors are tiled with large slate gray tiles. Numerous lighting fixtures are recessed in the ceilings. Everything contributes to the harmony in the interior decoration of this chalet. This mountain atmosphere is punctuated by design elements, like these black and white mountain pictures. Because thechalet spirit also includes personalized wall decorations that reflect the tastes and history of the owners.

Between tradition and modernity, the most remarkable thing about Mario's chalet is that the luxury is not ostentatious. The refined and cocooning style gives an immediate impression of well-being. And the interior decoration, associated with the soul of the place, strongly contributes to it.

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