Wall decoration of a dining room in Geneva

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Wall decoration of a dining room - large size mountain picture

It was during the Mountain Show in Geneva Palexpo, that Eve and Pierre-Yves discovered my work as a mountain photographer. On this occasion, an exhibition of my photos was organized. Seduced by the viewpoints and the purity of the lines, they came back... one year later.

A frame mountain photo to decorate your apartment

Acquiring a fine art photo at print limited is rarely an impulse purchase. It takes time for the future owners to make the right choice, and then to become familiar with the framed photo. Especially if it is intended for the decoration of a modern living room open to the dining room. The photograph then becomes a central element of the house, and will be an integral part of the life of a family.

After careful consideration, Eve and Pierre-Yves decided to commission a photograph of the Matterhorn for their apartment in Geneva.Obergabelhorn. For these two mountain enthusiasts and lovers of black-and-white photography, the choice was difficult. In the end, the play of light on the two most beautiful summits in the Alps won out over their hesitation. As Eve points out :

" We enjoy this magical view on a daily basis.

How to choose the ideal size and frame for your photo?

For the decoration of their trendy dining room, it is the 120×120 cm painting that Eve and Pierre-Yves chose. Only 3 prints of this art photo were made in this original square format. The exceptional quality of the pigment printing gives them an excellent resistance in time. And as for any work of art, the prints are signed by the artist and delivered with a certificate of authenticity.

This large black and white painting is positioned on a charcoal gray wall, at the back of the room. In perfect harmony with the black tabletop and white chairs, it has been centered in relation to the dining room table, and placed relatively high. Its square dimensions give the impression of a higher than normal ceiling height.

The choice of " contemporary " framing for a mountain image is perfectly suited to the decoration of a modern apartment. Slightly offset from the wall thanks to a non-visible aluminum frame, the frame photo of the Matterhorn andObergabelhorn appears to float, giving added depth to the photograph. The design aspect of the picture is warmed up by the oak parquet flooring Light, as are the table legs.

A spotlight fixed to the ceiling brings a light directed on the frame photo. This light source should preferably be white, so as not to distort the colors of the photograph.

A personalized service until the installation

From the first contact at the Mountain Show, to the home delivery, a professional and customized service was offered to Eve and Pierre-Yves. Advice on interior design can also be provided. Indeed, for deliveries in Switzerland, I can come on site to help you hang your painting.

For international shipments, photo frames are delivered in 5 to 15 days. Fast and secure, the transport of the works is insured in case of damage. This is an additional guarantee of professionalism and quality that is greatly appreciated by my clients.

Decoration trend book

Among the timeless, the color black and natural wood material. They contribute to create an atmosphere combining elegance and design. Eve and Pierre-Yves' dining room is both refined, aesthetic and relaxing. A soothing decor when you live in the heart of the city.

In addition, black and white photos for interior decoration is a trend that is also in line with the times. To have a personalized interior, all the details are important. Leaving empty walls removes all conviviality to your apartment or house. So, to give a soul to your "home sweet home", there is nothing like a picture chosen with your heart. A picture that looks like you, expressing your values, your interests or your passions. A work that tells a story... a part of your story.

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