print large format of Dents du Midi for an apartment in the Canton of Vaud

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large format panoramic photo -Panorama Dents du Midi as wall decoration

Nicolas and his partner wanted to integrate a photo of a mountain landscape into their interior design project when they decided to renovate their living space. Living in the Canton of Vaud, they were looking for a panoramic view of the Dents du Midi, as it can be admired from Vevey or Montreux.

The Dents du Midi, a decorative wall painting in his living room

For the renovation of their apartment contemporary near Lake Geneva, the couple chose a sober and pure style. But they also wanted a design wall decoration that reflected their personality and their passion for the mountains and Switzerland. For many years they had been looking for THE representation of the Swiss mountains. Dents du Midi. So when they discovered my black and white mountain photos, their dream came true.

A frame mountain photo with stories

Why did you choose this sublime 3 km long mountain range in the Chablais region of Switzerland? Because its different passes, culminating at 3000 m of altitude, evoke childhood, climbing dreams and first mountain hikes. Impressive, the dents du Midi are next to the Cime de l'Est pass, the Fortress, the Cathedral, the Spur, the Dent Jaune, the Fingers and the Haute Cime pass.

This mountain image appears as a symbolic sundial. Indeed, the sun sets the rhythm of the different hours of the day. On each side of the Dents du Midi, the ones that used to be called the Teeth of One Hour and Eleven Hours.

This large print photo measures 80×240 cm. The photograph was taken at sunrise, seen in the North face of Dents du Midi.

How to choose your mountain photo?

Unless you have a particular history with a summit or a massif, as it is the case for Nicolas, it is not always easy to choose among the hundreds of prints photos presented on my site. Also, we have developed an engine of search to allow you to choose the style, the atmosphere, the color, the shapes, the lights, the clouds, etc. A quiz has even been developed to help you find the work that will fit perfectly in your interior decoration or in your office. Go to the quiz

Different formats are also available to fit the size of the room to be decorated. You will find classic formats, landscapes or portraits, prints squares, but also different panoramas (2:1 - 3:1 - 4:1 - 5:1), vertical or horizontal.

A selection of frames is also available. The contemporary, with an invisible aluminum frame. This is Nicolas' choice for his photograph of Dents du Midi. The Prestance is a frame available in black, oak, silver and white.

Design your interior around a print large format art piece

An original design object can be the starting point of your living room decoration. An art photograph is a living room wall decoration that brings an artistic touch to your interior. And if it is in limited edition, it is a real guarantee of originality and authenticity.

The clean lines and perspectives of black and white mountain photos contribute to the modern atmosphere. A large panoramic format, in addition to enlarging the room, will impress your guests and leave a lasting impression on their minds. Nicolas and his partner have chosen a sober style for their living room. As the only decorative wall object, the picture reigns supreme on the gray wall Light. Perfectly counterbalanced by the corner sofa and the two large black candle holders placed on the floor.

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