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interior design chalet val d'anniviers

For the decoration of their chalet in the Val d'Anniviers, Estelle and Romain were seduced by a black and white photograph, 80x120 cm, representing the Besso. At 3,668 m, it is one of the highest summits of the Swiss Alps. Visit the Val d'Anniviers, in the canton of Valais, with this view of the Besso which means "twin", of which the young couple does not get tired. Fascinated by this mountain so bewitching, they wanted to be able to admire it also in their living room.

A living room decoration with a cosy chalet atmosphere

Estelle and Romain love the mountains and have the chance to share this common passion. So for the decoration of their mountain chalet located at Val d’Anniviers, in the Valais Alps, they chose to expose a mountain photo painting in print limited with certificate of authenticity.

Interior design : a black and white mountain photo

This Swiss valley in the Sierre district of Valais is home to a mountain range known as the Grande Couronne. It is also known as "The Five 4000s", as it is made up of 5 mountains that are virtually sacred to the inhabitants of Val d’Anniviers. The Weisshorn, Zinalrothorn, Ober Gabelhorn, Matterhorn and Dent Blanche all rise to almost 4,000 metres above sea level.

It is in this context that Estelle and Romain wanted to bring emotion to the interior design of their chalet.

" The works of Thomas touched us immediately. A subject of great simplicity filled with details, a remarkable quality of print and treatment, contrasts in B&W and a striking light. We are very proud of this new "window" on Besso, and love to share the emotion that emerges from it with our family and friends. Thank you Thomas Crauwels for giving us another look at nature and at our Alpine summits .

Real frame mountain photoThis photograph of the emblematic summit of Besso was taken from Zinal after a snowstorm. Reminding, if it was still necessary, all the respect and the humility that impose us these natural monuments that we owe preserve. And to immortalize them by photographs which will be exposed in the interiors of my customers is for me a true honor.

A framework "contemporary" for this wood wall decoration

Among the few interior decoration items selected by the couple for their mountain chalet at Val d’Anniviers : deer antlers above the wood stove and a curtain made from a Swiss wool blanket. The large format 80×120 cm mountain photo is thus privileged and imposes itself in the living room, placed above the corner sofa. The depth of the black and white is perfectly highlighted by direct lighting formed by two gray aluminum spotlights fixed on a ceiling beam. A mountain image that takes all its magnitude on this wall in wood paneling Light, contrasted by the red color of the cushions of the taupe gray sofa.

This print photo is made on art paper, and laminated on a 3 mm thick aluminum plate.
The couple opted for a photo frame reference "contemporary" without visible frame , ideal for the photos of decoration of interior to the purified style. An aluminum support on the back of the plate allows the picture to be slightly lifted from the wall to give relief to this trendy decorative object that also brings a modern and elegant touch to the living room.

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