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Discover moments of pure majesty with the Unique Edition of Thomas Crauwels capturing moments when the splendor of the Alps is revealed in all its intimacy.
A celestial moment, ephemeral yet eternal, exclusively yours.

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artwork Photograph of Mönch and Jungfrau.
100`000.00 CHF
Doldenhorn - Summit of the bernese alps in black and white


Unique Edition
120`000.00 CHF

Prestige Edition

The Prestige Edition, limited to 3 to 10 pieces per work, represents the excellence of the art of Thomas Crauwels.
Each work is a promise of exclusivity and refinement, designed for the most demanding art collectors.

Prestige works
Prestige editions

Edition Prestige 3

Works limited to 3 prints

From CHF 50,000.00

Edition Prestige 5

Works limited to 5 prints

From CHF 30,000.00
Pictures of mont blanc in france - black and white Mountain and Mont Blanc photo in  in a sea of ​​hazy clouds

Edition Prestige 7

Works limited to 7 prints

From CHF 23,000.00

Edition Prestige 10

Works limited to 10 prints

From CHF 15,000.00

Limited Edition

Explore the works of Thomas Crauwels
Each carefully numbered print immortalizes the timeless beauty of mountain landscapes, offering collectors an eternal fragment of the world above.

Recent works
From 1`600.00 CHF
From 1`600.00 CHF


Invite Thomas Crauwels to interpret your personal vision through a custom-made work.



Embark on a tailor-made adventure with Thomas Crauwels to create together an exclusive artistic piece, reflecting your quest and your alpine heritage.


Published by Thomas Crauwels

The art books from Thomas Crauwels are a deep immersion into the world of mountain photography.

Through its pages, travel to the heart of alpine landscapes and discover the visual stories captured by the lens of a master photographer.

large-format mountain photo book
Limited edition of 4,500
82.00 CHF
Alpine Legacy: the heritage of the Alps in a limited edition, by Thomas Crauwels
Limited edition of 1'250
150.00 CHF
photography of alpine glaciers - abstract crevasses

Alpine glaciers

In the heart of the Alps, where time sculpts ephemeral wonders, Thomas Crauwels pursues an artistic quest among glaciers, veritable cathedrals of ice and shadow. For over fifteen years, from Chamonix to Piz Bernina, via the icy expanses of Aletsch and Zermatt, he has studied the abstract grandeur of the most imposing crevasses, capturing the essence of their fleeting beauty. For him, these glaciers are not mere ice formations, but living landscapes, natural canvases featuring captivating plays of light and lines that defy comprehension.

Each glacier, with its striking contrasts, becomes an exploration ground for abstract forms, where each crevasse and serac reveals a story of movement and transformation. These frozen titans, constantly reshaped by the whims of the climate, provide Thomas with an infinite source of inspiration, where light shatters on ice edges, creating compositions of dramatic intensity.

Through his lens, Thomas Crauwels immortalizes the silent poetry of these fragile giants, witnesses to the immutable cycles of nature. His work celebrates the ephemeral beauty of glaciers, in an intimate dance between light, ice and shadow, capturing the soul of the Alps in all its fleeting splendor.

63 works


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photo montagne noir et blanc - breithorn zermatt  - photo glacier suspendu
From 24`000.00 CHF
photo dom des michabels - black and white mountain photo saas fee 4000m
From 30`000.00 CHF
From 1`600.00 CHF
From 1`600.00 CHF
From 1`600.00 CHF
From 1`600.00 CHF
photo jungfrau top of europe and its glacier - black and white work
From 24`000.00 CHF
photo glacier abstract black and white
From 1`800.00 CHF
photo of Lyskamm in black and white - mountain zermatt and its glaciers
From 50`000.00 CHF
photo monte rosa black and white - photo of the glaciers of zermatt
From 30`000.00 CHF
photo abstract glacier and crevasses
From 2`000.00 CHF

x3 of value in works in 12 years

Works by Thomas Crauwels have seen their average value triple in twelve years, demonstrating an artistic investment as emotional as it is intelligent.
pictures mountains Valais Switzerland Zermatt - Obergabelhorn Wellenkupe
From 2`000.00 CHF
Alpine Glacier - Zermatt - Gornergletscher - Photo of snow in the Gorner windmills mountain in Winter
From 2`000.00 CHF
Aletsch glacie - Abstract photo of Swiss Aletsch Glacier crevasses in the Bernese Alps
From 2`000.00 CHF
Glaciers of the Alps - Mountain photography - Hohlichtglutscher
From 2`000.00 CHF
Breithorn - Zermatt - Black and white snowy mountain image of a Swiss alpine glacier
From 2`000.00 CHF
Image of alpine glacier under the Breithorn to Zermatt
From 2`000.00 CHF
Zermatt - mountain landscape pictures - Cima di Jazzi
From 2`000.00 CHF
Black and white Image of alpine glaciers - mountain landscape pictures - crevasses on the glacier
From 2`000.00 CHF
Alpine glacier - Mountain image with snow and crevasses
From 2`000.00 CHF
Photo crevasses of the Alps glaciers - Photo mountain landscape - Aletsch glacier
From 2`000.00 CHF
Photo of crevasses in the Alpine Glacier - Zinal Glacier
From 2`000.00 CHF
Alpines Glaciers - snowy mountain landscape picture
From 2`000.00 CHF
Image of alpine glaciers - Black and white mountain image
From 2`000.00 CHF
zermatt switzerland- mountain photos hd - Dufour Spitze
From 2`000.00 CHF
Image of the alpine glaciers - Glacier under the Dom of Mischabels in Zermatt
From 2`000.00 CHF
Aletsch Glacier Photo in summer - Alpine Glacier
From 2`000.00 CHF
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Collector's notice

We enjoy it every day!

As former inhabitants of Zermatt, it's hard to forget the Matterhorn, even in a new environment of mountains and nature.we discovered this large photo of the Matterhorn in a gallery, so strong and intense, it was impossible to forget it........ It became obvious that it should adorn our new apartment as a centerpiece.What's more, we had a very sympathetic contact with the artist, who came himself to deliver his work.It's very appreciable and adds a dimension to the object, to know its creator, his passion, the conditions under which it was taken.The texture of the photo resembles a painting, the lights play on it, Next the hours. It seems alive. A real daily pleasure!
Corinne & Werner

We were bowled over!

My wife and I are amazed at the quality of print and the rendering of this magnificent photo. We had waited many years to put a picture on this blank wall because we had never "flashed" on a piece of art. Now we've found it, and it fits in perfectly at the entrance to our apartment. What's more, it depicts 3 summits that are particularly close to our hearts: the Weisshorn, Dent Blanche and the Matterhorn - quite a symbol... We'd like to thank you again for your impeccable service (rapid response to enquiries, hyper-realistic projection of the work on the photos of the wall beforehand). In short, we have nothing to complain about and look forward to seeing you at an opening.
Gabrielle & Gilles

A magical vista for mountain lovers

Passionate about the mountains, in love with black-and-white photography, the images created by Thomas Crauwels can only seduce us. The purity of the lines, the simply unique viewpoints, the photographic work carried out by Thomas and the exceptional quality of prints make them works of art. From initial contact at the mountain show to home delivery, Thomas offers a highly professional service. We enjoy this magical view every day!
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