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Alpine Legacy

Alpine Legacy

Alpine Legacy: the heritage of the Alps in a limited edition, by Thomas Crauwels

The eternal heritage of the Alps in a limited edition

Discover the enchanting world of the Alps through the eyes of Thomas Crauwels in his new book "Fine Alpine Legacy". 

This limited edition book of 1'250 copies takes you on a journey through the most fascinating Alpine summits , in search of the beauty, majesty and emotions they inspire. 

A personal and powerful tribute to the magnificence of glaciers and the author's commitment to preserving their memory for future generations.

Alpine Legacy

Overview of the book Alpine Legacy by Thomas Crauwelsopen on the table of contents
Overview of the Alpine Legacy book by Thomas Crauwelsopened on a beautiful panoramic photo
Alpine Legacy: the heritage of the Alps in a limited edition, by Thomas Crauwels

The preface of
Thomas Crauwels

"I no longer believe in chance.

My destiny led me to Switzerland, where my true life mission appeared as a revelation: to perpetuate the memory of our alpine heritage.

The Alps inspire me, fill me with a divine energy. I am at search of the perfect moment, that fleeting moment when the mountain reveals its soul and lifts us up in its wake.

Between beauty, majesty and emotions, I invite you to an expedition through the most precious summits and the most captivating panoramas.

We will travel from the extremes of the East, where stands the Piz Bernina, to the West, with the Barre des Ecrins. Between these two peaks, I will reveal to you the grandeur of these immaculate alpine landscapes, covered with their eternal snow but so vulnerable.

The year 2022 revealed that we have passed the point of no return in the degradation of glaciers. During my ascents, I have seen the frightening speed of the transformation of the Alps, with crevasses appearing in places where only a short time ago I would never have imagined they existed.

However, the sadness of this accelerated change only strengthens my determination to perpetuate the memory of the Alps and to pass on to future generations a fragment of this kingdom of purity.

Climate change is also complicating my work: snow days are getting rarer and rarer, and freak windstorms often prevent the snow from clinging to summits. So the precious moments I want to show you become even more elusive.

But my love for the Alps has never been stronger.

I wish you a beautiful journey in this heavenly, yet fragile realm."

Thomas Crauwels
engadin mountains - The Ridge and summit

Limited edition

263/1'250 Available copies


A silk-screen print by Lorenz Boegli

The Alpine Legacy silk-screen printing was made even more beautiful thanks to the collaboration with Lorenz Boegli, an internationally renowned Swiss silk-screen printing artist. 

A master of his craft, Lorenz is known for his innovation in screen printing, as well as his personal and emotional approach to his work. 

Using technical advances to push the boundaries of screen printing, Lorenz has developed a new medium of expression by integrating his personality into his work. 

This joint effort was made to give you an unforgettable experience exploring the Alpine Legacy book and discovering how Lorenz brings life and emotion to the print.

Technical Specifications
Alpine Legacy

Number of pages84 pages
Limited Edition1'250 copies.
PaperTatami White volume 1.3, 150 gm2
CoverageSilk-screen print on Black Core Board 2.0 mm by the artist Lorenz Boegli
Binding / coverFlatbind / Parfaitement à plat
Format235 x 245 mm
Open format235 x 490 mm
Selling price
150.00 CHF

Thomas Crauwels

A grandiose flight in the heart of the Mont-Blanc massif in the French Alps. This black-and-white photograph features the famous Aiguille du Midi. To reach the Vallée Blanche and the Cosmiques hut, you'll have to conquer its tapering ridge. If the conditions are right, you can then reach the famous Mont Blanc, Europe's highest summit . The photograph highlights the beauty of the Aiguille du Midi and its hanging glaciers, which are in danger of collapsing. To avoid any catastrophe, they are placed under the watchful eye of Ludovic Ravanel, a geomorphologist specializing in the evolution of high mountain environments.I did this work in the middle of the day. I tried my luck at daybreak, but by then summits had been completely swallowed up by clouds. The weather radar predicted an opening a few hours later. So I waited. Then, suddenly, the sky began to light up. We seized the opportunity to take off by helicopter. As we approached the clouds, the sky parted, allowing us to break through the haze and gaze at the magnificent landscape for a few moments. But the sky soon closed in, and we had to leave this sacred realm to protect our lives. Because helicopters can't safely fly through clouds.--------------------------------This artwork is available in limited edition--------------------------------#AiguilleDuMidi#MontBlancMassif#FrenchAlps#ValléeBlanche#Cosmiques#HighMountain#MontBlancSummit#AerialPhotography@montblanc-nr@chamonixmontblanc@auvergerhonealpes.tourisme@savoiemontblanc
Gigantic Dents du Midi dominating the Val d'Illiez, in the Swiss Alps. In this black and white photograph taken from the border between France and Switzerland, the mountains look sharp. On the right, the Haute Cime, culminating at 3257 meters of altitude, is the highest summit of the massif. Then there are the Doigts de Salanfe, the Dent Jaune, the Éperon, the Cathédrale, the Forteresse and the Cime de l'Est. Real ramparts watching over the valley. How small the chalets and villages built below seem, compared to the immensity of the mountain range! I made this work in the middle of winter, when heavy snowfalls fell on the summits, covering the Dents du Midi with an incredible white coat. The phenomenon is rare and only occurs when an alchemy is created between the elements. I still don't know what the secret is. All I have to do is go to the high mountains after each storm, to try my luck again and again. So that one day finally a moment like this one occurs. This work owes its beauty to the purity of the snow hanging on the summits but also to the movement of clouds, perfectly arranged. These clouds endow the work with an incredible depth and dimension. I owe this photograph to fate, which offered me this moment of pure beauty. And I am happy that you can in turn enjoy this stunning spectacle.-------------------------------This artwork is available in limited edition-------------------------------#DentsDuMidi#ValdIlliez#SwissAlps#HauteCime#Mountainphotography#HighMountain@valaiswallis@valaisactif@montagne_my_life@mountain_planet@earthoutdoors@earth_shotz@earthofficial@voyaged@instagood@bestofthealps
Fascinating portrait of the Dom des Mischabels which rises to 4545 meters in the heart of the Valais Alps. While the Dufourspitze, the highest mountain of the Swiss Alps, is partly located on the Italian territory, the Dom is the highest exclusively Swiss summit . I took this beautiful black and white photograph by helicopter. At daybreak, when the mountain had just faced violent snowfalls, the risk was too great to venture on the ground. I flew over the Nadelgrat, whose shadow could be seen in the foreground. The north face of the Dom captivates our gaze, a sumptuous mountain lined with hanging glaciers. Around it, nature offers us a panorama of great beauty. On the left, we can see the Lyskamm, while on the right, the Matterhorn and the The Dent d'Hérens stand out on the horizon. How small these giants seem from this distance! In this work, I wanted to highlight the grandiose silhouette of the Dom des Mischabels. Sublimated by its immaculate whiteness, it seems to reign supreme over these high regions. The photograph immortalizes the splendor of its gigantic glaciers. Their impressive crevasses inspire me and make me dream. Ice jewels now weakened by the inevitable warming of the climate. Each year, they decrease and see their contours evolve. The eternal snows of the Dom still conceal many secrets that they will gradually have to reveal to us. And, as a faithful admirer, I will be there to welcome the beauty and transmit it to you through my art.--------------------------------This artwork is available in limited edition--------------------------------#DomDesMischabels#ValaisAlps#SwissAlps#Dufourspitze#HelicopterPhotography#AerialView#Nadelgrat#AlpinePanorama#Lyskamm#Matterhorn#DentdHérens@valaiswallis@valaisactif@valdanniviers@myvaldherens@bbcwildlifemagazine@myswitzerland@swissbook
This beautiful black and white photograph takes us above #Grindelwald, in the bernese alps. In the foreground, emerging from the mist at 3571 meters above sea level, the Sphinx observatory stands on the Jungfraujoch. At its foot is the highest railway station in Europe at 3454 meters. In the background, the Fiescher Gabelhorn, the Grosses Wannenhorn and the Chamm catch our eye. These emblematic mountains of the Swiss Alps are part of the Walliser Fiescherhörner chain, which overlooks the Aletsch glacier, the longest glacier in Europe.I made this sumptuous picture one winter morning, after the passage of a snow storm. I was lucky enough to witness this unique spectacle where the Sphinx observatory rises from the clouds before being engulfed again. I managed to immortalize the precise moment when the mist covers it and stagnates at its height. Alone in front of the elements, the Sphinx resists the assaults of time. The photograph reveals its natural environment. Facing the Sphinx, the summits of the Walliser Fiescherhörner shine with the first rays of the sun. Overlooking the mist, they stand next to the sky, a real inaccessible and unchanging fortress. In this photograph, I like the sequence of shots that leads us to another world. Between light and shadow, the high mountain catches our eye. Leaving the Sphinx, we leave to conquer the summits. The image invites us to let our imagination travel to this much desired kingdom where the human being is only a guest. When the mountain accepts it and the conditions allow it. An astonishing flight that stirs our dreams and soothes our souls.--------------------------------This artwork is available in limited edition--------------------------------#BerneseAlps#Jungfraujoch#SwissMountain#AlpineSerenity#MajesticSummits#RockAndIce#SpectacularView#Naturephotography#SwissAlps#HighMountain@grindelwald_eiger@grindelwaldfirst@bernese.oberland@jungrauregion@jungfraujochtopofeurope
Vertiginous photograph of the Aiguille de #Blaitière, one of the most famous Aiguilles of #Chamonix. Culminating at 3522 meters of altitude, it exposes its impressive verticality in the heart of the Mont-Blanc massif, in the French Alps.I took this portrait of the Aiguille de Blaitière at dusk. As the stormy sky finally clears, the sharp ridges emerge from the gloom. The last glimmers of daylight reflect off the freshly snow-covered walls. A fleeting splendor that usually lasts only a few hours. But tonight, the darkness gives her a reprieve. Protected by the deep freeze, the work will survive until the sun returns. Its first rays, illuminating the walls, will melt the ephemeral sculpture, an expression of the supreme grandeur of the mountains.In making this photograph, I wanted to highlight the expressive silhouette of the needle as it soars into the sky. The texture of the rock is also at the center of the picture. Through fabulous contrasts, the snow reveals its previously hidden curves, its bold and vigorous lines reflecting its personality.Immortalizing these rare moments that nature offers us fascinates me. I like to be where the mountain reveals its infinite beauty. When the night falls after the storm, the cold is icy. I set up my camera on a tripod and extend the exposure time of my photographs. While the darkness envelops the summits, I manage to capture this imperceptible luminosity. Through my art, I reveal the invisible, thus sublimating the beauty of the high mountains, my eternal and fascinating muse.--------------------------------This artwork is available in limited edition--------------------------------#AiguilleDeBlaitière#MontBlancMassif#Verticality#Mountainphotography#Naturephotography#FrenchAlps#Highmountain#blackandwhitephotography@montblanc-nr@chamonixmontblanc@auvergerhonealpes.tourisme@refugedumontenvers@savoiemontblanc@french_alps@lesalpesfrancaises
Fabulous black and white photograph of the legendary triptych of bernese alps rising above #Grindelwald, in #Switzerland. The #Eiger sits in the center of the picture, proudly emerging from the clouds, while the valley still lies under the mist. Its eastern face, freshly covered with snow, sparkles before our eyes. On the left, the Mittellegi ridge sculpts the mountain, while on the right, its north face, dark and sinister, will only be illuminated when the sun comes back out. The Eiger is linked to its brothers by a continuous ridge. Giants of the Alps with an inseparable destiny. The #Mönch ridge, on the left, continues to Jungfrau, which points to the right. Culminating respectively at 4110 meters and 4158 meters of altitude, the two mountains carry in majesty their famous companion, the Eiger, hero of the painting.I made this portrait of the mountain at daybreak. The first rays of the sun are caressing the summits, still shaken by the raging winds of a winter storm. I waited for nature to create its masterful and moving work. For the elements to enter into symbiosis to magnify the power and beauty of summits. That the celestial kingdom would open up to me, offering me the privilege of witnessing its infinite grandeur. By choosing this angle of view, I wished to emphasize the geographical alignment of the Eiger, the Mönch and the #Jungfrau, elegantly modelled with shadow and light.-------------------------------This artwork is available in limited edition-------------------------------#BerneseAlps#Swissalps#Mountainphotography#SnowySummits#blackandwhitephotography@grindelwald_eiger@grindelwaldfirst@bernese.oberland@jungrauregion@jungfraujochtopofeurope@geomagazin@mountain_planet@earthoutdoors@earth_shotz@earthofficial
On this photograph, taken from Zermatt, we are facing the Matterhorn, one of the most famous summits in the world. It stands royally in the heart of the Valais Alps, in Switzerland. The Hörnli ridge is the witness of the first ascent of the mountain in 1865. At its feet, the #Hörnli hut is the starting point for climbers who want to climb the Matterhorn on the Swiss side.It is a summer evening. The last rays of the sun are caressing the north face of the Matterhorn, freshly dusted with snow. It is only possible to capture this soft and deep light on the north side of the mountain at the end of the day. The image is therefore becoming rare and all the more precious because the rise in summer temperatures is keeping the snow further away from summits.The shot is in color, which is unusual in my work. Here, the blue replaces the black in a pure monochrome. By working on the light and the shapes, I wanted to emphasize the grandeur of the Matterhorn. Its eastern face is plunged into darkness while its northern side is illuminated at nightfall. In the center, the Hörnli ridge is torn between light and shadow.I took this photograph at low altitude. The fir trees in the foreground contrast with the rock giant, reinforcing its striking beauty and unparalleled grandeur. From Zermatt, the view is breathtaking. The Matterhorn rises in all its splendor, culminating at 3000 meters above the village. The effect is hypnotic and overwhelming. Every time I go to Zermatt, I am amazed by its charisma and I discover it as if for the first time. The feeling that one feels when he imposes himself to us, alone in the middle of the sky, is unique in the #Alps and probably in the world.--------------------------------This artwork is available in limited edition--------------------------------#Matterhorn#ValaisAlps#Swissalps#HörnliRidge#Mountainphotography#Zermatt#valaiswallis@valaiswallis@valaisactif@zermatt.matterhorn@zermatters@cerviniavalt@climbingmagazine@visitswitzerland@myswitzerland@swissbook@super_switzerland@best.mountain.artists
Sunrise over Pointe Percée, the highest summit in the Aravis massif in the French Alps. The mountain culminates at 2750 meters above Le Reposoir, Le Grand-Bornand and Sallanches in the Haute-Savoie region. The photograph shows the cross that adorns its summit. Cables help it stand firm against the storms that batter the Alps. I feel connected to this mountain, whose distinctive shape reminds me of the Matterhorn. Mineral and powerful, the Pointe Percée dominates the landscape, beyond the forests and bustle of the valley.I waited many years to capture the perfect moment when the Pointe Percée reveals its majesty. The first rays of the winter sun illuminate its snow-white face. A marvellous pyramid, it sparkles like a diamond. I love the intensity of the light, which gives the photograph an incredible dimension. Between light and shadow, the corridors sculpt the mountain and guide us to summit, adding depth to the picture. And what can we say about the splendor of the residual cloud that continues to cling to the summit! The rock enters into a symbiotic relationship with the sun, snow and wind. And when all the elements come together, the dream work is born. The sublime moment is captured, a testament to the infinite grandeur of the high-mountain realm.-------------------------------This artwork is available in limited edition-------------------------------#PointePercée#AravisMassif#FrenchAlps#MountainPeak#HauteSavoie#MountainBeauty#NaturePhotography#MountainMajesty#MountainClimbing#mountainphotography#blackandwhitephotography@auvergerhonealpes.tourisme@saintgervais_montblanc@savoiemontblanc@passymontblanc@french_alps@lesalpesfrancaises@mokamagazine

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Thomas Crauwels posing in front of one of his prints of the Matterhorn

Monumental Black & White Fine Alpine Photography

Fine Alpine Photography