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Photo framing in a mountain chalet
Art of Living, Chalet decoration

How to embellish the decoration of your chalet with exclusive mountain landscapes?

Mountain chalets exude a warm, almost enchanting atmosphere. The decoration of your chalet is an essential part of this atmosphere. With its wood panelling and stone walls, living in a mountain chalet, whether on a year-round or occasional basis, gives you the unique sensation of being at one with nature, reconnecting with it on a daily basis. But what makes your chalet a true haven of peace is also, and above all, its decoration. It's through the decoration of your chalet that you develop all its potential for conviviality and well-being for you and your guests. Here's how ...
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From adventure to splendid mountain photographs
Art de Vivre, Thomas Crauwels

Thomas Crauwels from adventure to splendid mountain photos

Nature, and mountains in particular, captivate us with their beauty and majesty. How can we fail to be captivated by a magnificent photo of a snow-capped mountain melting into the clouds? The grandeur of nature is revealed, with a mystique that draws us in inexorably. Capturing images that reveal the full beauty of nature is an adventure that the photographer lives every day. Behind every shot of the Swiss or French Alps taken by Thomas Crauwels hides an entire story: research, waiting, hopes and ...
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Discover Thomas Crauwels

Modern romantic artist, Thomas Crauwels has a recognized and distinctive style that has won numerous Swiss and international awards.
Between Beauty, Majesty and Purity : Thomas Crauwels invites us on a grandiose, authentic journey to meet the giants of snow and ice that have moved him. A conduit for emotions, halfway between two worlds: his works elevate us.
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