Dent Blanche - Matterhorn - Zinalrothorn - Weisshorn

Dent Blanche - Matterhorn - Zinalrothorn - Weisshorn

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Panoramic picture of the Matterhorn. View on the Italian side of the Matterhorn with the imperial crown of Zinal in the background with the Weisshorn, Zinalrothorn and Weisshorn.

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Dent Blanche - Matterhorn - Zinalrothorn - Weisshorn

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Snowy mountain landscape picture -  Dent Blanche - Matterhorn - Zinalrothorn - Weisshorn

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Dent Blanche - Matterhorn - Zinalrothorn - Weisshorn




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Panoramic picture of the Matterhorn. View on the Italian side of the Matterhorn with the imperial crown of Zinal in the background with the Weisshorn, Zinalrothorn and Weisshorn.

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Thomas Crauwels posing in front of one of his prints of the Matterhorn

Thomas Crauwels

This beautiful black and white photograph takes us above #Grindelwald, in the bernese alps. In the foreground, emerging from the mist at 3571 meters above sea level, the Sphinx observatory stands on the Jungfraujoch. At its foot is the highest railway station in Europe at 3454 meters. In the background, the Fiescher Gabelhorn, the Grosses Wannenhorn and the Chamm catch our eye. These emblematic mountains of the Swiss Alps are part of the Walliser Fiescherhörner chain, which overlooks the Aletsch glacier, the longest glacier in Europe.I made this sumptuous picture one winter morning, after the passage of a snow storm. I was lucky enough to witness this unique spectacle where the Sphinx observatory rises from the clouds before being engulfed again. I managed to immortalize the precise moment when the mist covers it and stagnates at its height. Alone in front of the elements, the Sphinx resists the assaults of time. The photograph reveals its natural environment. Facing the Sphinx, the summits of the Walliser Fiescherhörner shine with the first rays of the sun. Overlooking the mist, they stand next to the sky, a real inaccessible and unchanging fortress. In this photograph, I like the sequence of shots that leads us to another world. Between light and shadow, the high mountain catches our eye. Leaving the Sphinx, we leave to conquer the summits. The image invites us to let our imagination travel to this much desired kingdom where the human being is only a guest. When the mountain accepts it and the conditions allow it. An astonishing flight that stirs our dreams and soothes our souls.--------------------------------This artwork is available in limited edition--------------------------------#BerneseAlps#Jungfraujoch#SwissMountain#AlpineSerenity#MajesticSummits#RockAndIce#SpectacularView#Naturephotography#SwissAlps#HighMountain@grindelwald_eiger@grindelwaldfirst@bernese.oberland@jungrauregion@jungfraujochtopofeurope
Vertiginous photograph of the Aiguille de #Blaitière, one of the most famous Aiguilles of #Chamonix. Culminating at 3522 meters of altitude, it exposes its impressive verticality in the heart of the Mont-Blanc massif, in the French Alps.I took this portrait of the Aiguille de Blaitière at dusk. As the stormy sky finally clears, the sharp ridges emerge from the gloom. The last glimmers of daylight reflect off the freshly snow-covered walls. A fleeting splendor that usually lasts only a few hours. But tonight, the darkness gives her a reprieve. Protected by the deep freeze, the work will survive until the sun returns. Its first rays, illuminating the walls, will melt the ephemeral sculpture, an expression of the supreme grandeur of the mountains.In making this photograph, I wanted to highlight the expressive silhouette of the needle as it soars into the sky. The texture of the rock is also at the center of the picture. Through fabulous contrasts, the snow reveals its previously hidden curves, its bold and vigorous lines reflecting its personality.Immortalizing these rare moments that nature offers us fascinates me. I like to be where the mountain reveals its infinite beauty. When the night falls after the storm, the cold is icy. I set up my camera on a tripod and extend the exposure time of my photographs. While the darkness envelops the summits, I manage to capture this imperceptible luminosity. Through my art, I reveal the invisible, thus sublimating the beauty of the high mountains, my eternal and fascinating muse.--------------------------------This artwork is available in limited edition--------------------------------#AiguilleDeBlaitière#MontBlancMassif#Verticality#Mountainphotography#Naturephotography#FrenchAlps#Highmountain#blackandwhitephotography@montblanc-nr@chamonixmontblanc@auvergerhonealpes.tourisme@refugedumontenvers@savoiemontblanc@french_alps@lesalpesfrancaises
Fabulous black and white photograph of the legendary triptych of bernese alps rising above #Grindelwald, in #Switzerland. The #Eiger sits in the center of the picture, proudly emerging from the clouds, while the valley still lies under the mist. Its eastern face, freshly covered with snow, sparkles before our eyes. On the left, the Mittellegi ridge sculpts the mountain, while on the right, its north face, dark and sinister, will only be illuminated when the sun comes back out. The Eiger is linked to its brothers by a continuous ridge. Giants of the Alps with an inseparable destiny. The #Mönch ridge, on the left, continues to Jungfrau, which points to the right. Culminating respectively at 4110 meters and 4158 meters of altitude, the two mountains carry in majesty their famous companion, the Eiger, hero of the painting.I made this portrait of the mountain at daybreak. The first rays of the sun are caressing the summits, still shaken by the raging winds of a winter storm. I waited for nature to create its masterful and moving work. For the elements to enter into symbiosis to magnify the power and beauty of summits. That the celestial kingdom would open up to me, offering me the privilege of witnessing its infinite grandeur. By choosing this angle of view, I wished to emphasize the geographical alignment of the Eiger, the Mönch and the #Jungfrau, elegantly modelled with shadow and light.-------------------------------This artwork is available in limited edition-------------------------------#BerneseAlps#Swissalps#Mountainphotography#SnowySummits#blackandwhitephotography@grindelwald_eiger@grindelwaldfirst@bernese.oberland@jungrauregion@jungfraujochtopofeurope@geomagazin@mountain_planet@earthoutdoors@earth_shotz@earthofficial
On this photograph, taken from Zermatt, we are facing the Matterhorn, one of the most famous summits in the world. It stands royally in the heart of the Valais Alps, in Switzerland. The Hörnli ridge is the witness of the first ascent of the mountain in 1865. At its feet, the #Hörnli hut is the starting point for climbers who want to climb the Matterhorn on the Swiss side.It is a summer evening. The last rays of the sun are caressing the north face of the Matterhorn, freshly dusted with snow. It is only possible to capture this soft and deep light on the north side of the mountain at the end of the day. The image is therefore becoming rare and all the more precious because the rise in summer temperatures is keeping the snow further away from summits.The shot is in color, which is unusual in my work. Here, the blue replaces the black in a pure monochrome. By working on the light and the shapes, I wanted to emphasize the grandeur of the Matterhorn. Its eastern face is plunged into darkness while its northern side is illuminated at nightfall. In the center, the Hörnli ridge is torn between light and shadow.I took this photograph at low altitude. The fir trees in the foreground contrast with the rock giant, reinforcing its striking beauty and unparalleled grandeur. From Zermatt, the view is breathtaking. The Matterhorn rises in all its splendor, culminating at 3000 meters above the village. The effect is hypnotic and overwhelming. Every time I go to Zermatt, I am amazed by its charisma and I discover it as if for the first time. The feeling that one feels when he imposes himself to us, alone in the middle of the sky, is unique in the #Alps and probably in the world.--------------------------------This artwork is available in limited edition--------------------------------#Matterhorn#ValaisAlps#Swissalps#HörnliRidge#Mountainphotography#Zermatt#valaiswallis@valaiswallis@valaisactif@zermatt.matterhorn@zermatters@cerviniavalt@climbingmagazine@visitswitzerland@myswitzerland@swissbook@super_switzerland@best.mountain.artists
Sunrise over Pointe Percée, the highest summit in the Aravis massif in the French Alps. The mountain culminates at 2750 meters above Le Reposoir, Le Grand-Bornand and Sallanches in the Haute-Savoie region. The photograph shows the cross that adorns its summit. Cables help it stand firm against the storms that batter the Alps. I feel connected to this mountain, whose distinctive shape reminds me of the Matterhorn. Mineral and powerful, the Pointe Percée dominates the landscape, beyond the forests and bustle of the valley.I waited many years to capture the perfect moment when the Pointe Percée reveals its majesty. The first rays of the winter sun illuminate its snow-white face. A marvellous pyramid, it sparkles like a diamond. I love the intensity of the light, which gives the photograph an incredible dimension. Between light and shadow, the corridors sculpt the mountain and guide us to summit, adding depth to the picture. And what can we say about the splendor of the residual cloud that continues to cling to the summit! The rock enters into a symbiotic relationship with the sun, snow and wind. And when all the elements come together, the dream work is born. The sublime moment is captured, a testament to the infinite grandeur of the high-mountain realm.-------------------------------This artwork is available in limited edition-------------------------------#PointePercée#AravisMassif#FrenchAlps#MountainPeak#HauteSavoie#MountainBeauty#NaturePhotography#MountainMajesty#MountainClimbing#mountainphotography#blackandwhitephotography@auvergerhonealpes.tourisme@saintgervais_montblanc@savoiemontblanc@passymontblanc@french_alps@lesalpesfrancaises@mokamagazine
A moment suspended above the mist. In the foreground of the photograph, the Finsterhaarhorn, the highest mountain in bernese alps, rises to 4274 metres. On the horizon, like two islands in the middle of the ocean, the #Schreckhorn and #Lauteraarhorn emerge from the clouds. The crossing of these two summits is considered to be the most difficult normal route in the #Alps. Between light and shade, the south ridge of the Finsterhaarhorn invites us to serenity. A vertiginous summit whose infinite beauty opens the way to a world where nature reigns supreme.I took this black and white photograph of the Finsterhaarhorn at sunrise. The mountain has just weathered the fury of a winter storm. Completely snow-covered, its east face sparkles in the sunlight, while its west face, still in shadow, reflects the light. Soft, silvery tones endow the portrait with extraordinary depth and power.-------------------------------This artwork is available in limited edition-------------------------------#Finsterhaarhorn#BerneseAlps#AlpineBeauty#MountainPhotography#SwissMountains#BlackAndWhitePhotography#MajesticSummits#PhotographerLife@cransmontana@bernese.oberland@best.mountain.artists@espaces_contemporains
This very beautiful panoramic photograph honors #Dufourspitze and #Nordend, two emblematic summits of the Monte Rosa massif, in the #Valais Alps. The Dufourspitze, with its superb glaciers, is the highest mountain in #Switzerland.I made this work at daybreak, after the passage of a spring storm. While the sky has just cleared, a new disturbance is coming. The clouds are getting denser and clinging to the freshly snowed rocks. The last rays of light illuminate their magnificent white coat before the sky darkens and engulfs the summits. In the photograph, several climbers are hurrying down the #monterosa gletscher on skis to avoid being trapped by the fury of the winds. Slowed down by the large mass of snow that had fallen during the night, they were forced to turn back before reaching the Dufourspitze pass. The insignificant size of the men in the picture reminds us of our necessary humility in the face of the power of the #mountain and the force of the elements.By the softness of light tones, I wanted to retranscribe in this work the intensity of the fight that is played between sky and earth. The photograph also highlights the incredible scale of Dufourspitze and Nordend. Their inaccessible cliffs and their imposing glaciers reveal their infinite grandeur. While we usually stand back from the Mount Rose massif, the mountains take up the whole picture here. The work invites us to a total immersion in the heart of the inaccessible and the wild.--------------------------------This artwork is available in limited edition--------------------------------#MonteRosaMassif#ValaisAlps#SwissMountains#AlpinePanorama#MountainGlacier#MountainClimbing#SkiMountaineering#Mountainphotography#NaturePhotography#EpicLandscapes#blackandwhitephotography@rifugimonterosa@valaiswallis@valaisactif@montagne_my_life
Make way for the Matterhorn, king of the Swiss Alps, immortalized here at nightfall. I took this photograph in autumn, when the #summit had just been adorned with its first snow. The night light, intimate and deep, reveals the beauty of the north face of the Matterhorn, swept away the day before by a storm. The winds blew its white veil to cover the neighbouring wall, now covered with an immaculate coat. The north face of the Matterhorn is enjoying the last rays of sunshine before sinking into darkness throughout the winter. The mountain will then have to face terrible storms that it will fight valiantly until the return of the good days.It took me many years to find this particular angle of view that allowed me to immortalize the Matterhorn in all its grandeur. The portrait highlights its imposing stature and its perfect aesthetics. I love this aspect of my job as a photographer, which consists in exploring the high mountains until I discover unsuspected pearls. To offer you, through my art, the most beautiful views of the Alps.In this photograph, the snow highlights the incredible texture of the rock. Its features and curves plunge us into the thousand-year-old history of this legendary mountain. With each glance, we discover new details of the Matterhorn, imperceptible and fascinating. The mountain surprises us, it takes us by surprise, it upsets us. With each storm, it transforms itself, puts on a new costume, reveals another image of itself. At every moment, she inspires us differently. Contemplating its portrait upsets our certainties. The mountain catches us and makes us travel far beyond reality.-------------------------------This artwork is available in limited edition-------------------------------#Matterhorn#SwissAlps#MountainBeauty#mountainPhotography#MountainSunset#valais#valaiswallis#zermatt#switzerland@valaiswallis@valaisactif@zermatt.matterhorn@zermatters@cerviniavalt@myswitzerlandphototrend
I made this black and white work from the heights of Verbier, one of the most famous ski resorts in the world. It highlights the fascinating beauty of the Tour Noir and the Aiguille de l'A Neuve, rising on the Swiss side of the Mont-Blanc massif. Attracted by the sharp edges that follow one another between light and shadow, our eyes travel along the snow-covered summits: the Grand-Luy, the Petit and the Grand-Darrey, the Tita Naire, the Petite and Grande Pointe des Planereuses. Our dazzled eyes finally land on the Tour Noir, which lights up the horizon. On the other side of the picture, we can easily imagine the impressive Argentière glacier unfolding.The photograph was taken one winter morning, when the storm had just plastered the summits with a thick blanket of snow. It is the fruit of a graphic search . The sharp lines of the ridges nourish the texture of the painting and structure the narrative. The audacity of the spectator who with a simple glance climbs the summits to reach the sky. I like this contrast that the first rays of the sun draw. It is for me a symbol of the high mountain. The incarnation of what I live up there, alone facing the pure and sublime creations that nature offers me. The emblem also of what one feels while climbing the high summits. Oscillating ardently between heat and cold, enthusiasm and doubt, enjoyment and fear. The shadow and the light in the image of life, intense and overwhelming.--------------------------------This artwork is available in limited edition--------------------------------#Verbier#MontBlancMassif#AlpineBeauty#SwissAlps#Mountainphotography#MountainRidges#HighMountain#NaturePhotography#blackandwhitephotography@verbier@verbier4vallees@verbier_life@auvergerhonealpes.tourisme@savoiemontblanc
Sumptuous Dents du Midi, illustrious massif of seven summits culminating at more than 3000 meters of altitude above the Swiss Valais. First foothills of the Alps, the mountains stand like an impassable wall protecting the valley. I took this beautiful picture of the massif from the famous ski resort of Villars-sur-Ollon. The best point of view to admire the presence of Dents du Midi is indeed in the canton of Vaud.Facing us, the Cime de l'Est revives its black and white coat in the heat of the first rays of the sun. Its ridge leads our gaze to the Fortress, with its sparkling summit . Behind it stands the Cathedral. All these evocative names were given to the mountains a long time ago, as a tribute to their enormous size and inaccessible beauty. At the foot of summits, on the Tête de Chalin, can you make out the refuge built at an altitude of 2595 meters? Like a drop lost in the middle of the ocean, this precious visual marker helps us to perceive the vertiginous dimension of the colossi that surround it.This work was created in winter. The first rays of the sun are just coming out of the storm and caressing the freshly snowed Dents du Midi . The mountain makes me dream and I imagine it adventurous. Proud and fighting. If the mountain was a ship, the Cime de l'Est would be the prow, vigorously fighting the waves and the glaciers. In this photograph, I wanted to highlight the grandeur of these exceptional summits by a play of light and shadow. The contrasts of winter, both soft and deep, exacerbate the verticality of the walls, offering to the eye the raw and majestic personality of these legendary mountains.--------------------------------This artwork is available in limited edition--------------------------------#DentsDuMidi#SwissAlps#VillarsSurOllon#CantonOfVaud#Mountainphotography#blackandwhitephotography@villarstourisme@valaiswallis@valaisactif@villars.sur.ollon@polka_factory
Fascinating portrait of the Drus, rising from darkness to light. I took this photograph at the foot of two of the most beautiful mountains in the French Alps, in the Mont Blanc massif. On the right, the impressive monolith of the Pointe des Drus emerges from the clouds to reach the sky. This famous summit is the emblem of the guides of the valley of Chamonix. Behind it, the Aiguille Verte, illuminated by the sun, rises to an altitude of 4122 meters.We are in winter, the storm is raging. The clouds persist in clinging to the summits. The fog engulfs the valley relentlessly. But I still have hope. For years I have been observing the mountain, waiting for the moment when the beauty of the Drus will finally be revealed. So, I wait patiently, my heart feverish and my eye ready to immortalize the work that nature will accept to offer me. When, all of a sudden, the wind blows away the clouds, revealing the summits. A masterful vision of the absolute power of the Drus, striking and unreal. Here it is, the portrait I had dreamed of so much! The strength of the moment, overwhelming with emotion, is all the more intense that the wait was long. I love this mountain so much, strikingly beautiful and inaccessible to man. Only the most experienced mountaineers can climb the slope that faces us. One day, perhaps, I will be one of them. While waiting to be able to walk on its rocks, I honor the Drus in my art.-------------------------------This artwork is available in limited edition-------------------------------#MontBlancMassif#FrenchAlps#MountainPhotography#AlpinePortrait#Drus#AiguilleVerte#Chamonix#WinterMountain#NaturePhotography#Mountain#blackandwhitephotography@montblanc-nr@chamonixmontblanc@verticalpemosson@lac_emosson_tourisme@auvergerhonealpes.tourisme@refugedumontenvers@savoiemontblanc@montblancstories@independentphoto
This panorama pays homage to the giants of the imperial crown at Zinal. These summits , the most beautiful of val d’Anniviers , are located in the #Valais Alps in #Switzerland. In the foreground, Mount Besso, symbol of the Zinal valley, stands between light and shadow, accompanied by Blanc de Moming. In the background, the #Obergabelhorn, the #Matterhorn, the The Dent d'HérensDent Blanche and Grand Cornier. Finally, Gran Paradiso, the highest peak summit in the Italian Alps, stands out on the horizon.This is my first panoramic photograph of the Imperial Crown. It took me five years of patience to get it right. This aerial view was taken by helicopter because this angle cannot be captured from the ground. I did extensive map research to find the perfect location that would give the work the dimension I dreamed of. I was very lucky that the conditions were right because when you take off in a helicopter, you can only hope that you have interpreted the weather forecast correctly and keep your fingers crossed that it will come true.Thanks to my telephoto lens, I was able to give the illusion of proximity between these mountains, even though each is several kilometers away. This close succession of shots brings depth to the work and allows me to bring together on the same panorama an impressive number of high mountains. But with this angle of view, I wanted above all to make this crown of high mountains physically visible summits. The succession of peaks forming a circular arc overhanging the valley naturally evokes the royal insignia.--------------------------------This artwork is available in limited edition--------------------------------#ValaisAlps#AlpinePanorama#SwissMountains#SwissLandscapes#ImperialCrownZinal#MountainPhotography#AerialView#PanoramicView#blackandwhitephotography@valaiswallis@valaisactif@zermatters@grimentz.zinal@sierrezinal_officiel@stuc.chandolin@myvaldherens@saasfee@visitswitzerland@monacotribune
Celestial flight in the heart of the legendary summits of the Valais, in the Swiss Alps. On this black and white photograph, the mountains pass by with majesty. In the foreground, the north ridge of the Weisshorn connects it to Bishorn via the Grand Gendarme. On the left,Alphubel andAllalinhorn are famous for their accessibility. On the right, the Rimpfischhorn unfolds its rocky ridge, an uninterrupted succession of jumps and peaks. Finally, in the last shot, the Strahlhorn offers a superb crossing for ski tourers. From val d’Anniviers, our eyes are drawn towards the Zermatt valley to reach, dreamily, the Saas Fee valley.I made this fabulous portrait of the mountains during a hot air balloon trip at an altitude of 5000 meters. Guided by winds at 120 km/h, the balloon took me through the Alps, from Crans-Montana to Turin. The flight was so fast that I got altitude sickness. Every time I crouched down to change my objective, my head was spinning terribly. In order to breathe properly, I was equipped with an oxygen tank. At the mercy of the elements, I felt up there like a fragile being tossed around in an environment that was not his own. I was in my basket like a spider hanging from its web in a storm. I had to stay focused on the beauty of the mountains and my artistic quest to get my shots. I had to trust nature and the equipment that supported me. Despite the difficulties of the flight, I hung in there and I am happy to be able to present this work to you today. During this crossing of the Alps, I lived a real adventure, perilous and trying. But my encounter with the high mountains allowed me that day to immortalize unique moments.--------------------------------This artwork is available in limited edition--------------------------------#ValaisAlps#SwissAlps#AlpineSummits#MountainPhotography #Weisshorn#Rimpfischhorn#Strahlhorn#NaturePhotography#HighAltitude#AerialPhotography@outdoorgomag@valaiswallis@valaisactif@zermatters@valdanniviers@grimentz.zinal@saasfee
This photograph takes us to the Engadine, in front of Piz Roseg, one of the most beautiful summits of the canton of Graubünden, in the Swiss Alps. Its rocky peak emerges from the mist, dominating the horizon from the top of its 3935 meters. In the foreground, the Schneekuppe rises to 3917 meters. This magnificent dome of snow and ice appears like a crescent moon whose edge evolves between light and shadow. I made this black and white work at the end of spring, while the winds were still blowing on the summits.In making this photograph, I wanted to highlight the raw power of the elements and the chaos that sometimes reigns in the high mountains. The moving forms, the striking mist, the pronounced contrasts. The mountain bubbles with an energy that overwhelms us. But what is the message it wishes to transmit to us? What do you perceive through this image? A dark and hostile Piz Roseg doomed to disappear in the middle of the storm that threatens? Or the life which takes again and the sun which illuminates the snowy walls? How we contemplate the work depends on our state of mind. For the balance is almost perfect between Yin and Yang, serenity and anguish. Duality of emotions that we can feel in front of these monumental mountains. Duality of the feelings which cross us when we climb them summits. Respectful of the fate that nature has in store for us and eager to feed on its infinite beauty.--------------------------------This artwork is available in limited edition--------------------------------#PizRoseg#Engadine#Graubünden#SwissAlps#MountainPhotography#AlpineSummit#NaturePhotography#BlackandWhitePhotography#AlpineBeauty#HighMountain@engadin.stmoritz@swissluxurymagazine@visitswitzerland@myswitzerland
Phenomenal portrait of #Besso just frosted after the storm. The emblematic #mountain of val d’Anniviers culminates at 3668 meters above Zinal , in the Swiss Alps. Its name means twins, like the two peaks that top its #summit. I had been dreaming for a long time to photograph it like this, royal and aerial. But I had to wait for the right moment. This sublime moment when the elements agree to play us their most beautiful score.I took this picture of Besso at the end of the day, when the mountain had just faced the furious winter winds. The last rays of the sun illuminate the west face of summit, freshly covered with snow. As the sky was uncovered, a filament of clouds suddenly appeared at high altitude, endowing the work with an exceptional solemnity.Between light and shadow, the Besso shows very different faces depending on the angle from which one contemplates it. On the left, he brandishes a spear with dizzying contours. On the right, it has the shape of an anvil presenting to the sky the cross that adorns its summit. Bold and powerful, the mountain dominates the horizon and takes us with it on an unforgettable journey beyond the world.--------------------------------This artwork is available in limited edition--------------------------------#MontBesso#ValdAnniviers#SwissAlps#Zinal#MountainPhotography#AlpineSummit#SwissNature#MountainBeauty#OutdoorPhotography#NatureElegance@grimentz.zinal@sierrezinal_officiel@forbes@montagne_my_life@mountain_planet@earthoutdoors@earth_shotz
Light on one of my most beautiful photographs of high mountain. It features theThe Obergabelhorn, located in the val d’Anniviers, behind which rises the Matterhorn / Cervin, which dominates the valley of Zermatt. Two summits emblematic of the Swiss #Alps and so dear to my heart. Although 7 km separate them, I have long wanted to bring them together through my art. In the foreground, the Blanc de Moming ridge underlines the beauty of this legendary portrait.I am happy to be the first mountain photographer to have imagined this spectacular alignment of summits. I studied the cartography at length, climbed nearby mountains to visualize the possibilities. But, to photograph the summits from this perfect angle, I had only one solution: to make this work by helicopter. I patiently waited for the snow to cover summits and the sky to clear. Just as I was ready to release my camera, a cloud suddenly appeared in front of the sun, casting the majestic Matterhorn in shadow. The deep beauty of summits was sublimated by the exceptional contrast ofThe Obergabelhorn, young hero sparkling in the sun, and the Matterhorn, tutelary figure of the Valaisan Alps shining with softness beside his brother. I measure my luck to have been able to live this moment. No matter how much we think about the photograph we want to take, nature always decides. She is the ultimate creator who breathes her soul into the work. I returned many times to this precise location, hoping to see the magic work again, but nothing did. The moment was simply unique, as are all the moments of our lives.--------------------------------This artwork is available in limited edition--------------------------------#Obergabelhorn#Matterhorn#SwissAlps#ValdAnniviers#Zermatt#MountainPhotography#HighMountain#SwissNature#ValaisAlps#NaturePhotography@valaiswallis@valaisactif@zermatt.matterhorn@zermatters@cerviniavalt@valdanniviers@voguemagazine@visitswitzerland@myswitzerland@swissbook@super_switzerland
Beautiful black and white photograph of the famous Aiguilles de #Chamonix. They stand, sharp and royal, in the Mont-Blanc massif, in the heart of the French Alps. In front of us, the Aiguille de Blaitière and the Aiguille du Plan dominate the horizon. On the right rises the majestic Aiguille des Deux Aigles.I made this portrait of the mountains at sunrise, after the passage of a winter storm. Haunted by the tenacious desire to immortalize the splendor of these mythical summits , I went many times to the foot of the needles. I waited for a long time, longing to be the privileged witness of this magical moment. That day, when the first rays of the sun lit up the summits, a sea of clouds covered the valley. I had the incredible luck to be above the mist to admire the extraordinary work that nature had secretly sculpted during the night.In this photograph, I like the deep and delicate light, which wonderfully highlights the texture of the frosted rock and its snowy coat. It reveals the features of a pure and charismatic mountain. The impressive chiseling of its edges that cut the horizon. The softness of the contrasts also highlights the grandeur and power of the Aiguilles de Chamonix, which soar beyond the clouds and seem to want to touch the sky.--------------------------------This artwork is available in limited edition--------------------------------#AiguillesdeChamonix#MontBlancMassif#FrenchAlps#MountainPhotography#BlackandWhitePhotography#MountainPortraits#NaturePhotography#MajesticSummits#ChamonixMontBlanc#OutdoorPhotography@montblanc-nr@chamonixmontblanc@auvergerhonealpes.tourisme@refugedumontenvers@savoiemontblanc@alpesmagazine@bestofthealps@french_alps@lesalpesfrancaises
This panoramic view highlights the Imperial Crown of Zinal, in Switzerland. It is made up of the most prestigious summits over 4000 meters in the #Alps. These mountains dominate val d’Anniviers, in the canton of Valais, on the border with the Zermatt valley.The photograph, taken not far from Mount Besso, plunges us into the heart of this natural jewel. FromThe Obergabelhorn, we sail towards the #Matterhorn, The Dent Blanche and Grand Cornier, to arrive at the Pointe de Zinal. The only summit peak in the picture with an altitude of less than 4,000 metres, it owes its name to its neighbouring village. In the background, the mountains surrounding the Zermatt valley, including Liskamm, stand out through the mist. I was lucky enough to climb all the summits peaks that make up this magnificent panorama.I made this work in the early afternoon, as the clouds were dissipating after the passage of a winter storm. I sought to accentuate the depth of the image. In the background, the summits clouds rise almost mystically from the sea of clouds in the foreground. I love this celestial atmosphere, which sublimates the beauty of the high #mountains in a very uncluttered setting.For this vibrant, mysterious picture, I was inspired by the style of Vincent Munier, an animal photographer who creates his work in very light tones. This photograph is therefore very different from the more powerful blacks and whites I usually use. Here, white dominates, bringing a strong luminosity to the whole. This bewitching, voluptuous clarity is a real eye-catcher, and generally very pleasing.--------------------------------This artwork is available in limited edition--------------------------------#ImperialCrownofZinal#SwissAlps#Valais#Mountaineering#MountainPhotography #Switzerland#Zermatt#ValdAnniviers#OutdoorPhotography#HighMountain@valaiswallis@valaisactif@zermatt.matterhorn@zermatters@cerviniavalt@valdanniviers@grimentz.zinal@sierrezinal_officiel
Journey to summit of the #Weisshorn which, from its 4506 meters of altitude, dominates the Imperial Crown of #Zinal, in the Swiss Alps. The mountain is located at the border of val d’Anniviers and the valley of #Zermatt. This sumptuous #photograph highlights the northern ridge of the Weisshorn, one of the most beautiful crossings in the #Alps. It leads us to the Grand Gendarme and then to #summit of this incredible rock pyramid. On the left, we start the descent by the normal route to Randa, passing by the Weisshornhütte. On the right, the west face of the mountain plunges towards val d’Anniviers to take root at the foot of the Arpitettaz hut. The Weisshorn rises majestically, surrounded by the legendary summits . Exceptional panorama. The Monte Rosa massif unfolds on the left, with the Dufourspitze and the Nordend, while on the right, the Breithorn massif reveals its five summits of more than 4000 meters of altitude. This photograph is an ode to the Weisshorn and its remarkable stature. I took it on a winter afternoon, while a pristine snow was still covering its summit. The sun illuminates the mountain like a precious stone. Exquisite brilliance that makes its suspended glaciers sparkle in the shadows and its best exposed walls sparkle. The work draws its beauty from the lightness of its silvery contrasts. Conveying the grandeur of the mountain through the softness of the tones is an art I have spent years mastering. Just as climbing the Weisshorn took me three years of preparation. I had to wait until the conditions were right to embark on this fabulous adventure. I had to be ready, physically and mentally. And I am so happy to have succeeded! This crossing remains one of my best memories of #mountaineering as it was so magnificent. Just like this photograph that I have the great pleasure to share with you today.---------------------------------This artwork is available in limited edition---------------------------------#Summit#Alpine#SwissMountain#ImperialCrown#Mountain#MonteRosa#MountainPhotography@zermatters@valdanniviers@grimentz.zinal@sierrezinal_officiel@outdoorphotomag@earthofficial@voyaged@instagood@bestofthealps
Splendid portrait of the Matterhorn freshly dressed in white. The Matterhorn, famous mountain of the Valais #Alps, rises at 4478 meters above the valley of Zermatt, in Switzerland. In front of us, the Hörnli ridge is the normal route to its summit. The Furggenn ridge, on the left, and the Zmutt ridge, on the right, cut the impressive silhouette of this ruler of the Alps into the sky. Behind the rump of the rocky sphinx, the The Dent d'Hérens appears as a shark's fin. In the photograph, the Matterhorn glaciers are open. Until a few years ago, this detail indicated that we were in summer. But, as the snow is getting scarcer and scarcer, the ice is now cracking as soon as spring arrives.I took this picture after a violent summer storm. I waited for this moment for so long! When the snow falls this much in summer and the light sublimates its beauty, the mountain is adorned with interesting textures and sensational graphic effects. To immortalize the Matterhorn in this way, I went up to this viewpoint the day before. I managed to deploy my tent before the storm hit the heights. And the next morning, when I opened my eyes, I could witness this grandiose scene. A diamond of the Alps was offered to me, magnificently snowed and carried by this unique light. Luckily, the sun, hidden by clouds, was indirectly illuminating the Matterhorn. Thanks to the softness of its contrasts, my work reveals the fabulous purity and grandeur of this legendary summit . The light and diffuse light brings to the fore the majesty of the Matterhorn, inviting us to discover each detail, each pebble and each piece of snow.-------------------------------This artwork is available in limited edition-------------------------------#Matterhorn#Zermatt#Mountain#Alpine#Summit#Switzerland#valaisalps#valais#valaiswallis@valaiswallis@valaisactif@zermatt.matterhorn@zermatters@cerviniavalt@rockansicemag@alpenliebe_official@visitswitzerland@myswitzerland@swissbook@super_switzerland
Infinite beauty of the Obergabelhorn which, from its 4064 meters of altitude, dominates the val d’Anniviers, in #Switzerland. It is without doubt one of the most emblematic high summits of the Valais #Alps and inspires me deeply. This magnificent photograph is an ode to the purity of this mountain that I love so much.Making this work was epic! Admiring The Obergabelhorn from its most beautiful angle is not an easy task. It took me several hours to reach this beautiful viewpoint on the #mountain. I went up alone on skis, carrying my tripod and my telephoto lens. I was exhausted but, despite the fatigue, there was no way I was going to give up. I felt guided by an incredible inner strength. I was getting my energy from the high mountains. The powerful desire to witness a unique spectacle in front of summit pushed me to overcome all obstacles. And I succeeded. As if to reward me for the efforts I made to honor her, nature offered me a breathtaking picture. The very embodiment of a kingdom where purity reigns supreme on the horizon.-------------------------------This artwork is available in limited edition-------------------------------#Obergabelhorn#Swissalps#Valais#valaiswallis#Alpine#MountainPhotography#NaturePhotography#Summit@valaiswallis@valaisactif@valdanniviers@grimentz.zinal@sierrezinal_officiel@outdoorgomag@montagne_my_life@mountain_planet@earthoutdoors@earth_shotz@earthofficial@voyaged@instagood@bestofthealps
Majestic black and white portrait of Bietschhorn, emblematic mountain of the Lötschental valley, in Switzerland. Located on the right bank of the Rhone valley, in the canton of Valais, it is nevertheless geologically attached to the #bernese alps massif. Rising to 3934 meters above sea level, it can be easily admired from the #Hockenhorn ski area as well as from the Lötschenpass and its refuge, the Lötschenpasshütte.On this very beautiful photograph, the Bietschhorn presents itself to us adorned with its most beautiful finery. Its walls, freshly whitened with snow by the violence of the winter precipitations, illuminate the horizon. I would like to climb this summit one day. But it is not easy to discover. Isolated in the heart of a wild nature, the approach is long before being able to reach it. Nicknamed the King of the Valais, it dominates the horizon without however mingling with the world.The photographic work owes its beauty to the play of lines and light that sculpt the mountain. I had to be there at the right moment to sublimate its forms. To trigger my camera at the precise moment when the sun illuminated only some of its faces, endowing the picture with deep contrasts. Between light and shadow, the image reveals the perfect symmetry of summit. The exceptional graphic design of the portrait highlights the impressive silhouette of the mountain. An inspiring pyramid with perfect contours that reigns over the Valais while rubbing shoulders with the heavens.--------------------------------This artwork is available in limited edition--------------------------------#Bietschhorn#SwissMountains#Valais#LötschentalValley#MountainPhotography#Alpine#Summit#MountainMagic#NaturePhotography#Switzerland@bernese.oberland@newlyswissed@best.mountain.artists@montagne_my_life@mountain_planet@earthoutdoors@earth_shotz
The thundering Aiguille du Midi pierces the sky with its sharp ridges. This peak rises to 3842 meters above Chamonix , in the Mont-Blanc massif. This mountain of the French Alps owes its fame to the ski lift that takes us from the valley to its summit in just a few minutes. An amazing journey that takes us as fast as the wind into the heart of the heavenly and magnificent realm of the high mountains.I've been watching the Aiguille du Midi for several years, waiting feverishly for the moment when it would offer itself to my eyes dressed in its most beautiful finery. Several conditions must be met for the walls to be plastered in this way. I try to apprehend them, to anticipate them, but no one can master nature. You have to trust chance and be patient. To connect with the mountain to be present when the magic happens. When the snow finally clings to the rocks, transforming the summit into an immaculate white fairy-like being. A subjugating spectacle that only lasts a few moments. The time of a photograph which testifies by the black and the white of an ephemeral and absolute beauty.I made this work at the end of the day, when the Mont-Blanc massif had just faced the fury of a winter storm. The Aiguille du Midi emerges from the mist, dazzling and determined. Around it, the clouds hanging on summits endow the picture with a dramatic intensity. In the background, the Dent du Géant, the Aiguille de Rochefort and the Mont Mallet bring an incredible depth to the photograph. These mountains rising several kilometers from the Aiguille du Midi reinforce the balance and the splendor of the picture.--------------------------------This artwork is available in limited edition--------------------------------#AiguilleDuMidi#FrenchAlps#MountainPhotography#Alpine#Summit#Mountain#NaturePhotography#montblancmassif#chamonix@montblanc-nr@chamonixmontblanc@auvergerhonealpes.tourisme@savoiemontblanc@montblancstories@bestofthealps@french_alps@lesalpesfrancaises@reponsesphoto
Fabulous portrait of the Jungfrau which, with the Mönch and at theEiger, dominates the bernese alps, in Switzerland. The mountain culminates at 4158 meters above the valleys of Lauterbrunnen and Grindelwald. From Wengen, Mürren or Grindelwald, you have to lean back to see summit because of its height and its vertical cliff. This black and white photograph highlights the western face of the mountain, with its two summits: the Jungfrau and the Wengen-Jungfrau, which give it the appearance of a cat's head. The generous forms of this legendary mountain, whose name means "Young Girl", invites you to dream, have always inspired me. On the right, the Rottasattel pass, the last step before reaching summit, leads to the Rottalhorn.I waited eight long years before I was able to achieve this exceptional panorama. At each storm, I tried my luck. But I was always under the clouds, without being able to see the summits. When the mountain would finally clear, day would give way to night, preventing me from photographing it. When the storm hit at night, I would rush to get there at daybreak before it tore through. But it was already too late. The Jungfrau was lost in the blue sky, offering to see a postcard landscape devoid of any emotion. Then, one day, the miracle happened. I will always remember this suspended moment where exaltation was mixed with deliverance. Incredible victory after so many failures. I could finally breathe, fulfilled to have been able to attend such a beautiful show and proud to have succeeded in immortalizing it through my art.--------------------------------This artwork is available in limited edition--------------------------------#Jungfrau#BerneseAlps#SwissMountains#MountainPhotography#Nature#Alpine#Swiss#Switzerland#MountainDreams#Summit#Mountain@grindelwald_eiger@grindelwaldfirst@bernese.oberland@jungrauregion@jungfraujochtopofeurope
A journey in search of the absolute. In front of us, the legendary Biancograt ridge winds its way, deliberate and majestic, up to summit du Pizzo Bianco. This magnificent pyramid of rock and ice is just a few metres short of the 4,000-metre mark. It's a sad fate for a mountain which, despite its incredible size, cannot match the fame of the highest summits in the Alps.In this fabulous photograph, the Biancograt reveals the path leading to the kingdom of heaven. But, from the crests of the Pizzo Bianco, there is still a long way to go to reach the summit of Piz Bernina, which culminates at 4048 meters above Saint-Moritz. Between earth and sky, the sumptuous ridge is a perfect illustration of Robert Louis Stevenson's words, which I will summarize as follows: the important thing is not the destination but the journey itself. Each of our steps carries us towards the sky as it lifts our soul and enriches our hearts. The adventure is played out from one end of the path to the other. An allegory of existence that invites us to live each moment as intensely as possible. To let ourselves be surprised and to trust nature to finally reach summit, overwhelmed with fatigue but free and happy. Between earth and sky, this is the surprising journey that Biancograt offers us.When I made this portrait of Pizzo Bianco, I was in the middle of a storm. The west wind was blowing violently on summit and the clouds were clinging strongly to the freshly snowed wall. The timeless and mystical atmosphere of the painting is sublimated by the stunning audacity of Piz Bernina forcefully emerging from the mist. Like the ghost of a fallen ruler trying to reconquer his kingdom according to our wildest dreams.--------------------------------This artwork is available in limited edition--------------------------------#Biancograt#PizzoBianco#PizBernina#Mountain#Alpine#swissalps@montagne_my_life@mountain_planet@earthoutdoors@earth_shotz@earthofficial@voyaged@instagood@bestofthealps
Sumptuous autumn evening at summit of the #Matterhorn. The Matterhorn rises to 4478 meters above the valley of #Zermatt in the Swiss Alps. This vigorous and elegant pyramid of rock and ice is without doubt one of the most beautiful mountains in the world. On the left, the Hörnli hut is the starting point for the ascent of the Matterhorn by the ridge of the same name. On the right, the #Zmutt ridge, which I would like to climb soon, outlines the famous #summit. In the background, the Italian Alps tear the mist, bringing a celestial depth to the work. Finally, on the left, lost in the horizon, the pyramidal silhouette of Mount Viso, from the top of its 3841 meters, echoes that of the famous Matterhorn.This sublime black and white #photograph highlights the north face of the #mountain and the #glacier at its foot. But for how much longer will we be able to admire it like this? Every year, it diminishes a little more. The imbalances caused by global warming have violent and irreparable consequences on the Alpine ecosystem. Melting the glaciers and collapsing the rocks. I hope with all my heart that the Matterhorn will resist as long as possible the fatality of the changes that are imposed on it.-------------------------------This artwork is available in limited edition-------------------------------#SwissAlps#Alpine#Elegance#MatterhornMoments#GlacierGlow#Autumn@valaiswallis@valaisactif@zermatt.matterhorn@zermatters@cerviniavalt@newlyswissed@visitswitzerland@myswitzerland@swissbook@super_switzerland@best.mountain.artists@luxury.chalets.collection@ultimateluxurychalets@chaletinterior
Ice treasure that the high #mountains preciously shelter. I took this almost #unreal photograph in the heart of the #Alps. At the beginning of spring, the snow starts to melt on the summits. The glacier reveals another image of itself. Its #crevasses, now freed from their snowy coat, expose themselves to our amazed look. Its hollowed-out features seem to want to tell us the fascinating story of its millennial history. Slowly, over the centuries, the glaciers have built up. Strong of their solidity and their faults, they have resisted time, proudly adorning the most #beautiful mountains of the Alps. But these jewels of #ice are now in danger, ephemeral creations of nature that show us how #fragile our world is.This #art photograph pays tribute to them. I love their bluish color that reflects the light in a unique way. Imagining the legacy they contain makes me dizzy. These air bubbles spread in their water like a bottle in the sea that nature threw us thousands of years ago. It seems to whisper to us: see the beauty of the world, take care of it. Join the flow of history rather than hinder it. By sculpting the #glaciers in this way, nature offers us an abstract work of absolute #purity. I wanted to highlight in this photograph this abstraction that moves me as much as it inspires me. A few white notes in honor of the mountain and its hidden splendors.--------------------------------This artwork is available in limited edition--------------------------------#Alpine#highmountain#NaturePhotography#AbstractArt#NaturalWonders#EphemeralBeauty#PureElegance#NatureInspires#IceSculpture@rockansicemag@best.mountain.artists@luxury.chalets.collection@ultimateluxurychalets@chaletinterior@montagne_my_life
I was at the foot of the Monte Rosa massif when I took this wonderful panorama of the #Valais #Alps. At the end of the summer, heavy precipitations were announced. But in the #mountains, nothing is ever certain. The forecasts evolve quickly and the snowfalls are sometimes very localized. On this black and white #photograph, some #summits have been abundantly whitened while others are barely covered with snow. I went up several times to the Monte Rosa hut, with the feverish hope of being able to immortalize the most beautiful mountains of the Alps freshly adorned with white. Unfortunately, nothing happened. Then, on the third day, as the sky was clearing, nature finally revealed its absolute beauty to me. It was still dark and I could only guess at the splendor of the #landscape. I fixed my camera on a tripod and, thanks to the longer exposure time, the mountains that were not visible to the naked eye suddenly appeared on the picture. The image gave us a glimpse of the invisible, the very soul of the summits that had just emerged from the storm.The beauty of the photograph lies in this #glacier that catches us in the foreground to take us to summit of the Imperial Crown of #Zinal. This incredible turn brings depth to the work and guides our gaze towards the famous Matterhorn, the The Dent d'Hérens, the Dent Blanche and the #Obergabelhorn, which dominate the horizon. The soft #contrasts provided by the night light highlight the grandeur of the mountain and the #purity of the snow sprinkled on the summits.--------------------------------This artwork is available in limited edition--------------------------------#MonteRosa#ValaisAlps#MountainPanorama#AlpineBeauty#LandscapePhotography#MountainMagic#NaturePhotography#SnowySummits#MountainExpedition#Matterhorn#DentdHérens#DentBlanche#SeaOfClouds@zermatt.matterhorn@cerviniavalt@grimentz.zinal@sierrezinal_officiel@myvaldherens@montagne_my_life@mountain_planet@earthoutdoors@earth_shotz@earthofficial@voyaged@instagood@bestofthealps@bbcwildlifemagazine
Majestic portrait of the Eiger, dressed in a fabulous pleated black and white. The Eiger is one of the rare mountains of less than 4000 meters of altitude to hold such a notoriety. #Summit mythical of the #bernese alps, it owes its fame to the dizzying verticality of its north face. I took this #photograph of the mountain as an ode to the #Mittellegi ridge which winds its way vigorously up to summit. I chose this singular angle that highlights the fabulous aesthetics of this celestial path.I like that, in my works, the elements enter in symbiosis to sublimate the grandeur of the high mountain and fill you with emotions. I took this photograph of #Eiger on a spring morning, as the storm was just breaking summits. I was lucky enough to be facing the mountain just as the mist was breaking. Still covering the valleys, the clouds bring a celestial dimension to summits. I waited for the perfect moment when, pushed by the winds, they let us glimpse the Mönch in the background, a legendary colossus of more than 4,000 meters in altitude with sparkling walls.I savor the #contrasts that draw the #mountains. The strength of the black contrasts with the luminosity of the white. Alternating tones embodying the personality of summits, exalting and disproportionate. The play of light reveals the legendary verticality of the north face of the Eiger, here plunged into the shadow, opposing the dazzling silhouette of the eastern slopes of the Mönch and theEiger. Yin and Yang of a nature that never ceases to make us dream.-------------------------------This artwork is available in limited edition-------------------------------#BerneseAlps#MountainPhotography#LandscapeArt#MountainLegends#NaturePhotography#MountainMagic#MittellegiRidge#SwissAlps#Cloudy#BlackAndWhite#Verticality#blackandwhitephotography#swissalps@grindelwald_eiger@gstaad_official@grindelwaldfirst@bernese.oberland@gstaad_official@ultimagstaad@wilderness_culture@earthoutdoors@earth_shotz@earthofficial@voyaged@instagood@bestofthealps
Magnificent detail of a ridge of Piz Palü, famous summit of the Eastern #Alps, pointing to the sky at 3882 meters of altitude. A masterpiece of nature sculpted between earth and sky in the #Bernina massif, in #Switzerland. Perfect #symmetry of the reliefs, precision of the lines, raw and poetic, firm and refined. The diagonals of the ridges echo the horizontals of the glaciers. The delicate and deep light highlights this fabulous creation of which nature has the secret.To realize this #photograph close to abstraction, I chose to isolate this detail of the Piz Palü with my telephoto lens. When I saw the perfect geometry of #summit, I felt the imperative need to hide the surrounding landscape to focus the viewer's attention on the story I wanted to tell. To highlight this fabulous point which rises towards the sky like a pyramid with a divine form. To immortalize it before it disappears, swallowed by the clouds. From one moment to the next, the pure and absolute beauty of the mountain threatened to escape me. In this exceptionally graphic picture, the photographer's experienced eye gives shape to the very essence of nature, pure and wild. Absolute beauty of a mountain inaccessible to man that inspires my art as it animates my thoughts.--------------------------------This artwork is available in limited edition--------------------------------#PizPalü
A grandiose portrait of the #Weisshorn towering above the clouds. summit the highest of the imperial crown of #Zinal, it spreads its rocks between val d’Anniviers and the valley of #Zermatt, in the #Valais Alps. This magnificent photograph, taken from Zermatt, shows how the Weisshorn is one of the most beautiful mountains in #Switzerland. A perfect pyramid that seems to link heaven and earth. The Schaligrat ridge on the left and the normal route on the right underline its elegant and generous silhouette. In the background, the bernese alps emerge from the mist, sublimating the beauty of this celestial #panorama.I immortalized the #mountain in 2020, after one of the rare summer storms that crossed the Alps that year. I was infinitely lucky to be there at the right time. When the summit, sparkling white, pierces the clouds. Luminous sovereign dominating the horizon. When we admire the work in large format, when we plunge our eyes into the hollow of the mountain, the details multiply. Questioning our mind and raising our soul. The reliefs of the glacier, the succession of snowy lines, the striations that cross the mountain to testify of its geological richness. Contemplating the #photograph makes us enter a teeming universe that surprises us at every moment.--------------------------------This artwork is available in limited edition--------------------------------#SwissAlps#MountainPhotography#MountainViews#NaturePhotography#Summit#NatureWonders#Glacier#Outdoor#EpicLandscapes#ValaisAlps#BerneseAlps@valaiswallis@valaisactif@zermatters@valdanniviers@grimentz.zinal@sierrezinal_officiel@newlyswissed@visitswitzerland@myswitzerland@swissbook@super_switzerland

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