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Thomas Crauwels posing in front of one of his prints of the Matterhorn

Thomas Crauwels

St. Moritz
Val d'Anniviers - St-Luc
Val d'Anniviers - Chandolin
Val d'Anniviers - St-Jean
Zermatt Valley

Thomas Crauwels

Luminous portrait of Piz Palü which, from its 3899 meters of altitude, overhangs the #Morteratsch valley, at the borders of the Eastern Alps. This beautiful mountain, emblematic of the Bernina range in the #Swiss #Engadine region, can be easily contemplated from the Diavolezza ski lifts. It also offers to the mountaineers a superb crossing.I took this picture of Piz Palü in spring. The sun was just rising on summit, still seized by the storm that covered its walls with snow during the night. Thanks to this carefully considered angle of view, the photograph gains in depth. The ridge in the foreground, which seems to be one with the teeth of Piz Palü, crystallizes the impetuosity of the winds that continue to strike the #snowy walls.I chose this day precisely for its incomparable luminosity. Painting the edges of shadow or light, it offers a graphic and bewitching dimension to this legendary #mountain. The #summit owes its extraordinary beauty to its geometry, so particular and unique in the #Alps. Perfect symmetry of the ridges which follow one another, one after the other. The timeless rhythm of nature, inexhaustible and heady, which makes my heart beat. The many hanging and descending glaciers along its ridges also contribute to making Piz Palü a mythical summit .--------------------------------This artwork is available in limited edition--------------------------------#Alpinephotography#Mountainphotography#Swissalps#Naturephotography#blackandwhite#Berninamassif#PizPalü#madeinswitzerland#PizpaluSummit#ThomasCrauwels@engadin.stmoritz@bbcwildlifemagazine@earthoutdoors@earth_shotz@earthofficial@voyaged@instagood
Portrait of the Aiguille du Midi, in the heart of the Mont Blanc massif, in #France. A world-famous #summit , which, thanks to the lift it is equipped with, allows everyone to enter the enchanting realm of the high #mountains in a few minutes. Transported to #3842 meters of #altitude, a new world is easily offered to all, whatever their physical condition and beyond the will of the sky.We are here at the end of the day, just after the storm. The calm has returned, the mountain is calming down. The Aiguille du Midi is just emerging from the fog, still numb from the wind. Two or three times a year, the magic happens. When the conditions are right, when the temperature, the snow and the wind are in symbiosis, the Aiguille suddenly seems to be covered with a fabulous plaster. A miracle of which only nature has the secret. The image is unique each time, varying with each episode of precipitation. I have been trying for years to unravel the mystery of this phenomenon, but it remains, again and again. As ephemeral and impenetrable as the most precious masterpieces created by nature.The Aiguille du Midi rises majestically, piercing the sky and the fog. In the background, giving depth to the picture, the Grandes Jorasses spring out of a sea of clouds like a sparkling wall. In the company of the dome of Rochefort and Mount Mallet, they offer their freshly snow-covered face to the softness of the first rays of sunshine.--------------------------------This artwork is available in limited edition--------------------------------#Aiguilledumidi#MontBlancnaturalresort#HighMountain#chamonixmontblanc#AlpineSplendor#Mountaineering#montblancmassif#hautesavoie#Aerialphotography#frenchalps@montblanc-nr@chamonixmontblanc@montblanclive@auvergerhonealpes.tourism@savoiemontblanc@montblancstories@climbingmagazine@bestofthealps@french_alps@lesalpesfrancaises
This panoramic photograph reveals the splendor of the Imperial Crown of Zinal, in #Switzerland. It is composed of the most beautiful summits of 4000 meters of the Alps. This huge mountain range of #Valais stands in the val d’Anniviers, at the border with the valley of Zermatt.This exceptional panorama could only be realized from the sky because there is no summit allowing to position oneself at this place. The aerial view brings together all the mountains of the Crown. On the left, the #Weisshorn, the highest summit of the Imperial Crown, stands out in all its majesty. #In front of it, theBishorn is one of the easiest to climb of the #Alps at an altitude of 4000 meters. The #Zinalrothorn, with its long White ridge, leads us to the Blanc de Moming. We then travel to #Besso, the emblematic mountain of #Zinal. In the background, the #The Obergabelhorn and the Matterhorn line up one behind the other. We realize here the monumental height of the Matterhorn, which culminates at 4478 meters of altitude, compared to theThe The Obergabelhorn, whose difference in level is 400 meters lower. Finally, we let ourselves be carried towards The The Dent d'Hérens, whose ridge is connected to the #Matterhorn, the majestic The The Dent Blanche and the Grand Cornier.By a play of perspective, the ensemble lets us think that these high mountains are linked one after the other. In reality, the valleys of #Zermatt, Turtmann, val d’Anniviers and the Val d'Hérens separate them. By choosing this particular point of view, which allows to align on the same picture these giants of rock and ice, I wished to emphasize these jewels that nature offers us.--------------------------------This artwork is available in limited edition--------------------------------#Mountaineering#AlpinePhotography#Imperialcrown#CrownOfZinal#ThomasCrauwels#HighAltitude#EpicSummits#madeinSwitzerland#MountainArt#swissalps@valaiswallis@valaisactif@zermatt.matterhorn@zermatters@cerviniavalt@valdanniviers@grimentz.zinal@sierrezinal_officiel@stuc.chandolin@myvaldherens@newlyswissed
Unforgettable black and white portrait of the #Dufourspitze, which culminates at 4634 meters of altitude in the Monte Rosa massif. On the border with Italy, the Dufourspitze is the highest #summit in the #Swiss Alps. However, it doesn't get any glory from it and knows how to be discreet, a tiny prominence lost in the immensity of the Alpine #panoramas. But I can assure you, as someone who has climbed it, that its walls are steep and its rocks tenacious. To reach its summit requires strength and perseverance. This photograph does it justice. Valiant heroine of the picture, the mountain reveals itself. By discovering it thus, its name takes all its sense. Magnificent point with sharp sides, so gigantic that it seems to touch the sky.To succeed in transcribing the grandeur of the mountain in this work, I had to wait for the storm. It is winter, the freshly snowed summits are still hit by raging winds. The last rays of the sun touch the rocks, offering a little sweetness to the striking spectacle that nature offers us. The shadow quickly takes precedence over the light, endowing the work with powerful contrasts. In this captivating atmosphere, the Dufourspitze, majesty of rock and ice, rises with its amazing verticality out of the growing darkness. To its right, Zumstein's point adds depth to the picture. A rock pyramid crowned by a splendid suspended glacier, it is the privileged witness of the advent of a queen.--------------------------------This artwork is available in limited edition--------------------------------#SwissAlps#MountainPhotography#AlpineLandscape#Mountaineering#MonteRosaMassif#RockClimbing#Verticality#BlackAndWhitePhotography#AlpineBeauty#MountainViews#Glacier#MajesticNature#PowerOfNature#HighAltitude#PeakClimbing#NaturePhotography@valaiswallis@valaisactif@climbingmagazine@mountain_planet@earthoutdoors@earth_shotz@earthofficial@voyaged@instagood

Monumental Black & White Fine Alpine Photography

Notice of Purchasers

A magical vista for mountain lovers

By Ève

Passionate about the mountains, in love with black-and-white photography, the images created by Thomas Crauwels can only seduce us. The purity of the lines, the simply unique viewpoints, the photographic work carried out by Thomas and the exceptional quality of prints make them works of art. From initial contact at the mountain show to home delivery, Thomas offers a highly professional service. We enjoy this magical view every day! Ève M.

We enjoy it every day!

By Corinne & Werner

As former inhabitants of Zermatt, it's hard to forget the Matterhorn, even in a new environment of mountains and nature.
We discovered this large photo of the Matterhorn in a gallery, so strong and intense, it was impossible to forget it........
It became obvious that it should adorn our new apartment as a centerpiece.
What's more, we had a very sympathetic contact with the artist, who came himself to deliver his work.
It's very appreciable and adds a dimension to the object, to know its creator, his passion, the conditions under which it was taken.
The texture of the photo resembles a painting, the lights play on it, Next the hours. It seems alive. A real daily pleasure!
Corinne & Werner

We were bowled over!

By Gabriella & Gilles

My wife and I are amazed at the quality of print and the rendering of this magnificent photo. We waited many years before putting a picture on this empty wall
because we had never "flashed" on a work. Now we've found it, and it fits in perfectly at the entrance to our apartment.
What's more, it depicts 3 summits that are particularly close to our hearts: the Weisshorn, The Dent Blanche and the Matterhorn, a real symbol...

We would like to thank you again for your impeccable service (rapid response to enquiries, hyper-realistic projection of the work on the preliminary photos of the wall).
In short, we have nothing to complain about and look forward to seeing you at a vernissage.
Gabriella et Gilles

An incredible print

By Quentin

Thomas quickly answered all our questions, confirming our desire to acquire one of his photographs. Once we had received print , it found its perfect place in our living room, where it has since opened up an unrivalled window onto the magnificent horizons of the Matterhorn, Weisshorn and Dent-Blanche. The quality of print on the contemporary support is truly exceptional, allowing us to enjoy every detail of the photograph.
Quentin D.

Fine Alpine Photography
Thomas Crauwels

Thomas Crauwels

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