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Discover moments of pure majesty with the Unique Edition of Thomas Crauwels capturing moments when the splendor of the Alps is revealed in all its intimacy.
A celestial moment, ephemeral yet eternal, exclusively yours.

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artwork Photograph of Mönch and Jungfrau.
100`000.00 CHF
Doldenhorn - Summit of the bernese alps in black and white


Unique Edition
120`000.00 CHF

Prestige Edition

The Prestige Edition, limited to 3 to 10 pieces per work, represents the excellence of the art of Thomas Crauwels.
Each work is a promise of exclusivity and refinement, designed for the most demanding art collectors.

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Prestige editions

Edition Prestige 3

Works limited to 3 prints

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Edition Prestige 5

Works limited to 5 prints

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Pictures of mont blanc in france - black and white Mountain and Mont Blanc photo in  in a sea of ​​hazy clouds

Edition Prestige 7

Works limited to 7 prints

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Edition Prestige 10

Works limited to 10 prints

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Explore the works of Thomas Crauwels
Each carefully numbered print immortalizes the timeless beauty of mountain landscapes, offering collectors an eternal fragment of the world above.

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Embark on a tailor-made adventure with Thomas Crauwels to create together an exclusive artistic piece, reflecting your quest and your alpine heritage.


Published by Thomas Crauwels

The art books from Thomas Crauwels are a deep immersion into the world of mountain photography.

Through its pages, travel to the heart of alpine landscapes and discover the visual stories captured by the lens of a master photographer.

large-format mountain photo book
Limited edition of 4,500
82.00 CHF
Alpine Legacy: the heritage of the Alps in a limited edition, by Thomas Crauwels
Limited edition of 1'250
150.00 CHF

The Drus

Celestial Monument

Prestige Edition 10
9 available / 10 copies
From 15`000.00 CHF
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About the work

A grandiose and memorable portrait of Aiguille Verte and Les Drus. On this winter's morning, a storm rages in the heart of the Alps. Listening to the mountains and watching for any turbulence, I feel that nature is calling me, beyond the squalls and snowfalls. So, my pilot and I take to the skies in a helicopter, hoping to embrace the evanescent beauty of the highest summits in the Alps. Man takes his chances, but nature alone decides what to offer. How do we make our way through the sea of clouds that fills the sky? How do we reach the longed-for realm of these celestial titans strewn with ice? With a beating heart and a fighting spirit, I wait for the winds to give me their verdict.

Suddenly, a window opens in the thick mist. We soar beyond the world to meet the Aiguille Verte and the Drus, which rise out of the clouds to touch the sky. A cathedral of crystal, flamboyant and gigantic, reigning over the Alps as it inspires my art. At summit, the Drus brandish a statue of the Virgin Mary, an elusive diadem, as an emblem of their immensity.

What a prodigious spectacle! What an imposing scene! The power of the Alps, the splendor of the Mont Blanc massif, bursts forth from this tableau. The sun illuminates the frost on the mountains. The soft, silvery contrasts that outline their contours endow the work with intense depth. The ultra-high definition of the photograph takes our gaze on a dizzying journey. Through the textures of its rock and snow, across the ridges and faults of its Aiguilles, the mountain reveals its magnificence. The moment is precious, yet ephemeral. Just a few minutes and the snow crumbles as the mist evaporates. This is where my quest takes on meaning. My works reveal the pure essence of summits, my photographs offer eternity to the fleeting glimmers of a fierce and overwhelming nature.

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prints are produced on museum-quality paper and protected by a transparent matte laminate.
trendy decoration modern living room - black and white mountain photo large size -

Prestige Edition 10

Ten prints for a complete immersion in the Alpine way of life. Each piece, limited and numbered, represents an open window on the infinite beauty of the Alps.

Certificate and Signature

The works are signed by Thomas Crauwels. A certificate of authenticity will be provided upon purchase.
The Drus
Celestial Monument
Prestige Edition 10
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suggestions from Thomas Crauwels

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Collector's notice

We were bowled over!

My wife and I are amazed at the quality of print and the rendering of this magnificent photo. We had waited many years to put a picture on this blank wall because we had never "flashed" on a piece of art. Now we've found it, and it fits in perfectly at the entrance to our apartment. What's more, it depicts 3 summits that are particularly close to our hearts: the Weisshorn, Dent Blanche and the Matterhorn - quite a symbol... We'd like to thank you again for your impeccable service (rapid response to enquiries, hyper-realistic projection of the work on the photos of the wall beforehand). In short, we have nothing to complain about and look forward to seeing you at an opening.
Gabrielle & Gilles

We enjoy it every day!

As former inhabitants of Zermatt, it's hard to forget the Matterhorn, even in a new environment of mountains and nature.we discovered this large photo of the Matterhorn in a gallery, so strong and intense, it was impossible to forget it........ It became obvious that it should adorn our new apartment as a centerpiece.What's more, we had a very sympathetic contact with the artist, who came himself to deliver his work.It's very appreciable and adds a dimension to the object, to know its creator, his passion, the conditions under which it was taken.The texture of the photo resembles a painting, the lights play on it, Next the hours. It seems alive. A real daily pleasure!
Corinne & Werner

A magical vista for mountain lovers

Passionate about the mountains, in love with black-and-white photography, the images created by Thomas Crauwels can only seduce us. The purity of the lines, the simply unique viewpoints, the photographic work carried out by Thomas and the exceptional quality of prints make them works of art. From initial contact at the mountain show to home delivery, Thomas offers a highly professional service. We enjoy this magical view every day!
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