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modern decoration reception building photo mountain black and white

The image of a company is appreciated from the first seconds. So making your lobby warmer and more comfortable is essential. Choosing to display large format mountain photographs is a way to share authentic values and aesthetic pleasure with your visitors.

A mountain atmosphere with a London feel

Once is not customary, direction London, in the heart of the City district, to discover my mountain pictures. For the decoration of the entrance hall of this office building, the interior designer, a lover of the Alps, fell in love with the photographs presented on my website for selling art photos.

A few steps away from St. Paul's Cathedral, you can see 3 large format black and white paintings. Some prints art in limited edition delivered with certificate of authenticity.

How to choose an original design object for the lounge of its reception?

From the street, a first photograph calls out to visitors even before they enter the building. The lounge, very luminous with its high bay windows, perfectly highlights this print photo d'art with its black wood frame.

The lobby, as comfortable as it is aesthetically pleasing, is an ideal place for contemplation while waiting for a business appointment. Its grey marble floor reflects the burgundy red of the 4 cosy fabric and wood armchairs Light. They are perfectly positioned, just in front of the black-and-white photo board depicting the Dent Blanchea mountain in the Valais Alps. The contrast between red, grey and black sets the tone for this modern, high-end professional office decor, in keeping with the image of the companies housed in this commercial building.

A reception that invites you into the office

In front of the reception desk, before going through the gates to the elevators, you can see the second picture of a mountain landscape. The Matterhorn, in all its splendor, is offered to the indiscreet and eager eyes to appreciate its contours. The atmosphere is twilight, with the sun's rays breaking through the clouds.

Two framed photos facing the elevators

To the right of the Matterhorn, a photograph of the highest summit in Europe, the Mont Blanc, immortalized at the end of the day. These two black and white photos, measuring 150×225 cm, form a design wall decoration, in perfect harmony with the refined aesthetics of the reception hall and the lounge area. You can see them for the first time when you arrive, and then you can appreciate them even more when you get off the elevator. Beyond the pleasure of the eyes, it is a whole universe and emotions that are offered to visitors.

How to decorate a professional building lobby?

What image of your company do you want people to see? The interior design of your office lobbies is the first impression people will have of you. The design and decoration of a commercial building lobby must also respect the flow of people. This space must therefore be as pleasant and functional as possible. This is where interior decoration, such as photo frames, can be used to punctuate the visit, as in a museum. The lighting, the acoustics, the choice of materials, the furniture, the colors... all these elements are part of the composition of your building's lobby and contribute to create the decorative atmosphere that will be the most in line with the message you wish to convey.

And in this minimalist London design, authenticity, aesthetics and modernity are the key words. 

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