Decoration of a renovated mountain chalet style apartment

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Decoration of a renovated mountain chalet style apartment

Three large format panoramic mountain photos were selected to bring a design touch to the authentic decoration of this renovated apartment in the Neuchâtel region.

Bringing the mountain into your interior design

Denis has been a mountain lover since he was a child.
So, in his completely renovated apartment, he wanted to relive some of those childhood moments.
How to decorate an adult bedroom with a mountain picture in winter?
Which mountain picture to choose for the children's room?
I take you to the canton of Neuchâtel in Switzerland to discover the cocooning chalet atmosphere of this modern apartment.
Because the black and white photo is also the trend in home decor 2021.

While the memories of his childhood in the Swiss mountains are engraved forever in his memory, Denis was sensitive to my style of high-end mountain photography and to the atmospheres I propose. He selected and reserved a print photo for each of his three rooms. Because each print art piece is in limited edition and delivered with a certificate of authenticity.

The choice of a wall decoration in a room brings a personal and authentic touch that invites to dream before falling asleep. But Denis' choice was not to use a frame mountain style wooden photo to avoid overloading the room with natural wood.
He preferred a Prestance frame in black wood which brings a design note and contrasts with the aged wood furniture, in a mountain chalet atmosphere. The white of the wall and the black of the frame highlight the high quality of the prints photos which personalize his interior decoration.

A frame with mountain picture in the guest room

This 210 cm wide mountain panorama sits proudly above the bed. Perfectly positioned between the two bedside lamps which diffuse a soft light. In this frame black and white photo, the power of the elements shines through in the middle of winter, with a panorama of the snow-covered mountains of Grindelwald, with a view of Eiger, the Mönch and the Jungfrau. The eye is quickly hypnotized by this striking spectacle which will never tire of high mountain lovers like Denis.

A modern adult bedroom decoration

In the master bedroom, a trendy adult bedroom decor was favored, with wooden furniture Light, from the headboard to the bedside tables. The charming asset of the room? This frame photo with mountain decor. The 120 cm wide panoramic view of the Zinalrothorn, the Matterhorn and theThe Obergabelhorn is breathtaking! The most prestigious summits of the Swiss Alps are gathered in this photo with a refined aesthetic, with a search of perfect alignment between the summits.

A "mountain picture" in the children's room

This 180 cm wide mountain landscape photo gives depth to this long bedroom with its bunk bed. The view is panoramic on the Swiss Swiss Alps, from the Mont Blanc in Cheilon to the Matterhorn. It's a great view that the children can admire every night before going to bed.
And if sleep is slow in coming, they can even count the peaks and needles instead of the sheep!
The black wood of the frame on the white wall contrasts with the warm wood of the cupboard and the golden floor.
Tones that fit into the "2021 decorating trend" color palette.

3 rooms, 3 trends for 1 decoration

These black and white photos of mountainous landscapes are the main thread of the interior decoration desired by Denis. The decoration for the cosy and design adult bedroom, with this image of mountain in winter, is warmed up by the wooden furniture. Add a few colored plaids for the long winter evenings, fake fur rugs for the chalet atmosphere, subdued lights or scented candles... and you'll feel like a marmot in its burrow or a chick in its cozy nest!

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