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frame black and white mountain photo - professional office decoration

When you grew up in the Valais, facing the The Dent Blanche, decorating your office with a frame mountain photo is almost a given. It is in Geneva that this print panoramic very large format has taken up residence.

When you grew up in the Valais, facing the The Dent Blanche, decorating your office with a frame photo of a mountain is almost an evidence. It is in Geneva that this print panoramic large format has taken up residence.

Inspiring office wall decor

Michel travels a lot for his business. So when he comes back to Switzerland, it's always a joy for him to find, on his work place, this picture of a landscape in winter. An art photo in print limited which represents the The Dent Blanche, the Matterhorn and the The Dent d'Hérens. This mountain image immediately made an impression on him when he discovered my work as a photographer. Moreover, this decorative wall painting is now the centerpiece of the interior decoration of his Geneva offices.

A large format mountain photo

Having spent his entire childhood contemplating the mountains, it was only natural for Michel to acquire this black and white mountain photo. He chose it in a very large format (150 x 290 cm), in order to capture the full extent and splendor of the panorama.

I had the pleasure to attend the hanging of the painting, and to be able to exchange with Michel's collaborators. You can certainly imagine my joy and my pride in feeling the shared happiness that everyone could feel, and testify to me in front of the beauty of these summits.

A chic and pure design wall decoration

This framed photo is perfectly in place, in the largest room of the company. A place of life that serves as a waiting room, but also as a space for relaxation and exchange. Facing the sofa, the picture is well centered on the white wall, with enough distance to appreciate every detail. From afar as well as up close.

This print panoramic with white borders is a modern design object in itself. Moreover, the sobriety of the interior design of the offices focuses exclusively on this photo of mountains in winter. An aesthetic bias fully assumed by the owner of the premises.

The XXL format, a decoration idea for a work desk

By opting for a frame mountain photo deco very large format as in these offices in Geneva, you add another dimension to your workspace. That of the great authentic and natural spaces. A source of inspiration but also of breathing.

The Prestance Alu black photo frame highlights this large print black and white photo, while totally detaching it from the white surface of the wall. A contrast also with the wooden floor Light, a natural material with soft and warm colors, which is still found this year in the trend book for office interior design. Because a workspace is meant to be a soothing place, conducive to concentration, where everyone feels good.

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